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It seems like everyone is talking about Facebook and MySpace Advertising these days.  There are tons of people making lots of money on conversions from these sites, because of the ability to target such a select audience.  But just because a lot of people are having a lot of success, doesn’t mean that it is easy.  I get emails every day asking me why people’s ads aren’t converting better, or what they are doing wrong.

So I decided to give you guys some tips and a case study for better conversions, aka make more money.  Justin Dupre has written a great case study on Facebook conversions using offers from Tatto Media.  The gist of the post is that one of the hottest niches on Facebook RIGHT NOW is dating.  As we all know if a niche is hot today, that means tons of people will be jumping on board tomorrow.  So even though it was very profitable today, it may not be tomorrow.  But regardless, I’m going to use Justin’s example and expand upon his case study.

And I know there are all levels that read my blog, so I’m going to give a step by step, so feel free to skip ahead.

Step 1:  You need an affiliate network to get the offers to promote

Justin is using two offers in his example, Fling and Mate1, which are both through Tatto Media.  I’m recommending you sign up with Tatto Media because we know these offers are converting, and they have high payouts.  I’m sure other networks have offers that may or may not work, but I’m recommending you stick with what we know works.


Tatto Media, which by the way is a relatively new network, but they have been around for a long while.  Before, they were doing campaigns in house, and have expanded into an affiliate network.  Its a great network to work with, because they have very knowledgeable affiliate managers, and obviously have offers that convert. ;)  I’ve been running some of their offers and they have their own proprietary tracking system that was built from the ground up. So, no DT, no linktrust, etc. I’ve had zero problems with their system and they track very quickly/accurately. The interface is geared for affiliates, and is self serve. You can track their stats by: Impression, click, ctr, leads, erpc, hour, sub, etc.  Enough about them, lets get some ads up and running on FB.

Step 2:  Sign up with Facebook Advertising

If you want to run ads on Facebook, you will of course need an account.  So head here and sign up:

Step 3:  Ad design/Approval

Facebook is notorious for being very difficult to get ads approved and in a timely manner.  So be patient and persistent.  Justin states that FB doesn’t really like the Fling landing page, so he recommends cloaking it, which you can use AffiliatePlex if you don’t have your own cloaking already.  You will want to say in your ad some other dating site (like, redirect to that site for all internal FB reviews, but for users direct them to the Fling landing page.  Justin uses his example for Ad creation:  Headline should say “Want a Date?”.  Recommending you always use a question mark because it draws attention.  Ad Body should says “Want a date tonight? Meet GIRLS like her on Mate1 and taker her out on a date.  Join today for FREE!”.

Pictures are key!  The size allowed in FB is 110px x 80px.  He recommends you use all of the space you can, and obviously the better looking subject, more skin result in a better CTR (click through rate).  The higher your CTR the lower your CPC (cost per click).  The more clicks you have on an ad will result in a lower cost per click.  We will be running our ads based on CPM (cost per thousand impressions).  So for example, if 1,000 people see your ad, we are paying a set amount to FB for those views, whether they click on our ad or not.  So simple math, the more people that click on the ad, results in hopefully more conversions and a cheaper CPC for us.  You can grab pictures from a lot of different sources online, including flickr, photobucket, etc.

Again this is what worked for Justin and you should create multiple versions with different headlines, different body content, different pictures and track which ones convert the best and run with it.

Step 4: Quality

If you finally get an ad approved for Facebook Advertising, you will quickly find out that just because its on Facebook doesn’t mean you will instantly make a million dollars.  You need quality leads, which means narrowing down who your ad is shown to.  With the case study we are using, he states that you want to make sure to target people that are of course single, and preferably 25 years old and up.  The younger the lead, the less likely he/she is to convert.  That doesn’t mean you can’t play around with the 18-25 year old range, but for this example, 25 and up is it.

Step 4: Trial and Error

You have your account with Tatto Media, and signed up for an advertising account with Facebook.  You even have your ads ready and approved.  Now its time for trial and error.  I recommend studying your results hourly if not more often so you can identify what is working and what isn’t.  This may take days, to hone in on something that will work for you.  But with a little patience, you will be earning some cash in no time.


So for a recap, you need an account with Tatto Media, so you can have access to the the dating offers Fling and Mate1.  After you have been approved with Tatto, sign up for an account with FB Advertising.  Create your ads, and start making money.  Hopefully this helps people, and I want to thank Justin for a great case study, and check out his personal blog when you get a chance for some great tips.  Thanks again to Tatto Media and Justin for giving us this case study to show you guys how to do a profitable facebook campaign.

80 thoughts on “Run A Profitable Facebook Campaign 101

  1. Amy

    These guys have helped me to run consistant campaigns, both on FB and with other sources. I tell peeps all the time that the UI is so slick. Def worth checking out.

  2. Sudeep

    I think so this post as @CPa Affiliates , this is more for the pro’s rather than beigners like me ,My budget is not that high for advertise so I do not think so I would go with them . Lastly I have amazon affiliates and not getting money from it at all .

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  4. Mike

    Sudeep, why dont you sign up and check it out. We have a core group of experienced AMs with whom we can place you. They will help you to get going in industry and will craft a plan with you, regardless of budget.

