Overnight Prints Contest Coming To An End

by Jeremy Schoemaker on June 13, 2009 · 21 comments

The chance for you to win business cards for life from overnight prints is coming to an end:

There is till time to enter. Click here for more information

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1 Darin Carter

WOW … that many submissions … can’t wait to see the new card!

2 Tom

You look SOOO FAT in that video…

3 Jeremy Schoemaker

thanks thats what i was going for

4 Cheaper Parcel Deliveries

That video would likely be much more viral if your nanny was featured in it instead of you…… how about casting her?

5 Ricky Peterson

With MATT you don’t look that fat Shoe ..what is the secret behind it ..lol

Which one is your recent PIC ??

6 fas

Shoe when you pick the winner please post pictures of your old business card too.

7 Find Affiliate Offers

I’d like to see the before and after cards too.

8 Make Money From Home

haven;t heard of this, I’ll surely check this out

9 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

I am sure in coming hours you will get more and more.

Best of Luck.

10 R Kumar

I should say one thing. You find so many innovative ways to keep your readers engaged, which shows in the number of followers you get. Ultimately it is not just content, but also if you are able to engage your readers.

11 Dino

Shoe, you rock you always seem to be able to get what you intend to do.

12 Free T Shirts

Thanks for the reminder.
Why does your newsletter pop-up run everytime I come to your blog? Can’t you just show it the first time each day and then kill it.

13 Holly Mann

Thanks Jeremy – looking fwd to seeing the winning card!

14 Best CSS Gallery

Can’t wait to see the winner

15 SEO Services

I’m psyched.

16 Holly Mann

The fat comment is pretty rude. lol…you look great

17 Ricky Peterson

New card must be unique i guess shoe …i will eagerly wait for the new card to arrive.

18 Jaime

I have one question about the contest- are we allowed to add any other color to your logo? For example, some logos are so identifiable that companies have used their identity in assorted color treatments…

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