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damn i looked skinny back then

damn i looked skinny back then

Jesus do SEO’s love drama…. I have gotten about 20 messages about Matt Cutts tweet that he was not following me anymore because I did a sponsored tweet.

Let me start by saying this:

I don’t know that there is a person in the industry that I have more respect for other than Matt. He is probably one of the best public speakers I have ever heard. He also is a VERY fair, trustworthy, and honorable person.

Ok with that out of the way… lets look at the issue:

Was I taken back that Matt wrote that?

Yes but not really because he unfollowed me… I mean TBH I never really knew he was following me nor did I ask him to follow me.

It just really surprised me because me and Matt communicate a lot via email. Actually we just exchanged some emails 2 days before this. So why not just email me to let me know if you feel its really important? Besides with over 500 replies to me a day @shoemoney odds are I wont even see it.

When you go out of your way to announce to the world you are no longer following someone its just kind of weird. Could it be something else?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact we are in a huge legal battle with one of Matt’s peers at Google ?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that only a few hours before that I posted how spammers are owning Google News (and still are as of this morning).

After all does it really make sense that someone who is the biggest voice for disclosure would really punish those when they do disclose ?

And speaking of disclosure as I said in my tweets we are all sponsored in some way or another. Matt – How about you disclose how much money you are paid by Google in salary and in shares for the work you are doing? I mean that would be transparent!

Ive shown my Google Checks…. lets see yours Mr full disclosure =P

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  1. DiTesco

    OMG. This is unbelievable. I have an awful lot of respect for both Matt Cutts and yourself. Nevertheless, regardless of what the intentions where, I think that, out of respect, this type of announcement should be done in private. Email or even a DM will suit just fine. I do this often with people I don’t even know. Or plain and simple when I really don’t care, I just do it quietly.

    You are right. In one way or another everyone is doing some sort of promotion. I think one of these days, they (G) will just have to define clearly WTH is “sponsored” whatever to them. Maybe, one way of looking at it is that “sponsored” is when you receive something for the benefit of doing something upfront. If you only receive something for the benefit of doing something afterwards, then it is no longer a promotion. Go figure.

  2. Mubin

    Kind of harsh on hist part to call you out like that in a public timeline like that. Kind of like the same thing technosailer did.

    I follow matt cutts as well, and would not have expected him to do something like this especially when he is someone that you have email exchange with.

  3. Leo Fogarty

    There was no need for a public announcement. I unfollow people everyday on twitter but I don’t anouce it. There is definitely an alterior motive for the public statement.

    1. PizzaTower

      Wrong. Twitter is place where friends communicate publicly. There is nothing to hide. It’s rude to unfollow people without provocation and Its doubly rude to do it w/out explaining why. Matt Cutts was just doing what friends do. Explaining an action.

      You would prefer that he remain mute on the issue because THAT would be rude.

  4. Asswass

    I agree with you Shoe, why make it public? Is it some kind of revenge or something? To me he was trying to give you bad publicity. I don’t care if he’s Obama, you just can’t do that type of stuff.

  5. Sebastien

    How does Google make money again? Oh yeah, right, by placing sponsor links on its search results…..

    Funny how a tweet can put Matt on fire. Meanwhile, biggest Twitter spammer Guy Kawasaki receives an RS8 from Audi to talk about it on his blog. Surprisingly, no one at Google seems to care. Bullshit!

  6. JustinM

    If he’s talking about the constant DIYSEO tweets, then I don’t blame him or anyone else who unfollowed you during that period for doing so…. that was annoying as fuck.

    1. Tweetfind

      The DIYSEO tweets to some might be annoying, but hey its Twitter and you can just unfollow him(no need to announce it publicly unless for a reason). Most of us like me, like the info Shoe shoots out.

      If its a repeated contest announcement, its cool. John Chow does the same.

      John Chow and Shoe are making a living and more props to them.

