How Do I Make Money with Twitter? – Past, Present & Future

by Jeremy Schoemaker on July 30, 2009 · 200 comments

A couple weeks ago while speaking on a panel at Guy Kawasaki’s revenue Bootcamp (video coming soon), the moderator asked me, “If you were running Twitter, how would you monetize it?” I said I thought sponsored tweets was the answer and I also disclosed that I have been doing sponsored tweets for the last year. I have been paid $200-500 per tweet and have had some pretty large big brand advertisers like Blockbuster, Seaworld, and even one of the large search engines (which I cant disclose per terms) paid me $280 per tweet for up to 4 tweets a day spaced out every 4 hours ($1120.00/day). They also paid many other Twitter users, but I think I am the only one to actually admit I got paid =P.

Anyway, right after that panel (and still going on) I had a surge in followers… which is probably exactly the opposite of what people expected to happen. A lot of that was due to Guy Kawasaki and lots of other very highly influential people linking to me and continuing the discussion after that event.

I have also been contacted by MANY web celebrities and agents who represent celebrities on how they can monetize Twitter accounts. It’s been pretty fun. I was able to get one celebrity $2500 for her 1 tweet. I mostly just tried to make connections. While it’s fun (and good for my ego) talking with some of my childhood idols like Snoop Dogg, MC Hammer, and a ton of other stars about monetizing their Twitter accounts, there is really no money in it for me for the time invested… unfortunately, being connected to A-list Hollywood celebs doesn’t pay my bills (see Kato Kalin), so instead I hook them up with big brand advertisers directly and just tell them they owe me ;).

Last week I did a post on how I was making money arbitraging Twitter traffic by buying traffic from revtwit’s Twitter advertising network and sending it to Izea’s Social Spark Twitter advertising opportunities. The post really showed the current dislocation on Twitter in buying and selling traffic. Since then I have heard from many people who have been making a LOT of money arbitraging Twitter traffic. Not necessarily exactly how I was (which you need per mission from Izea for), but in other unique ways.

As I stated in my article, IMO nobody is doing the advertise network properly…. And I can’t because I sold an advertising network 2 years ago and still have another year on my non-compete for running an advertising network (or I would be all over it).

The other day I saw an article on Techcrunch about full disclosure on Twitter, which was specifically aimed at Izea’s new Twitter advertising network.

Being I am on the board of advisers for Izea, I knew this was in the works but I had no idea that it was so far along. It is currently only open for publishers so I made an account and logged in. Pretty slick interface — I put in my account info and it made suggestions on how much I could charge per click or per tweet. The cost price seemed a little low, but you have to remember Izea is running the whole show with publishers and advertisers so there is no 3rd party taking a cut or scrubbing down leads, so the CPC works out, if not puts you ahead. As above, I said I had gotten all various price ranges per tweet, but for playing with this I went with 250 dollars to see if I would get any bites.

Within a few hours I got a notification that an advertiser had made me an offer. Interesting. I was not expecting this so soon, seeing as how the platform just launched and I did not think they were accepting Twitter advertisers yet.

Anyway, I logged in and low and behold I had an offer from Kmart willing to pay me over $250.00 per tweet. Sweeeeet.

sponsored tweets

So I allowed the offer to tweet. When you set up your account you can opt to accept only offers which you can edit, offers that the advertiser specifies what you will tweet, or both. Being the sellout I am, I opted for both. As you can see, this Kmart ad had their specific text specified and I was not able to edit it. But that’s ok — I accepted it and it was “scheduled.” About 20 mins later this tweet showed up on my account:

As you can see above, the client says “Sponsored Tweet”. This is because Izea has worked with Twitter and got the green light for their advertising network.

( you can get in early with Izea twitter network by signing up here)

We have come a long way with Twitter advertising in the last 4 months:

  • Past – Under the table deals with brands where I was paid to tweet about their products. Oftentimes this was done with a contract of non-disclosure.
  • Present – Using 3rd party networks leveraging my relationships with brands and advertisers to arbitrage Twitter traffic.
  • Future – Full service trusted advertising networks like Izea who already have tons of advertisers and tens of thousands of publishers now running every aspect of it.

