PPV Advertising 101 – Untap the Potential (Part 1 of 3)

Exactly is Pay Per View Advertising?

PPV (Pay Per View) is also known as contextual advertising. PPV (also called CPV) is technically Adware, not to get confused with spyware. Adware comes from an ad supported program that a user installed onto their PC, which they agreed to when installing it. PPV allows you to not only bid on keywords but also domains (urls).

So whats so good about PPV? From my experience it is incredible if done right. I have some campaigns for instance that I spend maybe $20-$30 on a day and they each do thousands in revenue. Not bad eh?

Why am I sharing this information? Probably because I am a mad man, or maybe because I do well enough that I feel like giving people some inspiration, it has always helped me in the past.

Now that you know the basics lets get into it a bit more.

You’re going to need to be signed up for some networks to get started.

The ones I recommend personally are:

Mediatraffic and Trafficvance

Zango is a good ppv network, but they have a bad history of stealing peoples campaigns, so use them at your own discretion.

As for the two I recommend, your best bet is to apply at Mediatraffic first since they are relatively easy to get started with. Trafficvance on the other hand is not so easy to get into, you need to convince them you are serious because they don’t want a ton of junk advertisers that will just waste their time. Think of it like if you were applying for an affiliate network, take some time and actually explain your skills and convince them why you are good enough to be an advertiser with them, trust me they have VERY high quality traffic.

Now that you have signed up for some networks it’s time to think about what you want to promote.

I will continue this in the next post, your task right now is to get signed up for the networks! Without being able to use them, the next couple posts will be useless to you.

Note: This is part 1 of a 3 part series

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