      Whats wrong with Sponsred tweets? As long as its not like every minute or 50 a day

      If Shoe is getting money for tweets good for him! We all would like to be getting paid to tweet some stuff….don’t hate the player..hate the game. :)

  7. ways to make money online

    That is quite ridiculous…I mean come on, you know for damn sure it wasn’t about the sponsored tweets. You can put anything you want in your tweets and Matt Cutts knows that…

    If it is about the tweets, I say we do this the old fashion way. 12 three minutes round in the ring buddy, yes you saw that correctly. Suit up in the gear and do it…You think you could get the MGM grand for the night?

    I see Shoemeister wheeling and dealing like Larry Holmes in 88…Left, a right, an upper cut…As long as you’ve been laying off of the strawberry kush, I’m sure your cardio is outstanding…

    Come on, do it for the PEOPLE.

  8. Mikkel deMib Svendsen

    With all respect (you both know I mean it!) you are both acting like little girls in this case :)

    I don’t understand why it is important for you, Matt, to announce this publically. Its childish, at best.

    And Shoe, you should be man enough to let it pass. If you want to make a post everytime some prominent search rep or seo say something stupid in public you could make 100 posts a day.

    Give each other a kick in the balls next time you meet, hug it out and move on :)

    Love you both

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  10. ZK@Web Marketing Blog

    Now I wonder if’s PR drops from PR 6 to PR 3 ..that would be ridiculous….WHF is Google’s issue with Sponsored Tweets on Twitter…They have nt bought Twitter as yet and they wont buy it in future

    1. ethan

      I wonder if you know what you are saying half of the time. In the future, it may be a good idea to read the post and then think about it so that you can make cohesive and understandable statements via comments.

  11. Dino

    My point of view, that was very unprofessional of him, due to fact that he is so respected and thought of trust worthy angelic in some sort of way.

    Weird indeed.

    1. SW @ Quality Squidoo Lens Service

      Yeah by announcing such things in public is really unprofessional. Your likes and dislikes are your personal matter, just do it for yourselves.

      Why you are broadcasting it like a politician ? Yeah if Jeremy asked him the reason of in TWEET (not in email) than he should reply in tweet as well.

      But announcing in that manner … Matt you loose your reputation points.

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  13. free directory submission

    :) That is funny. Why does so many people pay attention to how other people act. You probably get hundreds of people following and unfollowing every day and I think you may have somebody post even worse comment when unfollowing… Matt Cutts is just another twitter user, why does it make any difference? :)

  14. Nathan @ Web Money Blog

    I think its hilarious seeing these big names spit the dummy on twitter.

    The day the custom facebook URLs came out and someone pinched John Reese’s name before he could get it, he started posting these ridiculous tweets saying he was going to shut down his facebook page and boycott them.

    As if it even makes a dent in either shoemoney or facebooks business if these kind of things happen.

    Its just like a kid spitting the dummy…

    Funny though :)

    Let’s Just Make Money!
    Nathan Hulls
    Web Money Blog

      1. Nathan @ Web Money Blog

        Exactly… it’s people wanting to have power or as you say, feel important.

        Guys like yourself and John Reese have spent years building your brand and your business, then a nobody wants to make a quick buck or tick someone off for shits and giggles, so they do it.

        What’s just as interesting though is how people respond when this happens, I think John’s response, and Matt’s response are a bit over the top.

  15. Matt Cutts

    Nope, it was purely about the sponsored tweet. I get enough tweets without getting sponsored tweets too. I only follow ~150 people, and I follow those people because they’re interesting or I otherwise enjoy hearing what they have to say. I decided a long time ago that I’d unfollow people who pushed sponsored tweets.

