$75 Myspace MyAds Coupon Code

by Jeremy Schoemaker on July 21, 2009 · 95 comments

The MySpace advertising platform – MyAds has been an advertiser on ShoeMoney.com since they launched. They recently approached me about doing a special promotion and give away a custom coupon code for $50.00 in free money for new advertisers in their ad platform (something they had only done internally before).

I told them ShoeMoney readers expect more then the street price so I was able to talk them into giving us a $75.00 coupon code!

This is a limited time offer and it is the biggest $$ code they have ever offered.

The code is shoe75 (write it down then enter it into your account) and is good for a limited time. So go setup your account now and get your free $75 to play with.

But so you don’t waste the money I would highly recommend reading my local affiliate marketing guide. Since publishing the guide last November I have had countless people tell me how its changed their lives and allowed them to work from home or just make extra income.

So now you have no excuses!! Go sign up with MySpace Myads now and get your free $75.


Lots of people have commented and written me asking where you enter the promo code so I took a screenshot:

Myspace Coupon

When you enter in your billing info enter the code there.

full disclosure

About the author...

– who has written 2895 posts on ShoeMoney.com.

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Wow this post of yours have changed whole back ground of your blog. Looking really nice …

Will check the potential of Myspace ads and will buy it afterwards if found beneficial.

2 Ricky Peterson

I agree with you Zubin :)

3 Eat My Shorts

Sweet, thanks Shoe! You are the man. Now let me see if I can make that $75 into $750 :)

4 Jeremy Schoemaker

there ya go

5 Leo

Link seems to be broken, I think the correct link is advertise.myspace.com (not advertising.myspace.com)

ps. Are you not updating your Fans & Friends photos any more? I sent one, but you haven’t updated for so many months…

6 Jeremy Schoemaker

thanks fixed

7 Leo

and about my ps. question – no new fans & friends photos?

8 Dimas

Sweet, nice entry point!

9 Online College

Nice strong arm for your readers! Way to go.

10 Mellisa Lane

I think we all need it !

11 Matt

Damn, their stupid signup form!

They only accept U.S states and zip codes, so I guess I can’t use my English credit card and address :/

12 Leo

Only allows USA billing address. Doesn’t even mention it in their FAQ. What’s up with that? Shoe, hassle them to change their policy ASAP!

13 Nathan

Where do we enter the code?

14 Brian

I am a Canadian.
Will this be available to Canadian addresses.

15 Nicholas James

It’s a USA only offer Brian

16 uttoransen

that’s disappointing, i was almost about to signup!

17 Alex Cooper

I need to see if this $75 are for real . But shoe i must admit its a cool idea .

18 Adam

Thank Jeremy,

I haven’t ever worked with PPC marketing before and I think I will take this as an excellent opportunity to start.


19 Joe Tech

Always take free ad budget credit when it’s offered. I signed up and now I’m just awaiting approval. I assume I can then enter my code?

20 brian 1000DollarAutos.com

WOOT! thanks shoe! please tell me this will still be up this weekend so i can get signed up!

21 Nathan

Well thanks Shoe, and Crap… I’m already sign up so I’m screwed ha.

22 Abdul

Is this available for people living in the UK?

23 Jeremy Schoemaker

nope usa only

24 Greg Ellison

This is a great opportunity to try out affiliate marketing. Thanks Greg Ellison

25 Ron

I signed up just now without entering the promo code under the credit card info didn’t see the screenshot in my feed :(. where can I enter the code after the account is created now?

Don’t tell me there was one single place/chance to enter the promo code to get the credits! If so I’ll just cancel this crap and do a chargeback on the $25 “hold” lol.

26 Steve

Crazy template change for the post. Thanks for the graphic cause I tried to get the credit and could not find where to enter the code.

27 Neo

Offers are limited, that’s a strong point for marketing.

28 Branko Zecevic

Thanks!Very nice!Another generous affiliate marketing opportunity!

29 John


Just created an account and got the $75. Thanks a lot.


30 Robert Robb

Here’s a load of crap…I tried to put an ad for an online dating site (not adult oriented – just a standard dating site) and it got rejected. Why?

“At this time, we are not accepting additional ads of this type because we are refining our Editorial Guidelines which are in the process of being reevaluated.”

It’s freaking MYSPACE. They don’t accept dating ads? Wow.

31 Jeremy Jennings

Thanks Jeremy! My ads are up and running already. That was a much quicker and easier approval process than facebook.

32 Subway coupons

Thanks man, but how come it doens’t work for Canadians?

33 Nicholas James

its a usa only offer ;)

34 Make Money From Home

thanks for this wonderful opportunity Shoe, hope I can get some few bucks from this promo

35 Gale

Thanks for the coupon Shoe. I have a question though…why would a site like MySpace block ads in the personals genre? I received this notice after my affiliate ad for a very popular, innocuous (no porn, etc) dating site was rejected:

“At this time, we are not accepting additional ads of this type because we are refining our Editorial Guidelines which are in the process of being reevaluated. Please check back for future updates. For more information on how to correct this problem, please visit our help page.”

I’m looking at other offers to promote, but I’m not sure what other types of ads would even perform on MySpace. Dating seemed perfect :(.

36 Jeremy Schoemaker

Pretty much any continuity program that has hidden charges the social networks hate. This is usually dating, weight loss, making money online crap… etc…

37 encuentraTuJob

$75 just for sign up great offer…

38 Canada Immigration

Really hot offer. Shoe really hit the road.:)

39 Ricky Peterson

LOL ….$75 is not for Sign up Dude. $75 is discount what you get for any package you select.