  5. ways to make money online

    This has to be one of Shoemeister latest and greatest posts in a while.

    This is like a step by step on how to make money online with no bullshit attached…

    Someone new coming into the game will definitely like this.

  6. Christian

    The sad thing is that I’ve done all of the above..and it was doing fine for a while. When I went to create some additional ads, I couldn’t get a single one approved. I went through about 20 different versions without success.

    What I dislike about FB Advertising, and why I’m not currently using it is that approvals and disapprovals seem to be done on a whim. There’s no set guidelines that if you follow them you’re ad will be approved. Each person doing the approvals seems to set their own criteria..and I just can’t deal with that much variation. I need to know that I’m putting my efforts into something I know is going to work…not a guessing game.

    1. Ricky Peterson

      Christian i disagree with your saying since disapprovals can not be done on a whim at all. FB is one of the largest Social Media website so that is ideally not possible.

  7. newjersey

    You are recommending cloaking. Naughty.

    its such a pain in the ass to get dating ads up, and then getting cheap enough clicks that many people will try and fail. There is profit here though but like everything it is work and there are no secret “tricks”, just testing and testing and testing.

    1. ways to make money online

      I would just make a strictly facebook site to cloak the site out of so SEO wouldn’t matter…

      1. Florida Personal Injury lawyer

        The rise of Facebook creates a growing segment of the web that’s completely invisible to search engines – most of which, Facebook blocks – and can be seen only by logged-in Facebook users,” he says. “So as Facebook becomes ever larger, and keeps more users inside its walled garden, your web site will need to appear in Facebook’s feeds and searches or you will miss out on an important source of web traffic.”

  8. Evan

    Thanks for the info. I am about to set up my first Facebook advertising and this article is helpful. A lot of your advice for bloggers is very beneficial and I am appreciative.

    I have a question about the Facebook advertising for you or Justin. Is there a certain amount of money you suggest to spend for a first time marketer on FB to test the market or is it case by case?

    Thanks for the help.

  9. Jeff

    How do I know what pictures on flickr or photobucket I am allowed to use for this sort of thing? Also, I am curious what search terms you would use to find such pictures.

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  12. Charles Kirkland

    Shoe, Dude you ROCK. I have been breaking even with FB ads for a while but doing ok with the list building.

    But thanks for helping me see where I have been getting it wrong.


  13. Mary

    I never have a chance to join affiliate network, most of them are not available in my country Indonesia, do you have any suggestion Jeremy?
    The one that I can join only on CJ, I’m still looking for the others that accept application from my country.

    Following your guide for facebook ads, I think this steps so simple to do, ugh..just need to find another good affiliate network

  14. Teen Advice

    Great tips for most bloggers. I got denied for joining Tattoo media a few weeks ago, with no reason given, and I advertised with Facebook a few months ago which brought in a little traffic, but nothing too big, and of course that traffic didn’t last long. Others may have better luck though.

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  17. FloridaPersonalInjurylawyer

    As shoe mentioned; Specific campaign isn’t going to make you rich, because of the low volume. But hopefully it will be that “ice breaker” for someone out there, or at the very least give you a little insight on a successful campaign to inspire you. I’m willing to bet some of you already have some ideas on how to take the fundamentals of this campaign and apply/scale elsewhere.

    Best of luck.

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  19. Ricky Peterson

    Great TIPS shoe. I have account with Tatto Medis and i am surely going to check this offer. If i will get considerable result i will share with all of your

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  21. Justin Dupre

    Thanks for the mention, Jeremy. Wish I had more time to prepare a welcoming for visitors to my blog, but I’ve been out with a bad case of Swine Flu… yucky.

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  23. karsten H.

    While I agree that these places(myspace and facebook) are great places to advertise. Everytime something new comes out, people try that out. Now Twitter is the big thing. My advice would be to never put too much time into one advertising campaign. However, I agree that you should focus on one blog or website at a time.

  24. Nick Stamoulis

    We tend to hear about all the big winners but there are also many people who try and crash and burn. It is important to enter the game with a strategy.

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  26. rick kats

    Hey shoe this is awesome info, I’ve never really looked into facebook ads before, but heard its a gold mine, will definetly need to look into it.

  27. Charles

    Facebook is world largest social network site right now. I like this idea of launching blog campaign in FB. Thanks. This is very useful information.

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  30. Mohit

    One big problem for me is to get approved by CPA affiliate programs. Generally they didn’t approve publishers account easily. If they started doing so than it will be a gr8 help in starting a profitable campaign.

    Any solution for that..?

  31. Karthick

    It sounds great. Since i am new to this netoworking i would rather feel happy if i could get some clear brief description about this.

  32. alissa

    great article ,i’ve heard a lot about advertising on facebook , but never knew how it worked, your article will help me a lot thanks

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  38. tvformen

    i wet my feet on FB for the 1st time. i broke even. my problem was having too many different ads running.

    I didn’t focus on just one niche. there’s money there. just figure out who’s your market and bank.

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  42. affiliate tools

    Great tips here Shoe! I’ve got my campaigns rolling now to sit back and make some loot… well we will see. I’m promoting SEO tools currently from a brand new affiliate program you can check my blog if your curious and want to know more about what i’m talking about.

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