Izea is going to run a lot of these 3rd party networks out of business because they already have HUGE big brand companies ready to go. These companies are huge names like Blockbuster, Disney, Kmart, Sears, Blufrog, and the list goes on and on. But they are not alone, and it will be interesting to see if other advertising networks who have these big brands on board will jump into the Twitter space.

Lots of people have asked me if I think advertising will ruin Twitter. Not at all. Free content can only scale so far. Just like newspapers, television, and blogs, Twitter will be monetized and people will have free will to continue to follow who they want.

As I said many times in this post, I have been doing paid tweets for a long time and honestly it’s only inspired more conversation. Even if you follow my Izea automated $250 tweet, you will see that people actually engaged around it and not 1 person bitched that it was a paid tweet. But again, that is your free will to follow and unfollow who you choose.

full disclosure

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Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 Earl Grey

I get quite a lot of sales through twitter for my products.

2 Jeremy Schoemaker

yea affiliate and lots of internet marketers have been rocking it with twitter for a bit.. now big brands are seeing the light

3 Ricky Peterson

I agree with your saying shoe.

4 Jesus

If you are going to kiss his ass, at least get your English straight.

5 Sergey Rusak

Jesus, bad grammar on that blog is not a big problema.

6 ujjwal

Good One @Jesus

7 Imran Anwar

sponsord tweets is the best i think if you plan to earn via tweeting but what’s you lose if you also create account on other platforms which pays you for tweeting? well, thanks schowmaker.

8 Allan Stewart

Man, thats totally PIMP!!

I wish I had thought of that. So easy to implement too. But makes me wonder why twitter don’t do that them selves so they can monetize their business model.

Twitter ad network coming soon perhaps Shoe?

Also, where can one browse for people who are prepared to tweet for you? I couldn’t find an advertiser list??


9 Gerry from


Advertising has taken over this blog….


10 Jeremy Schoemaker

Not bad if thats your goal =P

11 Jacques Snyman | 3 Quotes

That is a very tongue in cheek reply, but the truth is the truth, after all. Advertising is what pays the bills, and creating an effective vehicle to promote adverts is surely what blogging is all about?

12 Ricky Peterson

Well that’s why we all live to make money & to live better life style ??

13 All Software List

I second that…. :)

Our blogs are breathing consciously by those ads

14 ComputeLive

Dude you are Awesome .. I was just thinking a couple of days ago, if I could earn through twitter…and here today there is a post explaining it…

15 Allan Stewart

Out of interest Shoe, clearly you are making CPC money from this post on the click through to Sponsored Tweets, but I wondered, have you also got a cost per sign up deal in place?

If so, more power to you and how do I get a slice of that pie?

16 Autoblog

Nice, really good ideas for making money in twitter. The only think I use it is to spam people. Very bad, but now think that I will be able to use it for something better

17 Karen @ Blazing Minds

I’ve been signed up for a quite a while now and still haven’t received any ads, mind you it is early days…

18 Bryn Youngblut

Awesome post…really starting to make me think about the real value of twitter.

19 Greg Ellison

I have 2,000 Twitter followers. I need to look into social spark more. I have an account but haven’t looked into it. Greg Ellison

20 Online College

What is social spark?

21 R Kumar

Social Spark is a pay per post service like that of But the way socialspark works is quite different from payperpost.
It is a service from the IZEA network who is the provider of the twitter advertisement service that Shoemoney is talking about in this post.

22 XRiot

I haven’t been keeping up with Twitter’ers revenue models, but this post was helpful with both Izea’s pre-announcement site and revtwt. Looking into it now, see what could be done with them.

23 Gold Coins Blog

I can see where this whole Twitter thing is going and I hope it doesn’t ruin Twitter. I’m sure we’ll soon see CPA Twitter Pimp companies springing up all over the place now looking for Twitter whores.

24 Jacques Snyman | 3 Quotes

Hahahahah! Well put! The scourge of the internet is spam, and twitter is definitely the latest hottest & happening thing that them spammers wanna profit from. I just hope twitter comes up with the relevant solutions poste-haste!

