$75 Myspace MyAds Coupon Code

The MySpace advertising platform – MyAds has been an advertiser on ShoeMoney.com since they launched. They recently approached me about doing a special promotion and give away a custom coupon code for $50.00 in free money for new advertisers in their ad platform (something they had only done internally before).

I told them ShoeMoney readers expect more then the street price so I was able to talk them into giving us a $75.00 coupon code!

This is a limited time offer and it is the biggest $$ code they have ever offered.

The code is shoe75 (write it down then enter it into your account) and is good for a limited time. So go setup your account now and get your free $75 to play with.

But so you don’t waste the money I would highly recommend reading my local affiliate marketing guide. Since publishing the guide last November I have had countless people tell me how its changed their lives and allowed them to work from home or just make extra income.

So now you have no excuses!! Go sign up with MySpace Myads now and get your free $75.


Lots of people have commented and written me asking where you enter the promo code so I took a screenshot:

Myspace Coupon

When you enter in your billing info enter the code there.