50 thoughts on “WordStream – Free Shirt Friday

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  2. Teen Advice

    Very… Classy :p
    I looked at their site and it looks pretty useful, i think it’s for people having trouble finding keywords for their site (?)

    1. Ricky Peterson

      Zac the page is over packed because they have many numbers of products to offer. They are definitely falling behind how to design professional looking home page which has ease of navigation.

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  5. James

    Gotta love their 1995esque website design with the cheesy graphics complete with stacks of hundred dollar bills. haha

  6. TEGS

    Looks like competition for Shoemoney tools, but not really. LOL

    Nice face shoe! As far as the vest, I think the word “unfortunate” describes it best.

  7. Cheap iPhones

    That site has to be the most cluttered hard to navigate site I’ve ever seen. How can you even expect to run a business when the people visiting you home page don’t have the first clue what it is you’re even selling or offering? Guess they spend their money on kick ass vests and not a user friendly website design. Ya gotta have priorities I guess.

    1. Ricky Peterson

      I agree with your saying. Easy navigation is one of the most important ways of getting online business. If any visitor comes on the website and do not get clue about what the hell is going on then it is no good.

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  9. pooja

    well its great if u are giving free shirt….well i want to ask how can we get free shirt lolz..hehehe… is there any kind of qualification…?

  10. Jacques Snyman | 3 Quotes

    Keyword Research is a key component to taking your campaigns to the next level, I see their offerings as valuable to a person / company offering keyword research services to end users. Not wrestling with excel spreadsheets will definitely make lives easier for all aprties involved here.

    Nice waistcoat…love the pout!

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  12. Dimas

    The site is pretty loaded with content, at first glance its a little bit of a turn off, takes a little bit of time to get your bearings

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