    I think your sponsored tweet was about some contest to win a Flip from Blockbuster? I’ve already got a Flip, and I prefer Netflix over Blockbuster. I think Blockbuster has closed 250+ stores in the last year or so; the Blockbuster closest to me either closed completely or gave up half their space to be a bank. Blockbuster-sponsored tweets just aren’t that helpful or interesting to me, and they make me want to go to Blockbuster a less than I already did. :)

    I still love you Shoemoney, but I prefer not to read #spon tweets, especially about things that aren’t useful to me. That’s just the way I feel. I hope there’s no hard feelings about that.

    1. Hagan

      I wonder why you post these trivial perceived slights from others in your blog. It seems out of character for someone of your caliber.

      And this comment, this one should be immediately commented upon.

    2. Minister of Pizzaville

      And you publicly announced this why? Shoemoney didn’t even realize you were following him. You could have either sent Shoemoney a private DM or just unfollowed him without making a public announcement. But publicly announcing this transparently smacks of a negative PR campaign…unless….

      Well, I suppose you could make the case that you were helping Shoemoney and everyone who reads your tweets by kindly telling him you were unfollowing him. Certainly nicer than than unfollowing him w/out an explanation. You thought nothing of private DMing him because Twitter is a place where friends communicate publicly. There is nothing to hide You actually went about this the nice way. Thank you, thank you. Pizza Pizza. Google should hire me to do their PR. I have jujitsu powers that can shake a nation down to its toes!

    3. Carl

      I am just curious why you would send out a public tweet rather than a private email (of course Shoemoney has been known to make them public when he is annoyed :-)). Did you send a tweet out when you started to follow him?

    4. Ben Pei

      Hmm Matt, it is actually a good thing that you are living by your believes and principles in whatever you handle, but isn’t shoemoney your friend?

      It is weird if I unfollow a close friend in the same niche.

      No offence too.

        1. renjith

          hmm…so what will you do if twitter plans to integrate “sponsored” Google ads beside the tweets you recieve…
          will you stop using twitter…

          just curious!

          1. Matt Cutts

            renjith, I don’t object to ads; I think ads on the side of Twitter would be fine and could even be quite useful. But when I follow someone, it’s because I find them interesting or fun to read. Getting sponsored tweets in my stream from people I follow is something I’d prefer not to see.

    5. Mike @ MyNewAffiliateLife

      I agree with your reasoning to unfollow someone if you don’t want to see sponsored tweets but like others have stated that is no reason to tweet about it. All the same I’m sure the whole mess picked you and Shoe up more followers, just like a ‘war’ between rappers…just you two actually don’t have guns!

  16. Free T Shirts

    Maybe some kind of publicity stunt for him. Who reads everyone’s tweets? I read like 5 tweets a day and the rest just get pushed off my front page.

  17. youfoundjake

    In all fairness Shoe, you post your Google checks as a marketing tool to lend clout to your program, Matt doesn’t have to show his as a testimony to Google. But agreed, you are an online marketer, sponsered tweets are your bread and butter, but poor taste in the wording in the unfollowing..

  18. Pyjammez

    I only follow people who tweet about their personal life and personal discoveries..

    That’s what twitter should be for! People who use twitter as a marketing tool are destroying it.

    It started off as a friendly communication tool to keep up to date with your friends, but now it’s a spam inbox!

    The majority of people who follow me are just link spammers hoping i’ll follow them and get spammed by their damn links that i’m not interested in.

  19. NickH

    Google (and it’s employees) seem to hold the view that they can monetize the internet for the ‘greater good’, but anyone else making money in a non-Google-authorised way is a spammer. That’s at least the way it comes across many times.

    What if Twitter started putting AdSense inbetween the odd tweet? Is it really that different? Would Matt close his account?

    Google have the knives out for affiliates because it’s a lot of cash not flowing through their accounts.

    I really do hope Bing continues to grow to keep things balanced.

