PPV Advertising 101 – Untap the Potential (Part 1 of 3)

by bryn on July 27, 2009 · 65 comments

Exactly is Pay Per View Advertising?

PPV (Pay Per View) is also known as contextual advertising. PPV (also called CPV) is technically Adware, not to get confused with spyware. Adware comes from an ad supported program that a user installed onto their PC, which they agreed to when installing it. PPV allows you to not only bid on keywords but also domains (urls).

So whats so good about PPV? From my experience it is incredible if done right. I have some campaigns for instance that I spend maybe $20-$30 on a day and they each do thousands in revenue. Not bad eh?

Why am I sharing this information? Probably because I am a mad man, or maybe because I do well enough that I feel like giving people some inspiration, it has always helped me in the past.

Now that you know the basics lets get into it a bit more.

You’re going to need to be signed up for some networks to get started.

The ones I recommend personally are:

Mediatraffic and Trafficvance

Zango is a good ppv network, but they have a bad history of stealing peoples campaigns, so use them at your own discretion.

As for the two I recommend, your best bet is to apply at Mediatraffic first since they are relatively easy to get started with. Trafficvance on the other hand is not so easy to get into, you need to convince them you are serious because they don’t want a ton of junk advertisers that will just waste their time. Think of it like if you were applying for an affiliate network, take some time and actually explain your skills and convince them why you are good enough to be an advertiser with them, trust me they have VERY high quality traffic.

Now that you have signed up for some networks it’s time to think about what you want to promote.

I will continue this in the next post, your task right now is to get signed up for the networks! Without being able to use them, the next couple posts will be useless to you.

Note: This is part 1 of a 3 part series

Here are the rest of the parts:

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1 Matt Harris

I’ll give it a look for sure. I probably wouldnt use those on my main blog, but perhaps on an affiliate site it might be profitable

2 linkwheel

TrafficVance also requires a Deposit of 500$ or 1000$ and also some legal Document’s.

3 PPC-Coach

I prefer PPV traffic to PPC

Thanks for giving it away :)

4 roofers in leeds

thanks for this!.. i do prefer PPV traffic

5 roofers leeds

thanks for this!.. cheers

6 Branko Zecevic

Thank you on this interesting post! PPV deserve investigating! Why not try another way to increase traffic!

7 uttoransen

never heard of it, but will register to keep updated with your other coming parts of this article series.

however am still not really convinced about this type of marketing where users have to download some cookie/adware etc…

8 Nick Stamoulis

I have seen many people make lots of money from these models. You have to be willing to put some work into because you need very decent amounts of traffic for this to work.

9 Ricky Peterson

Bryn really effective post buddy. I will get many ideas for affiliate marketing which i have started before few weeks. Also have subscribed to your blog in order to keep my self updated with latest happening in Affiliate industry.

10 Greg Ellison

I probably wouldn’t want to do this kind of marketing because these adware can give people problems. Greg Ellison

11 Ricky Peterson

I agree with your point strongly Greg.

12 Jacques Snyman | 3 Quotes

Hey Clown Face – You seem to contradict yourself lots in the quest for links….

13 Jacques Snyman | 3 Quotes

You have drawn me to click your link and go take a look at your internet offering, and I like what you’re doing…so let’s bve friends, OK! I’ve just given you an SU review via my “non de plume”

Reciprocation would be nice!

14 Ricky Peterson

Thanks for coming on my blog dude & looked at what i am doing now a days. I am always open to friendship ….No worries

15 Ricky Peterson

Seems you are Crazy dude …why the hell do i contradict my self for the hack of links ..?? I gave my frank opinion about the post what i felt..lol

Seems you are after promoting lots of your websites based in south africa am i correct ??

16 Gold Coins Blog

Been hearing more and more about PPV advertising and people getting some serious conversions from it. Looking forward to the rest of the 3 part series.

17 Ricky Peterson

PPV Advertising seems Interesting for sure GUYS ..!!

18 maxomen

nice post, The information was perfect, provide some answers and find the most appropriate solutions :)

19 liberta-togo.com

Thanks man, may have to give it a go.

20 Dawran

Very nice post Shoe, keep them coming!


21 Blogger Rise

cool…will try it

22 Daniel Pry

Great recommendations. I am definitely going to check it out. same for me, not sure if I want to use it for my main blog, just side ones for now.

23 Neo

Cool post, can’t wait for the next couple of parts or finding out whats best to promote

24 free directory submission

Hmmm, never even knew about PPV… Interesting… Will look into PPV, however, looks like most affilliate offers that I run dont allow PPV…

25 Ashley

I’ve been infected with these things before and they’re insidious. I really question who would ever agree to allow something like this to be on their computer? Probably only people who didn’t bother reading the TOS. But it also seems like these companies employee people to maliciously get their software onto people’s computers – I’ve had it happen a couple of times myself.

I look forward to the rest of the post though.

26 Needmoney.com

Interesting, haven’t looked at PPV before. Will investigate.

