Make Money Online Scams Owning Google News

As I have recently learned while advertising my new 12 week course on making money online its SUPER expensive to advertise on Google Adwords for terms related to it.

For the last month or so I have notice news results on the subject peak in the top of the results (thanks to universal search).

Between fake press releases and all out exploits, these sites Google has deemed to be “news worthy” are owning. And I am sure its enormously profitable spamming them.

Let me show you some examples:

Fox News has myfox$cityname for every one of there websites. Most of these websites have a community page where the public can make postings. All of these appear to be indexed by Google News. Google shows about 20,000 unique urls for these sites.

These sites also accept meta tags which allow people to redirect to where ever they want.

Spammers have started getting wise to the fact and posting titles that will rank super well in Google (with universal search) and Google news:

and in search listings:

Check out this link to see where you go (while you can)

and for those who don’t make it here is where it takes you:

making money online


Judging from the amount of traffic those words are being searched for mixed with a $45 payout per conversion I am guessing that affiliate is making anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 per day from spamming these sites… not a bad profit margin either.

But the Fox websites are not the only problem. Google News has opened up the flood gates to about ever press release website too. Remember the days of PRWEB when they had super tight editorial controls? Its a bit different now.

Here is the listing in Google News (currently #1 but its fresh)

Here is where it goes

and here is what it looks like:

make money online

This is actually pretty smart… it only costs like 50$ to submit your press release and the normal rate for “make money online” or “making money online” is like $2-$3 PER CLICK in Google.

Can Google get a grip on its News system?