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  21. David M Ross

    Dude, you’re reading way too much into Matt’s tweet. Here’s what happened:
    1) he unfollowed you.
    2) he tweeted it.
    It seems that you have lots of rules in your head about what is and is not tweet-worthy, and so you can’t understand why he would announce something like that. But that’s the whole point of twitter, right? It’s spontaneous, it’s about the moment. Every tweet doesn’t have to be about the meaning of life. Matt’s tweet was in the “spirit” of Twitter, kind of like “got a phone call from Mom” or “baked an apple pie.”
    I respect you a great deal and love reading your stuff, but maybe you’re so busy incorporating twitter into your business that you’ve lost sight of what it was originally about.

  22. Mike @ MyNewAffiliateLife

    I’m going to see if I can sponsor a Tweet so Shoe says he isn’t following me anymore for all the crap I talk about it. It would get me hundred of followers!!! And he might get 2-3 of mine!

    This whole thing is drama like Shoe said, all the same the posting here and tweets about it, probably just picked each of these guys a bunch of new followers. I’m sure Shoe would sacrifice this guy for 2k more any day of the week!

  23. Mike

    I don’t think you should announce an unfollow unless you announced the follow.

    I unfollow people for spammy tweets every single day, but I don’t call for a news conference or send a text to Perez Hilton.

  24. Tran Harry

    I would not announce any of my actions unless it is something that is intended to be read by the party that it was in regards to.

    It seems a bit over exposed to start telling people hey look I’m following you, or I’m unfollowing you.

    Remember that was how we started making friends back in elementary school? “Hey I think you’re cool because you have cool Transformer toys, want to be friends?” “Sure, you’re now my friend”

    Nah, we gave that up sometime in our developmental lives and you begin talking to someone and they click with you through actions or comments and you just maintain that flow of dialogue, never once do you tell someone hey I’m no longer speaking with you, when the relationship starts to dwindle it just relinquishes itself, an announcement isn’t necessary and very much so childish.

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  26. Matt

    Can I ask Google to please stop ‘sponsoring’ search results?

    I have enough junk to go through in the serps to deal with filtering out crappy AdWords.

    But wait, maybe then MC might not get paid. We’re all sponsored one way or another!

  27. R Kumar

    It, indeed is very upsetting. It is more of a concern when people of such stature do such things. I would never do that even if the person is not known to me, I feel it was probably out of the feeling of defeat.

  28. Ricky Peterson

    Shoe i always wanted to ask MATT about how to get the website out of Google penalty. Is there a way you can assist me in getting this done as HUGE number of my websites are being penalized by Google and MATT is the only guy can bring them back.

    If you can support me Chief ??

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  30. Who Cares - It's No Follow

    Lol..i think shoe got owned, not matt.

    I am using twit myself to SPA..uhm i mean “distribute good information”…but i think Matt is right. If i wouldn’t use twitt myself to SPA..uhm i mean distribute all that valuable information about Acai or cleansing your **** i would actually deactivate my account since i think its getting really, really annoying.

  31. matt

    It’s because Affiliate marketers get no respect. Little do people know it takes hard work to make a living on the internet.

    I live in the bay area, and one thing for sure, Google employees think their the shit. Matt is probably no different, basically he has no respect for you or what you do…

    Come on, you follow an affiliate marketer on twitter and then publicly belittle them when they advertise in there twitter stream… Matt might be smart, but no common sense… I really hope Sergei pulls him aside and rips him one for that tweet

    1. SW @ Quality Squidoo Lens Service

      Quite agree with you. If you are following a porn star than you should not expect to get bible notes from him/her.

      May be some time they can also deliver that but however maximum number of times they will get such things only. ;)

      Jeremy worked hard to get those followers. He did that because he wants to earn by spreading message about new products which he is selling.

      Anyway … Matt still love shoe … so I think this matter will resolved through personal talk I think.

  32. Lip Surgery

    It is a very unfortunate event on the web.But why worry about it when there is so much fun to be derived from so many fun tools with tweeter included.

  33. SW@Squidoo Lens Creation

    We did not expect such kind of response from a most respected and responsible internet person.