25 Blogger Rise

250$ that is really so sweet :D

26 Sebastien

I guess you mean “that really is tweet” ;)

27 Blogger Rise

yea you can say that :D

28 Wess Stewart

Yes…but please don’t. lol

29 Blogger Rise

yeaa sweet tweett :D

30 Steven-Sanders

How does that non-compete work if you had someone else run the advertising network then pay you say 90% of the profit for your consulting services?

Just saying…

31 Jeremy Schoemaker

I can’t own or operate a advertising network but I can consult and I also have a great relationship with the current owners of AA/shoppingads and I always talk to them before looking at doing something.

32 Ricky Peterson

I guess you are already operating affiliate network shoe ??

33 KateC

Shouldn’t you at least have to make these sponsored tweets more interesting? Pretty lackluster.

34 Jeremy Schoemaker

Well with some you can but most advertisers make you select from a pre set thing. What they obviously don’t want is curiosity clicks and to pay for clicks that don’t convert because the ad copy is misleading.

35 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Yes they defined what they want to tweet. If they will do setting for every tweets for every users than this will be really time consuming for them.

But however a little twist can be really handy one …

36 Dawran

I didn’t know you could get paid through twitter… nice post Shoe!

37 Jeremy Schoemaker

I think you way overthink it… but i like that ;)

38 Paul B


39 Jason


We spoke at the Revenue Boothcamp few weeks ago. Your twitter ad network inspired me. It’s cool to check out Izea. But I am fairly new to Twitter and it seems like I have to spend time building large following first before I can really monetize my Twitter account(s). Any advice on that? I don’t want to bomb people with ad messages while I am still trying to grow my networks.

40 Juhani Tontti

Your idea to buy traffic from retwit and to direct that to the selling place sounds good. Is it really this simple?

41 Canada Immigration

I use Twitter, and I find that it helps to promote my content. I’ve been successful with promoting other people’s content through retweeting, without expecting anything in return. I’ve made friends that way, and we look for ways to help each other out.

I don’t worry too much about design on Twitter, I just focus on quality tweets.

42 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Yes if you are getting maximum benefit for your own blog from twitter than using sponsored tweets are not good idea.

But however if you got the sponsored tweets on your niche and beneficial for your followers than you should go for it.

43 Mary Winston

Another question,is it legal to drive visitors to any affiliate things of ours?

44 Rocket

Seriously one of your best posts.

Can’t wait to see what you might do with Twitter after your non-compete expires.

45 Vany

Is that true. that give me a new idea for earn money from internet
Thank’s shoemoney you is the best

46 Ricky Peterson

Vany : Do you know that your as a commentator when you are posting on this blog you are promoting you SHIT blog ?? Why the hell you come on such a blog and think of promoting PORN blog ??

Do you know that this is not a place where porn stars coming in order to see and go to your damn SEX blog ???

Shoe it’s my request to delete all the comments of Vany and if possible kindly take care of such things from back end. I am such a huge fan of yours that i am also ok to do this kind of work keep this blog neat and clean.

47 Vany

Why you very hate SEX blog RIck
If that bother you, I apologize for that and
I will delete my site
Because for me SEX is art

48 Luke

I signed up for SponsoredTweets a few weeks ago and I just logged into my account and saw my first offer. Nice, but it’s only paying $5.00 or something. Because I now have over 10,000 followers I set the bar a little higher :P

I see you’re probably using a referral link (tinyurl), but I’m not seeing the option when I’m logged in to find mine. Is thing something they’ll be adding in the future?

49 Jeremy Schoemaker

They also score your followers too so if you have a bunch of bots following you or people that follow 10,000 other people then you wont get much offers.

50 Ricky Peterson

Shoe don’t you think that will be also treat it a spam ??

51 Ryan

Great post Shoe! Think this will help people monetize Twitter.

52 Eric Tan

thanks for the tip!

53 kekec

I call it bullshit, why would anyone pay you up to $500 for a tweet is beyond me. Out of 63k followers only 400 bothered to click on a twitpic link you posted. Engagement of your followers is close to 0 and I recon ROI for those that pay you for tweets is also 0.

54 Pyrogenic Media

In a way, i think i agree with you. Not calling bullshit, but if it is working now it wont be for long. The ROI for a $500 tweet certainly wont be at all too high.

