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by tbuck on July 10, 2009 · 50 comments

Today’s free shirt was sent to us from WordStream.  They have keyword management tools for PPC and SEO.  Their website is quite confusing, but it looks like they have a lot of products to offer.  Not really sure what any of it does, but check it out.

Thanks for the free shirt! vest!

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1 Alejandro

What’s up with that face?

2 Dave

Free vest friday.

3 Cheaper Parcel Deliveries

How did they come up with the name for that – ‘wordstream’ ? Sounds like the intention is for a site about urinating words.

4 Yisraeli Foods

Jeremy are you becoming more fashion conscious or is it just that the freebies are giving you an opportunity to diversify your wardrobe?

5 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Except T Shirts and Jeans I never saw Jeremy to wear anything … how can you put such allegation … lollzz

6 Teen Advice

Very… Classy :p
I looked at their site and it looks pretty useful, i think it’s for people having trouble finding keywords for their site (?)

7 Bradley Nordstrom

I wish I had a free vest.Well it maybe looks like I’m getting one.

8 Bradley Nordstrom

I wish I had a free vest.Well it maybe looks like I’m getting one.

9 Deneil Merritt

Sounds like a new series is born. Vest Friday’s!

10 Flat Baby

looks like a beach lifeguard :)

11 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Beach Guard who is ready to do flirt with beautiful girls … lollzz ;)

12 Steve

Great looking vest.

13 Zac Johnson

Their main page definitely is over packed and confusing.

14 Ricky Peterson

Zac the page is over packed because they have many numbers of products to offer. They are definitely falling behind how to design professional looking home page which has ease of navigation.

15 Shanker Bakshi

He look like a confused sales man with hundreds of product in his bucket.

16 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

If he is confuse than believe me every sharp business man are confuse and very soon this will be a quality to be a good businessman … lollzz

17 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Your white T shirt giving it a perfect look otherwise there is nothing special in this vest ….

18 Georgia Tech Cumberland

Free Vest Friday now? Will next week be sweatshirt?

19 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Few weeks ago he also got Disco theque equipment. That does not change the name of this Friday T shirt.

20 Ricky Peterson

Something new unique this time for sure. Seems you are putting down really good ..lol

21 James

Gotta love their 1995esque website design with the cheesy graphics complete with stacks of hundred dollar bills. haha

22 Liane YoungBlogger

Hahaha. definately Free Vest Friday :)

23 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

What so funny about that ??

24 fas

Shoe, how about renaming it free giveaway Friday?

25 Technology Slice

Just make it free wardrobe friday.


Looks like competition for Shoemoney tools, but not really. LOL

Nice face shoe! As far as the vest, I think the word “unfortunate” describes it best.

27 Cheap iPhones

That site has to be the most cluttered hard to navigate site I’ve ever seen. How can you even expect to run a business when the people visiting you home page don’t have the first clue what it is you’re even selling or offering? Guess they spend their money on kick ass vests and not a user friendly website design. Ya gotta have priorities I guess.

28 Ricky Peterson

I agree with your saying. Easy navigation is one of the most important ways of getting online business. If any visitor comes on the website and do not get clue about what the hell is going on then it is no good.

29 Jacques Snyman | 3 Quotes

It is quite ironic, as keyword management is a critical componet of SEO efforts. The SEO look that works for bots just doesn’t do it for humans.

30 pooja

well its great if u are giving free shirt….well i want to ask how can we get free shirt lolz..hehehe… is there any kind of qualification…?

31 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Yes there is a qualification needed … you must have sharp mind and famous like Jeremy.

32 Jacques Snyman | 3 Quotes

Keyword Research is a key component to taking your campaigns to the next level, I see their offerings as valuable to a person / company offering keyword research services to end users. Not wrestling with excel spreadsheets will definitely make lives easier for all aprties involved here.

Nice waistcoat…love the pout!

33 Greg Ellison

That is a very funny face you made. The vest is pretty nice looking. Greg Ellison

34 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

So this time no tongue only lips will work … really interesting. But yeah I must say that you are looking much better in this friday.

35 Work from Home

ughh.. nice vest.. i think

36 Dion

I like the shirt. It has a simple design. I wish I had one.

37 Kim

That’s a new idea, a vest!

38 Ben Pei

Lol now you got some LAPD look Jeremy!

39 Christine

That is completely hilarious!!! :)

40 Dimas

The site is pretty loaded with content, at first glance its a little bit of a turn off, takes a little bit of time to get your bearings

41 Melody

That pose is soo sexy! ;)

42 metafever

Don’t ever try to kiss me! . . .

43 jeans

Ahh…..the vest…..it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for t-shirt friday!

44 BlogProfitExpert

I like the vest and the color. But it is kinda warm out for vests, maybe in 3 months


45 Vany

You look like bodyguard shoe
That is cool with that looking

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