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UPDATE:  There is still time to enter the contest.  Entries must be submitted by today by going here.  The cards below were the best that had been submitted thus far.

The overnight prints “Win Business Cards for life” contest is coming to an end this Friday June 26th. I have gone through the 400+ designs that were submitted and narrowed it down to these 7. I would be proud to sport any of the following as my business card. You guys all did a fantastic job.

But I need help!! (and am pretty numb from going through them all) So I am asking you guys, my readers, to browse over the following final 7 and vote below. Choose wisely!

Concept 1:

Concept #1

Concept #1

Concept 2:

Concept #2

Concept #2

Concept 3:

Convcept #3

Concept #3

Concept 4:

Concept #4

Concept #4

Concept 5:

Concept #5

Concept #5

Concept 6:

Concept #6

Concept #6

Concept 7:

Concept #7

Concept #7

So what do you think?

259 thoughts on “Pick My New Business Card

  1. OMM

    number 6 definitely. I never through out credit cards, debit cards, or gift cards no matter how old they are. You think someone is going to throw out a business card that looks like one of those?

  2. Joe Tech

    I’m almost glad I didn’t have time to enter. These are great. I’d go with #6 or #2, but my favorite is #6. It just grabs attention. Leave one on every table at BlogWorld and people will pick them up.

  3. Justin M.

    Hmmm… not sure if I like any of them. I’m pretty sure the first one is illegal…

    Tough call.

    Concept 7 with an actual picture of you would be pretty damn bad ass though. haha

  4. Scott

    I think a winning combination would use the back from #6 and the front from #1 (with the credit card text overlay from #6).

  5. Bonnie

    Hmmm… the only ones that have a tag line that gives a (vague) hint about what you do (“Skills to Pay the Bills”) are #2 & #4. (People who already know what you do know your website and probably won’t need your card.) I’ll vote for #2.

  6. Nicola

    Concept #8 is my favorite (this is where mine would be added) – I just submitted my entry today because contest rules said we had until Thurs, June 24 at noon? So here’s hoping your still looking until deadline. Thanks Jeremy! :)

  7. blackysky

    1 because it pushes you to check the back and dig for more information… it’s mysterious… .. 6 looks like a gift… anyone will check the website and try to redeem lool…

  8. Steven-Sanders

    I like concept 5.

    #1 looks like it says Hoe Money on the front. Could be very confusing

    #2 thru #4 don’t scream look at me. They seem more traditional and don’t have that in your face vibe.

    #6 & #7 are unique. Not really sure what to think about them though.

  9. Travis Lusk

    Number 6 FTW

    The cash is cool, but the credit card is much more “digital” and web worthy.

    Plus it is the most unique of the bunch. People will actually do a double take when they see it.

    If you could have them printed on plastic, that would be even better.

  10. Jack Christopher

    7 or 1. They fit you best. 7 with your pic would be really good. The others aren’t over-the-top enough — your symbol is parody of Superman after all.

    But kudos to all designers.

  11. Josh

    I’m gonna be different to everyone else and say Concept #1 and Concept #7 appeal to me the most. They’re to the point, but still interesting.

    #7 has a bit of a Lost feel to it, but I’m not sure how well it would print and look under different lighting conditions. Could be hard to read.

  12. Vurdlak

    1.) you should ad a poll to your sidebar, would be easier
    2.) credit card one is most original
    3.) your facebook connect doesn’t work (I connected left comment, but got “leave name and email” error)
    4.) I can help you implement facebook login correctly. did it with my own site, check moillusions.com and see how easy it is. also, you should add a wrapper arround fbconnect to disappear when user logs in via it, also you should add div classes for it (I have all of this), so drop me a mail if you need help.

  13. Eve

    I like 7, 6 with 2 coming in third. To me, 7 is the boldest and most original. I don’t think that ShoeMoney should only stand for and be repped by the USDollar, especially since you’re worldwide!

  14. Tom

    Jeremy, I like #6. Especially if you can get the corners cut in the rounded form (which probably is not too difficult)

  15. Pa Elk

    #6 is a nice concept. I hand out biz cards all day every day and the #1 rule of biz cards is to have one that makes people want to look at it and not just toss it the second they get it. This one would even make me look at it and I am numb to cards.

  16. free directory submission

    #2 is the best imho, #5 is the followup. #1 is one of the ugliest cards I ever seen. :) #6 is interesting, but confusing.
    I think all of them are so-so, none are really outstanding that could give a “wow”.

  17. Dennis

    I would have to go with number 2 or number 6. Number 2 is very professional, and clean. Number 6, is more of a funny kind of card, it would sure give people a smile when they see it. But yeah, number 2 and 6 are the best IMO.