Although i dont know the exam numbers, im sure if you worked out the CPC cost for each of those tweets, it would be through the roof.

55 Jeremy Schoemaker

Well kekec here is the thing… my audience is pretty focused to affiliate marketers, internet marketers and seo’s. So in your example alone the cpc is just over 1$.

Which for this niche is about 1/3 of what you would pay advertising on other mediums (including our banner ads).

56 Ricky Peterson

I agree with your views of affiliate marketing shoe.

57 Ricky Peterson

everyone has their own opinion dude. you can call this is as bull shit for sure..ok

58 Jeremy Schoemaker

ya its a instant withdrawl to your paypal account.

59 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Paypal … that quite good. More than 80% people of this planet now can enjoy this twitter money.

They choose perfect payment option. Another positive sign.

60 Ricky Peterson

Wow paypal is nice option shoe.

61 Stocks on Wall Street

Ya I have yet to see the true value in Twitter, any ways to attract traffic to your website?

62 Andrew

Bullshit or not its money in the bank. It’s up to the advertiser to quantify the ROI so what does it matter to the publisher. If the advertiser is happy to pay $500 per tweet and the publisher is happy take that $500 and the followers are happy to receive the tweet, where’s the problem?

63 R Kumar

Good point made. Why should somebody discuss about how much money it makes and will it work or, not? If the work does not involve too much then all that you need to do is set it up and forget it. Let it keep bring in some cash to your bank even if it is only a few hundred dollars.

64 cash for clunkers

I should have realized there would be pay for tweets like pay for posts. It had just never occurred to me though.

65 Chat Business

First thing i check out in the morning, need to make some cash on twitter to :)

66 Watch Big Bang Theory

Great article, at the moment I’m just getting started on Twitter(I know I’m getting in late) and the article was of great help to me. Thank you!!

67 R Kumar

Hey it is never late for anything. Some time back we also started off like this. I suggest you take help from people who are seasoned in using Twitter to build your business. I am not an expert but you can get valuable tips that I am learning from my mentors and implementing at my blog at


Amazed you can get offered that kind of money. Congrats.

69 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Name of Jeremy i.e., Shoemoney is now brand in online industry and he is just getting a slice of that.

70 Technology Slice

You’re making some good money there.

71 Andrew

Shoe I see the scope of this and it’s clear that a lot of new opportunities are about to open up (for people who have the follower numbers) but one thing I don’t get is why you would take the celeb money as well instead of passing them along. After all a tweet is a tweet right? And for $2500 its seems, well, crazy that would knock that back.

Care to enlighten me or is there some secret squirrel sauce in there?

72 Wess Stewart

Because sometimes favors are more valuable than cash.

Or you can look at it this way – word of mouth among people with REALLY big bucks…

People with extremely high exposure to the public…

Take your pick. Some of those things are worth way more than $2500 over the long term.

73 Steve

I am going to have to take a look at this service that pays you to tweet.

74 Eat My Shorts

I think I should be signed up already. I will have to check that. My 100 followers should be good enough for someone, right? LOL

75 A Sulumits Retsambew

Someone was told us that we can make money with twitter. Is is true?

76 R Kumar

What kind of a question is this? If it is a spam (which is what I presume) then I pity you.
Else if you are really concerned about making money with twitter, I suggest you head over to my blog at and learn everything about using twitter.

77 Ricky Peterson

Well that is very much true Dude. But in order to make that kind of money you got to work hard with targets. Can you do that or start dreaming money

78 PPC-Coach

mmmmmm.. twitter spam

79 cathy urrata

I am slowly understanding some of the ways you make money but for twitter and sites similar don’t you have to already be well known on the internet? Could I , web virgin that I am just sign up for these same advertising opportunities? For the record, I agree, no-one is forcing me to follow the links…..

80 Jeremy Schoemaker

no more then your comment spam.

81 ricky Peterson


82 Juniper Slim

I have better luck selling a product. Once a day, I tweet a link for the book ‘Long John Twitter’ that I resell through ClickBank.

Even one sale a week is better than what revtwt pays.

Just my 2 cents.

83 S. Foong

The SponTwts model sounds very similar to Be-A-Magpie – I wonder which came first?