27 SMS

As soon as you try it those sites he listed. Networks like Linkshare, CJ, google, and clickbank will ban you from advertising for them for life. But by all means do try it :)

28 Mark

I used to do quite a bit with Zango. Often it was a cash cow. However Zango (run by 180solutions) was shut down I believe. They got the screws put to them by the man. Mainly because they were accused of being insidious and sneaky with their users. But we liked it most of the time as it created profits for us.

29 Bryn Youngblut

Actually Zango is still running full force.

30 Jonathan van Clute

PPV traffic is how I won the Top Affiliate Challenge and generated over $40k in commissions in 2 weeks. You can make a ton of money with this traffic if you really know what you’re doing, but you can LOSE EVEN MORE.

PPV is like a firehose. Can you drink from the firehose? Could you handle it if your budget was set at $20 but it spent $200 before it could shut off?

Just be aware of the risks before you jump in the deep end. ;)


31 CPV Coach

PPV is not the industry term for it. It’s actually CPV. You also need a referal now for Traffic Vance to get in, (how exclusive of them). There’s a new one around now too, but I’ll see if you know the name of it as you haven’t been on my site for a while now Bryn.


32 Little Tikes Playhouse

You share it, you get it more..I believe that.

33 gurtey

i think cpv is growing big..now ! thanks for the share…witing for the other tuts!

34 JJ

Um why are you posting this, when on your blog you are asking for help with this..



35 Bryn Youngblut

Are you stupid? Or did you simply not read the post? It’s in quotes because it’s regarding the people constantly asking me for PPV advice…dumbass.

36 Deneil Merritt

Wow, you let that person have it. People always have haters and its a good sign. Just because of that reply I am going to subscribe to your blog.

37 Ships

PPV Advertising never attracted me.

38 purposeinc

Great to see your guest post here. I love shoe developing more and more careers off this site. The info looks interesting. I’ve never looked at this type of traffic, and the read was easy to follow!

39 Stocks on Wall Street

Looks like a strong advertising company to market my blog.

40 Juhani Tontti

Cool, so cool, but is this as risky as it feels? I am quite happy with AdSense ( except the income) but will certainly research this, NOW!

41 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

I would love to suggest you that only depending on one thing is risky business. With adsense you should keep develop other way to earn income.

Juhani this is my personal advice … just start one or two different way to earn money as well.

42 bladi420

well my friend I really dont like ppv advertising because lets be honest no one is really focus on the advertising when is watching a ppv no one take care of that so this is not to good for my point of view

43 Mary Winston

Drive targeted traffic from USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia.
Is that mean that this offer only available for those country or it’s just the traffic should comes from counties above?

44 David Herman

Hey Bryn,

Awesome post! I look forward to hearing more about PPV. I had heard of it before now, but my deep understanding of it…is practically Zero! Thanks for sharing your personal Knowledge, Experience, and Insights.

Best Regards
David Herman

45 Gold Coins Blog

I’ve heard plenty of good stuff about PPV. I think it’s about time to give it a try. Had some pretty good luck with PPC so I guess this is the next step.

46 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Actually this is in my to do list but before starting on this assignment I want to get enough success on my first assignment that is affiliate sales.

After that certainly I will move to this one.

47 David Jones

Is this still going? Why would anyone want to install adware software? Anyway – ill keep an open mind…

48 Eric Tan

signing up for these…

49 R Kumar

Have never ventured into PPv advertising, but your post has created a bit of interest in me. Just a query. In one of the comments mentioned above I saw somebody saying that joining the sites mentioned in your post will result in CJ, Clickbank etc banning you. Is there some fact to this?
Am in the process of reading the rest of the posts. Hope these questions will be answered somewhere.

50 Dean Saliba

Adware is still just as irritating as spyware, viruses, trojans or getting a kick in the nether regions.

51 Vijay Jain

I applied for Traffic Vance they asked for deposit of $1000 not sure if it refundable?

52 low

“Why am I sharing this information?” When ever I hear this my caution radar goes off the charts lol.

That’s what being on so many IM lists does to a man :D

53 Energy Drinks Dangers

PPV traffic is horrible in my books. Very low quality.

54 TheGoldier

An additional of the factors to purchase precious metal is that it is a actual item that you simply simply don’t have to trust others to secure its value. While this really is nevertheless much better than losing buying power, a single of the best reasons to buy gold is always that it is sensitive to inflation and reacts a lot more rapidly than, say, costs at the grocery store or the car lot.

55 Gaza Smith

PPV is new to me , will have to check it out.Thanks for the post

56 العاب

Cool post,thanks for sharing this information

57 Audiobook Online

I signed up with Mediatraffic a few months aga and tried PPV but was a dismal failure. No fault of Mediatraffic, just me not knowing what I was doing I suppose. I’m off to read part 2 and 3 now to see if I can find out where I went wrong.

58 wahyu

for visitors to the blog very much PPV might be better, but otherwise the situation will reverse …

59 david

for visitors to the blog very much PPV might be better, but otherwise the situation will reverse …

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