  18. Beth Bridges

    #2 is the best “corporate”
    Very clean, easy to read, “smooth” on the eyes but not boring.


    #6 if your persona is more playful than corporate.
    It’s the most readable and provides the best tie-in with your theme of all the “fun” ones.

  19. Susanti

    # 6 , but with a little revision [ imho ] :
    – the logo should be a lil bit bigger and with color as in # 5
    – the font size of the phone number should be smaller
    otherwise, when u give ur card, people will first lookin to your phone number and not your company’s name.

  20. Tamar Weinberg

    #2 if you want professional, #5 as a runner up in that category. #7 if you wanna bare all :)

    I wouldn’t say #6 at all since it’d be an interesting first impression if you hand a business card that looks like a credit card. Your fans may appreciate it; the next person you meet for the first time probably won’t (or they’ll be interested in milking you of all the money you have when they see you have it).

  21. Zemalf

    #2, #5 and #6. The idea on the #6 (the credit card design) is brilliant, but to pick one, I’d go with #2 – I like the simplicity and “professionalism” of it.

  22. Kristi

    #5, or #4 after that

    #6 is cool and gets a few more looks but I think later it might confuse people when looking for your info.

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  24. gurtey

    i think #2, #4, #6… are the best one’s the credit card type idea is great jeremy…just pick what you this is cool..

  25. Phuket Makkus

    Greetings from Phuket. Concept 2+5. But there is one thing, that concernes me more, that is this “my thing is bigger than your thing”-thing on your business-card. Means your title.

    To be honest … the other side will surely know, that you are the CEO – Super-Hero – Senior-System-Architect or whatever fancy title you decide for yourself.

    One well meant advice – delete this (my thing is bigger than yours) from your business-card.

    Real important people just need a white sheet of paper with your small company-logo, your name and your phone- and email-address. Think about it.

  26. gurtey

    i think #2, #4, #6… are the best one’s the credit card type idea is great jeremy…just pick what you this is cool..
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  27. MacNessa

    As a graphic designer, design #5 speaks the most to me. The texture is a real attention grabber, as is the interesting angle of the details side of the card.

    Great designs, all of them, but #5 works for me!

  28. Jono

    concept 4 – professional , interesting, more trustworthy.
    It’s not as cheap looking however.
    But, depends the market you are aiming at…
    Audience first , choice second.

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  30. Ricky Peterson

    Shoe as far as these designs are concerned all of them have their unique features so it is very much difficult to pick any one specially. And if you really talk about business i guess what ever you pick up will be popular over night as Shoe money brand is so damn popular on the internet these days. I liked the one in Black & white since it has HUGE unique impact for the work which you are doing now a days.

  31. Max

    #1 would look good. Being a designer, I think you should have posted them all the same size and on-screen as close as you could to business card size or a little larger, but not gigantic. But you do have some solid choices.

  32. David Couillard

    I think number 2 is on the right path…

    It’s more professional. Traditionnal maybe but in the end, the single negative comment I’ve ALWAYS had with most clients I was making cards for or giving card too was always: “Why are fonts so small? It’s hard to read.” So I think keeping a business card clean and easy to read is always the smartest thing to do.

    Number 2 also keeps your branding style. It fits with your website design. Keeping the same style and branding around all your promo material is a good idea.

    If you want it to stand out a bit more when you hand it to client, simply make sure your using thicker card paper, and maybe have a nice lamination or Spot UV over the logo and fonts. Those are little details that make it stand out. It’s not just about the colors and look It’s also about the texture and feel.

    What I would change on number 2 tho:

    – Put address on the right side to keep logo clean. (right now address is too small and looks like a slogan)
    – Keep only the “S” on the white side and leave more space for info. (the full name is already on the blue site with slogan)
    – Put your name and web address in bold.
    – Remove the blue bar at the bottom (or make it thinner) to let the text breath.
    – Make sure everything is all perfectly aligned. (same line height, same font size for text, same padding top bottom and sides, etc).
    – And remove the thick drop shadows!

    Great work guys!

  33. Doroteja

    Number SEVEN (7) for sure because it’s much more solid than all the rest put together. It will hold a viewer’s attention longer than any of the others. They’ll wonder what it’s about and actually read it. I’d definitely go for 7.

  34. Shawn Pearson

    Hands down #6 is a WINNER – it is the most memorable (remarkable) and least likely to be tossed in the trash when cleaning out a biz card roledex…I’ve never seen anyone use that before, it’s an extremely solid concept.

    If you don’t use it, I’m stealing that idea :-)

  35. star

    it depends on the impression you want to make.

    #2 makes a professional statement and is well designed and clear.

    #7 is campy and fun, but i think the execution of the design could be better.