84 Jeremy Schoemaker

be-a-magpie was first but they do such a poor job it opened the door for others to pass them right by.

85 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Correct marketing and targeting correct audience is mantra of internet world … We are learning Jeremy from you :)

86 Andrew

While sponsored tweets might work for celebrity Twitter accounts (and I include Shoemoney here), I cannot see it working for any other account outside this bracket.


Because the clicks are 100% untargeted, unlike search clicks. Seriously, who of my followers wants to click on some pizza company sponsored link I post? At most I will get curiosity clicks, but they are not targeted. That equates to next to zero ROI.

Seriously why not just post something to Digg if you want zero ROI clicks? (lol).

Search clicks are something else – if I search for pizza + location, there’s already intent. There’s zero intent on a click on a sponsored tweet (other than curiosity).

87 Canada Immigration

I’d love to see an in-depth examination of the goal completions on the Twitter traffic versus something like organic search results. And so would any potential advertiser. Otherwise, someone says sure I’ll pay $63 for a tweet, gets zero ROI and spreads more discontent than you could squelch with $6300.

88 R Kumar

It is not true that only high profile twitter users get benefited from this. The benefit can also be derived by other twitter users. One of my friend was using revtwt to send out sponsored ad tweets and was able to make almost $300-$400 from this, that too when he was not even doing too much at Twitter.

89 Jeremy Schoemaker

Actually you are off a bit here. They are VERY targeted.

When I was buying tweets for and picking certain people it was the best ROI I had.

90 Ricky Peterson

I agree with your saying of integrated risk Andrew. I am also not sure why the hell my followers will click on something which is related to trucks or heavy machinery.

91 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

I saw many tweets with attractive words as well. Such kind of tweets works to get the traffic but if your site is not attractive or not related to their interests than they will just close the window within seconds.

92 Ricky Peterson

Yes attractive words will give you good amount of traffic but the most important thing is that how you are able to convert that traffic to customer.

93 Wess Stewart

You have to keep in mind that not all of those clicks come from humans. ;)

94 Canada Immigration

Okay readers lets just dive right in here and get you on your way to making money with the hottest trend on the Internet right now. That hottest trend being Twitter.

95 Ricky Peterson

Vany : Do you know that your as a commentator when you are posting on this blog you are promoting you SHIT blog ?? Why the hell you come on such a blog and think of promoting PORN blog ??

Do you know that this is not a place where porn stars coming in order to see and go to your damn SEX blog ???

Shoe it’s my request to delete all the comments of Vany and if possible kindly take care of such things from back end. I am such a huge fan of yours that i am also ok to do this kind of work keep this blog neat and clean.
Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

96 fas

Izea is doing a good job, I think the followers dont matter as much as the followers and people you follow ration does.

97 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Certainly Twitter is expanding and interesting thing is other people are earning more than twitter itself.

This is the best thing happened to internet world these days.

98 ProTwit

I think Sponsored Tweets has finally raised the bar in the paid tweet space and can’t wait to see what type of advertisers Izea can come up with.

99 bladi420

Good tips I will go ahead and try to do it because I need a lot of money jejejejej

100 ronel marin

thanks for the info i really learned alot also to another people comments

101 Faisal Anwar -

wow, good for you Jeremy. This will only work if you have many followers. I’ll have to work on my followers first. Hehe

102 R Kumar

Hey Faisal,
If you have not yet started building your followers at Twitter, then it is high time you do it and take advantage of this amazing list building service.

103 Jeremy Schoemaker

its all relative.

104 Mary Winston

It might be relative Jeremy, but IMHO, we should be COI (center of influence) to get more follower, you’re also a celebrity here m8 :), what most people never asked is how long did you exist on the net, I think that’s they key.
Must be taking a lot of time to get attentions from your readers and it needs a lot of work to do and once you hit the button, it’ll be easier for the next time to get people follow you

105 Ricky Peterson

Well yes they have to be relative Mary :)

106 R Kumar

Twitter has now opened up many money making opportunities. These sponsored ads are on such avenue. Twittads, Revtwt et are such other services that can help you do pretty much the same things as that of the the above discussed application.
I signed up for this sponsored ads as well and was pretty much surprised to see that they quote a tweeting price based on your profile and my quote was pretty much interesting.
This service is worth checking out if you are interested in making money online with Twitter.