40 Needmoney.com

A while ago a friend of mine was complaining about MySpace Ads refusing to take non-US advertisers-you know if there has been any movement on this?

41 Jeremy Schoemaker

Its pretty much the norm depending on exactly where most networks wont accept countries outside the us mostly for fraud.

42 Dustin

About to get my $75 “shoemoney” dollars. Like someone above said, let’s see if I can turn that into not just $750, but $750 SHOEMONEY dollars :D

Thanks man…

43 PPC-Coach Review


44 Locke

this is actually pretty intriguing, man. thanks for the write up! I’ll give it a look myself

45 Rahul

75$ instead of 50$. It is jeremy schoemakers efftect.

46 fas

This is soooooooooo cool. Thanks a ton Jeremy!

47 Canada Immigration

Thanks shoe to give us ease in Myspace ads.It would help me alot.i m just gona sign in with your promotional code. Thanks

48 Earn Money

Thanks for the money bud!

But the site is uglier than a British whore.

I came to raed some good stuff and it was like BAM in my face . . . hard to pass up though.

Now that I mention it, its kind of growing on me.

49 sulumits retsambew

Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way
I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

50 Ricky Peterson

Thanks Shoe. I have signed up and used your code in order to avail $75 off. Once i will see the actual results of the deal i will share with you for sure. I am amazed that company like Myspace is working for you..Hope one day something like this will happen with me as well.

51 La Digue

Great piece of information shoe. Thanks for precising where to enter the promotional code. I’m sure I might have missed the ‘I have a promotional code’ message. $75 to play with MySpace ads is just fantastic. Going to sign up to profit from this. Thanks again…

52 Ricky Peterson

Alright shoe i have signed up for around $1k worth ads for my blogs and have used your coupon code. Response looks gr8 to me at this point of time.

Once again totally appreciate your support in order to give away Coupon code.

53 paidmailer

hah, did you really convince them to offer you a better coupon for your readers? Thats pretty awesome!

54 Allan Stewart

Yo Shoe,

Is this available in the UK?



55 Nicholas James

The offer is USA only.

56 Juhani Tontti

Cool offer. But does this work for Europeans and especially for Finns?

57 Nicholas James

It’s a USA only offer ;)

58 Juhani Tontti

Cool offer. But does this work for Europeans and especially for Finns?
Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

59 mohamed

is my space advertising service available for non us users

60 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

But tell me will you able to get the ROI ?

61 Leo Saraceni

What is the advantage (other than the $75 off) to start yet another PPC account if you can rake in the same benefits straight from your adwords account?
Just set up a new content campaign and target only myspace.com placements. I’m yet to see either FB or MySpace get better results and offer better control than google.

62 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Basically to get success in facebook and myspace your niche should be equal to the tastes of common people.

People spend their time at there and share thoughts. So if your niche is matching according to their choice than you will get the return of your investment.

Otherwise costly adwords is always there.

63 Stocks on Wall Street

Will try it out since it is free $75 dollars of advertising, any hidden things with it or is it legitimately free? Unfortunately I think for my Finance and Stock Website Stocks on Wall Street Myspace will not be the right targeted audience.

64 William

MySpace has a serious upload bug. Tried all sort of different browsers, still can’t upload anything, it’s just getting stuck there. Geez, they can’t even get the basics right.

65 R Kumar

Thanks for the coupon code.Such offers from you, shows the difference of Shoemoney from other such blogs.

66 bladi420

It’s a good offer but I really will like to know every single detail about it and also all the benefits, definetly I would like to know what is the trick behind because it’s to good to be true also I will like to know the price of advertising and how I can use this one

67 Andy Brudtkuhl

How long does it take to get your ad approved? I’ve been waiting 3 days – this is worse than Facebook’s approval process.

68 Blogger Rise

thanks a lot for this Shoe :)

69 Nicholas James

Nice offer since I’ve seen $50 deals available it beats those by a good 50% ;)

The only problem is that its a usa-only offer :(

70 QD Techs

This is what i get:

The promo code you entered is not valid or has expired.

71 aleksandrbelyev

I’m already sign up…..

72 Seo, blogger y adsense

Jeremy, codes for Spain, please

73 R Kumar

Hi Jeremy,
I guess this coupon is only for US. It doesn’t work for me, nevertheless I still signed up for MySpace ads and in the last weeks or, so the response has been good.

74 Denny

The shoemoney bailout package. Nice.

75 Paul Piotrowski

Where in the world did you find the link to sign up for MySpace advertising as a non-US resident? I’m Canadian and I can’t find the link.

I got to the point where I verified my email and then I couldn’t go further because the register page only had US states. :(

Coupon or not, I’d still like to sign up.


76 gurtey

Well…is the coupon onlu for US…there is some confusion!

77 Gold Coins Blog

It would be nice if MySpace would give away some free advertising to those already signed up like Facebook did a year ago or so.

78 Vany

Oh no just for US only
we can’t join :((
Do you have code for another country SHoe

79 Michelle

This really sucks! No offence aimed at you Shoe…its just I spent alot of time going thru training videos and when I read through the policy and terms it doesn’t say anything about U.S. residences only. The only way I found out was when I went to enter my Canadian address and noticed that it said State, no option for a Province. MySpace Ads needs to be more accurate like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

80 Rosario

Sounds very interesting.. great post, thanks :)

81 Click Here

any updates

82 Will

The code doesn’t work. I tried it several times. Anyone know why?

83 Cars Under 1000 Used For Cheap

thanks for getting us an extra $25 on myspace

84 We couponcode

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Thanks Shoe , its seems like a great idea .

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