SEO Checkup Tool Added To ShoeMoney Tools Suite

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We just added the SEO Checkup Tool to the suite of tools inside of ShoeMoney Tools.

The tool works like this. You give it the keyword you are optimizing for and the page you are trying to optimize. It will then fetch the top 10 results in Google for the same keyword and compare all of your SEO efforts with your competition. Then it will make suggestions for each section.

The reports can be viewed section by section, all at once, or exported to PDF for offline viewing.

Check it out:

59 thoughts on “SEO Checkup Tool Added To ShoeMoney Tools Suite

  1. Christian

    Sounds cool. I’m going to go give it a once over and see how it works. Can’t get enough quality SEO tools that actually work.

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  3. emphasis

    Pretty sweet, gives you a great place to start when you want to rank for a certain term, or gives you an idea of who’s coming up on a term you already dominate.

    Love to see stuff added to the tools suite without raising the price!

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  5. free directory submission

    Good package, pretty convenient. However, all these tools exist in the web for free in one form or another, not as complete or pretty in one package though. I think the price and hiding the real monthly price keeps many people away from signing up though. 9.99 is a good number if it wouldn’t be a trial price… :)

  6. Pete

    I’ve been debating if I should sign up for shoe tools but I’m so focused on doing it with nothing haha. I might use it for another project…

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  8. Ricky Peterson

    Seems Interesting shoe. I am working on FEW websites at this point and i guess this will really help to see the TOP keywords. I am using your tools since past 3 months now & i am glad to share with all that it is working really good for me and. Scheduled planning has helped me a lot in order to achieve things in past 3 months.

  9. purposeinc

    You guys hit it out of the park on this one. Huge props to you and Dave for an amazing set. I immediately saw things I had never seen before. Really rad job! dk

  10. Matt, make money blog

    Cool, I was wondering when you were going to be adding something like this to the shoemoney tools package. Your tools already come with a HUGE list of must have’s but it was missing this…..

    Nice vid and like those recent pics.

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  14. maxs wpi

    This is fantastic. I have been hoping to stumble upon something along the lines of this for awhile.
    I cant believe I found it.
    Fastastic job guys

  15. Tvents

    Hopefully I will implement it. There are several ways for doing SEO. I would like to try all the right ways including the trick of keywords.

  16. R Kumar

    The tools looks to be extremely helpful and impressive. In the presentation the interface also look like being extremely user-friendly.
    SEO might have different meaning to different people, but the core activities involved in SEO is the same across. It surprises me at times when I see how ignorant people are towards SEO. The other day a gentleman approached me for SEO on his site and said, “So after SEO, my site will always be at number one position in Google, isn’t it?”

    1. Ricky Peterson

      Kumar No one across the Globe can give you Guarantee that your site will always remain at #1 position on Google. In order to become at that position you need to have knowledge like SEA for SEO & planning to reach the destination.

    2. SEO Services

      I tell my clients that SEO is more like publicity than advertising. It’s influence rather than control, reputation rather than promotion.

      That’s why a wise strategy combines organic SEO with PPC; you need both.

  17. Allan Stewart

    Great tool Shoe. You mentoioned auto blog ping tool that gets people burned if they get lose with it the other day on your podcast. What was the name of the plugin again?


  18. SEO Services

    Competitive analysis is a piece of SEO that a lot of people miss. It’s a good way of finding the gaps in your competitor’s efforts; it’s often possible to slip into a niche that way.

  19. Trivia Questions

    That is an amazing tool. I know there are some top SEO firms that have tools that do the same thing, but they are not user friendly at all. Love the interface, can’t wait to try it.

  20. Ricky Peterson

    Shoe using your New tool I had targeted few keywords & Just wanted to share all of them have reached 4th page of Google with little off page optimization. I am so damn excited to share this news with you. Making Money Online which is most searched term in Money blogging industry using that i am on 4th Page now, looking forward to reach on TOP and compete against your blog

  21. CoolestGeek

    This looks great! Some really nice features and tweaks have gone into this however I like software over online tools, especially due to me prefering a one off price over monthly payments, so to summerise this tool into software i’ve got 3 words:

    Internet Business Promotor

    Download IPB it’s awesome and has been doing this for years – all for a one off fee too.

  22. Pierce

    Great info. Having the right tools and knowing how to use them can be the difference between making $100 a month and $10000 a month. Knowledge is power only if the person using it is smart enough. . Thanks for the tools.

    1. Dimas

      Even if your not smart enough, if you listen and aspire to be like smart people you have a chance. Use the great tools available to you!

  23. Mary

    A good start point for a newbie like me.
    Just learning SEO this couple of months and there’re so many things need to learn.

  24. Dimas

    Awesome tools Shoe, my first time come across your tool suite, impressive. Watched the video, now I know what Shoemoney sounds like, HEHE

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  26. Curious1

    So $10 for a trial is not bad, my question though is how much does the tool suite cost after the expiration period expires?

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