107 Ricky Peterson

I agree with your thoughts completely Kumar.

108 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

So R Kumar … you are also in the list of sponsored tweets.

As Jeremy disclosed everything here … tell us how much you are getting for a single tweets.

Basically I think this whole depends on your followers, number of tweets you have done so far and location of your followers and yours.

109 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

By the way Kumar I read your wonder wheel post and that was really impressive and you have got calm voice as well.

110 Mary Winston

What a nice money making idea, a $250/tweet is really fantastic for me, nicely done Jeremy

111 Deneil Merritt

I recently started making money from twitter. This should provide another income stream.

112 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

How you are making money with twitter … would you like to tell us or you have shared such things in your blog.

We would love to hear from you as well.

113 Ricky Peterson

These days Twitter account with 10k ++ followers are making HUGE money Zubin. If you will search on internet how to make money with Twitter you will get hell lot of ideas.

114 Wess Stewart

I’ve been making money as well. A bit less in the sponsored tweets department, but if you find the right CPC campaign, hit it hard.

I had one weekend where one of my CPC links (the only one I really abuse) made about $120. Now, that’s not really a ton of cash, but at only ten cents per click, it’s not too bad.

If you want to know more specifics about my method, you can email me.

115 Todd

Thanks for the post, inspiring.

I’m an affiliate marketing noob (going through your shoemoneyx program though!), can you elaborate on how others are arbitraging twitter traffic differently than you were with RevTwt and SS?

116 Translation Affiliates

What is an acceptable ration of tweet ads to non-sponsonred tweets?

117 Mary Winston

I’m also looking for an answer for this question, can somebody help me out?

118 Wess Stewart

I don’t have a specific number, but over the long term, you want your real tweets to FAR outweigh your sponsored tweets.

And if you do any funny business (like running an autoposter…*ahem*) you will probably want to cut it off after just a bit, and then go back and remove some extraneous tweets…

For sure, you want to keep your sponsored tweets at less than 20%. Lower if you can.

119 thomas

i have 1400 follower in my twitter, how many charge per twitt that i have to set up ? and how many charge per click ?

120 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

I think for this kind of calculation they have their own method and you will have to apply and see.

Just fix a rate which you think is suitable and go for it, but at first keep it a low amount and check other people who have same number of followers, how much they are charging. Get an idea from there.

121 Dave A. R

Twitter is a gold mine for visitors but what I found from there, so many people using fake photos to gain attention

122 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Internet is all about that Mr Dave.

But however nice to see that twitter is fast to grab such kind of people. But spam is killing … and cheap manual labour can also do the serious damage.

False IDs of twitter are ready to sale in pennies.

123 Ricky Peterson

Yes i agree with what Zubin totally on this matter.

124 Mary Winston

I agree, most of them used fake sexy girls or some handsome guys pictures :)

125 Bibokz

Twitter help bloggers and affiliate marketers gain trust of their followers.

126 Mary Winston

Yeah they did, most updated articles will flow to your twitter

127 Miguel Salcido

We agree that sponsored content, and tweets are necessary and are part of the age old advertising idea of the celebrity endorsement. We recently wrote this post in response to everyone’s whining,

128 Mary Winston

Nice thought, I had implement this method since few weeks ago and it works even with small payments

129 Clemento

I really like your blog and i respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

130 Blogspot to Wordpress

I’m still confused if i should use it or not, It might hamper my twitter branding which I have made in these years…

131 Ricky Peterson

Well giving a SHOT will not make you loss any which ways so i guess you should go for it atleast once :)

132 Translation Affiliates

Jeremy, can you get your non-compete rescinded considering that that company is now not signing up new subscribers and seems to be stuck in the water regarding recruitment of new affiliates.?

133 Margaret

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


134 Sergey Rusak

Yep, and this person blamed people for using PayPerPost :)

Anyway, how come people don’t do the same for Facebook? I see annoying status posts all the time.

135 Denise

Wow that is true, they can offer so high payment. i must try this.
Thank’s shoee you the best man

136 freelance Noor

Well facebook works on an extremely different platform. Facebook is making money with all the members. So you dont have a chance to make money with facebook.