  36. WAMWAN

    #6 is pretty creative as far as originality goes. #2 looks very professional and it complements your site’s color and design.

  37. Luke

    #6 reminds me of the junk mail with the fake credit card, which I usually throw out right away.

  38. LuckyAce

    #1 is too busy the the design elements.

    #6 reminds me of the junk mails with the fake credit card, which I usually throw away.

    #7 may be a copyright infringement of Superman comics.

  39. Celebrity Seats

    You can’t go wrong with any of ’em, kudos to the designers!

    My picks: 1, 2, 4, or 7

    6 is awesome, but besides the added expense of printing a card with rounded edges, it’s not easy to read the important info (website address, phone number, etc)

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  41. Sil

    With such an easy to remember telephone number, who needs a business card anyway! ;D i’d go for concept #7. #1’s front doesn’t suit the back design. The other one’s are so normal, a bit boring, and business isn’t. #7 Sticks out, people remember that one, it can start a conversation. It even sounds cool: concept seven. If you can’t choose, just order all seven, and you can choose while using them in real life. It’s always different than in theory.

  42. Ian Fernando

    the first one would be great if it didnt say “hoemoney” at the bottom. dont think people will correspond the BIG S to S+hoemoney

    But 1 is the best by far

  43. DavidG

    My call is #7 with some color adjustment on the back. Jeremy, you quit Snods? Or just some super secret ninja shit you doing?

  44. Austin

    #6 has been done too many times by junk mailers. It is too boring and the info is too hard to read!

    #7 is too obvious and blahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  45. Tran Harry

    Concept 5 or 6.

    5 for its simplicity and cleanliness.

    But damn if you handed me card #6 I would think that I’m dealing with serious business there.

  46. Melody

    ooooo, I soo should’ve entered this! I know a company who has there cards like number 6..and it’s also as thick as a credit card..

  47. Jason

    I definitely think for what you guys do that #2 or #5 is by far the best. The designs from everyone else look very amateurish without a whole lot of actual design elements involved or creativity. Although design #6 is neat, I don’t think a credit card presents your business of revenue so #1 was closer to hitting the mark, but the colors of #1 is not eye candy. It’s hard to believe that these are it for your biz! Having said that, #5 at this time is the best posted.

  48. Ricky Petrson

    Shoe ..I sent you few designs earlier but unfortunately it did not got approved. I have made few more and sending it your way now in some time i hope that will get selected. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  49. ChrisW

    # 1 or # 7 Are the best! They grab attention in a classy way.

    # 6 has more to due with the absence of money, thus use credit. Sends the wrong message. Lot’s a people have mucho credit but zero money.

    Cheers and Much Success.

  50. Michelle

    Either #2 or #5. I have received business card like #1, #3 and #7 before and you can’t differentiate it with flyers from a shopping mall. #4 and #6 don’t look pro enough.

  51. Florian

    6 is my favourite, the same message as 1, but more sophisticated. 1 is a bit too much, too obvious.

    2, 3 and 4 are boring in my opinion, 7 plain silly.

  52. El Bee

    Concept #1…. It is professional on one side so people know you are serious, the other side leaves it fun so you don’t look like a stiff.

    1. ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

      Very much true … but instead of fun … this one is conveying your message about your thoughts and I must say that image of Jeremy always bold so no 1 is really representing him at best.

  53. Holly Mann

    I just submitted mine a few hours ago – hope you take a look at it. It has something the others don’t have – a little photo of you! Looking forward to finding out who wins!

  54. Aman@BullsBattleBears

    of all the business cards I get on a weekly basis, I hardly notice the concept or logo design unless its radically different….#6 really got my attention since it was just that….the fact that it looked liked a credit card made me want to look at the card in more detail and retain it rather than just add it to my pile of other cards that I get…

    1. ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

      Yes you and me are thinking in the same fashion.

      If you are talking about money than I think $$$ is the best way to show about your business.

      Certainly #1 is the best.

      Do not think Jeremy – just ordered the No 1 as this one is really No 1

  55. R Kumar

    The Card at #6 is the best. It is very innovative and professional in its looks as well.
    Shoemoney means innovation and Jeremy has always been innovative. So why not an innovative card for Jeremy?

  56. Damien Dalli

    Very cool — to be selected in the top 7 concepts.

    With that said, I can’t really “vote” but I can say congrats to the other designers that have made the list as well; great work!

  57. lecicine

    I think that #2 is the best for me because it gives a professianal aspect and gives simpl and fashion image to your enterprise.

  58. Brian

    Concept 2 is by far my favorite. Though the others are interesting too, concept 2 seems to be the most professional looking while still standing out from the crowd of business cards people will be handed.

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