    Matt you should discuss it personally and can solve it in that manner only.

    Why so much drama.

  34. SW @ Quality Squidoo Lens Service

    Honestly speaking we did not expect Matt from this. This kind of matter should be solved through personal talk instead of making it public.

    I do not know whether Matt had talk with Jeremy or not, but I think he should.

    He is respected person for internet business and we look him as mentor.

  35. smemon

    I think what matt is saying is that if we were all to integrate sponsored tweets in to our accounts, it would kill twitter’s value – google took the same (public) stance on paid posts.

    Doing it publicly can only serve one purpose – to bring it to everyone’s attention that shoemoney is posting sponsored tweets.

    Matt didn’t say it was evil or unethical, but he implied it ;-)

    Anyway, this really is all handbags… nobody has accused anybody of anything, nobody has been hurt (or shouldn’t have been)…

    It’s just a clash of views… one from an ethical standpoint, one from a realistic standpoint. Anyway, makes for good entertainment… :-)

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  37. Paid Links

    I think Matt and Google should take a look at themselves and Shoemoney arnt you making enough cash already? Isnt there anything you wont monetize?

  38. Jacques Snyman | 3 Quotes

    The SEO crowd are really precious, aren’t they just! I suppose that this is “big” news to some folks, but hardly relevant to me. This post is bound to generate some interesting search rankings though!

  39. Wants Courier work

    This is my 2nd attempt. I wrote a real good comment yesterday and it got deleted. So this one isnt going to be as good and lets see :)

    I cant see why this has got so much press. Shoemoney has made a small fortune from us all by following this post. Fantastic business!

    My 2 bobs worth is, Matt has every right to unfollow who ever he wants. I also only follow people who are interesting and I hate those bloody Tweets that conribute nothing to me, but put quick bucks in the Tweeters PayPal account.

    Shoemoney, mate you are a bloody genius and fool you Matt for being a part of it :)


    I side with Matt on this one. Twitter only has value if you read and interact with it. I give anyone a chance on Twitter but unfollow anyone very quickly who is just using it for “marketing”. And to be honest Twitter will get overrun with rubbish if people aren’t equally picky.

    I mean, Jez even admits with 500 direct messages a day he can’t interact with people trying to contact him. At that point surely it is just a marketing tool and nothing else.

    Personally I’ll stick to picking up the occasional post that interests from the RSS feed.

  41. Matt Cutts Sucks

    Matt Cutts can suck it, taking some holier than thou position.

    Google provides OTHER PEOPLE’S information and monetizes it. They have benefited from countless trademark infringed typo domains and ads as well. Every popular Google service provides sponsored information.

    Sponsored tweets or anything else is the same thing.


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  43. Winning Startups

    You guys sound like little school girls. “I’m not following you anymore on Twitter.” Who cares???? Get over it that not everyone is as into you as you think they are!

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  46. Bertamus

    Is anyone else really getting tired of Google’s BS? I mean, their crown jewel is Adswords. Adwords is in business to put sponsored links on Google’s pages and everyone elses (Adsense).

    However, if you build a website, you get punished for selling links. It seems the only people Google really wants to make money is Google themselves.

    I can’t wait until a better search engine comes out; and there will be one. One that has a better algorthim so not only is the search engine able to make money but a webmaster can as well.

    I’m just getting really tired of google’s double standards. Don’t be evil my a$$!!

  47. Dan

    Matt Cutts is a weasel, liar and has no conscience about other people. I know of three people already who either worked at Google or still working at Google. The only reason they rolled out Penguin and Panda was to get more money for Adwords. It had nothing to do with better searches. And because of it it affected millions of legitamate businesses and employments. And now spammers really took hold. Its worse than ever. A company with so much power should always take social responsibility for their actions even though they are not legally bound to do so. Shame on them and shame on all you people that kiss his ass and treat him like some God.

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