137 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

So with this you have made $2000, that is a good amount without doing anything …

When you become famous money will come to you and this is proving here absolutely right.

138 naveen kumar

nice post man. Its really nice to make that much amount of money evry single day..Actually I found a great way to make money online as well using twitter which works on complete AUTOPILOT..if you are intrested ..check it out

139 Freelance Noor

That is a huge amount. One thing I am learning from my stay here is I am gaining a lot of Knowledge. Twitter account stayed out there without any consideration and I have already monetized it with sponsored tweets. I am taking the referral program seriously as well.

140 iliako

Do Twitter and Blogs Really Drive software sales?

141 Tyler Ford

Is there a way to unfollow a large number of people on twitter?

142 Recession Proof

Hmm, I agree with you Earl Grey, I see quite a bit of product sales originating from twitter. I had thought about incorporating sponsored tweets into my twitter business model, but it first, it is too time consuming and second, like the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, BUT, there is always room to improve the model. I automated all my tweets and followings with this


I think there are better ways of earning money online rather than through Tweeter. it sounds too good to be true and i just cant trust it could be true.

I earn money online through Google adsense, Web design, Web Hosting, SEO, as well as selling ebooks. It might not be as much as these guys claim to be earning but i earn a leaving out of all this. and

144 Ravi

Thanks for tips

145 twitter-big-hitter

wow! you should take my tweet name…lol…i actually thought i was using twitter to its max but you my friend are a TWITTER BIG HITTER….you won lol i’m on your list now ☻

146 Zohaib Hassan

Making money is not the primary mean of using Twitter but you just give me and several others A REASON to Use the twitter more seriously.

Thanks !
Zohaib Hassan

147 Lynn

Here is a FREE Webinar that Shows You How to Make up to $10,000 per Month with Twitter

148 Valentin

i will try to earn more money

149 McCartney

Hi ,

Make money on twitter plz RT this to your follower. Thanks and good luck by getting some extra money.


150 My Gamer Diary

Awesome article. I always wondered about earning from Twitter although it’s not exactly my thing I still find it quite interesting.

151 Shelley Destro

been following your blog for a few days now and i should say i am starting to like your post. and now how

152 Ashley

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I don’t know how I feel about Twitter traffic. With another project I was able to generate a substantial amount of hype very quickly and build traffic but it was a bit of a waste couldn’t monetize any of it.

I just started this new concept site and I’m thinking twitter will remain just a place to post updates when we post a blog post or have thoughts in the topic. I’d rather have people follow and just use it as an alerting mechanism as opposed to whacking them over the head with ads and sponsored tweets etc. I guess what it comes down to is I don’t want to do anything i wouldn’t like myself, and after getting started using Twitter for a little bit I’m finding it gets really irritating after awhile.

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Two of my siblings are in the Chattanooga area. A bad storm hit this morning and an even larger one is about to hit soon. Several tornadoes also were in the area of my alma mater in the Tyler/Longview area Monday and Tuesday.

159 Sahil Kotak

I have tried SponsoredTweet in past and it has never worked for me.

160 Darcy Lee

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161 Rodney

this is of course not considering the fact that twitter might turn into the new myspace.. i wonder whats next.. i know google plus is one

162 Tim hartman

Looking forward to the day I can charge for my tweets even if it’s $5. However I digress, I have a long way to go to get to that caliber. I am sure you didn’t get there over night and I will have to wait my turn. So what is the largest dollar figure that you have been paid for one tweet.

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You forgot to mention AdFly ( )

You don’t earn much but at least you get paid and the ads are not annoying.

Adfly shortens links you post and ads a banner to them.

So for example if you want to refer to an interesting article or something on your twitter account you use that link and people will see the adfly banner.

Again don’t expect to earn thousands of dollars (unless you have a loooottttt of followers :P) but 10 dollars a week is realistic and adfly actually pays

168 powerpost tweets

Hello! I know this is kind of off-topic but I needed to ask.

Does operating a well-established website like yours require
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Please let me know if you have any kind of suggestions or tips for brand new aspiring blog owners.


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