Running My Own Affiliate Network – A Month Later

I have been running The ShoeMoney Affiliate Network almost a month now and its been quite a educational experience.

Between all of our products I used to use and spend about $500 a month for various hosted affiliate programs and was totally unsatisfied with their flexibility. Then one of my friends (who also happens to run one of the biggest affiliate networks) told me to check out hasoffers. He said they were actually looking to switch from their direct track tracking system to it.

That got my attention so I checked it out. It was perfect timing because I was also preparing to launch the shoemoneyx training course. So I created an affiliate program for the free course paying users .25 cents to 1.50 per free user that enrolled in the program.

Sure I hear you… your thinking “Why the hell would you pay people to sign up for a free course?”

Its a great question and I think when the dust settles around the program I will write all about it, why I did what, and what exact effect it had. I do have a method to my madness but its not as many have guessed. We will see if it works but that is for another post 😉

Anyway back to the network – I literally made my account and had my affiliate network not only running but programs running within 24 hours.

Fast forward to now its been pretty amazing. The affiliate program for shoemoneyx really helped it jump start and by the end of this month we should have over 100,000 people enrolled. That is much more successful then I ever dreamed the program could be.

And a lot of people have made good money with it:

(identifying info blocked out)

You see how there is all kinds of various pricing? The normal payout was .25 cents per user but then I did some promotions where it was like hey for the next 2 days I will triple your payout!.

Its awesome having that kind of flexibility.

Hasoffers offers is simple for the newbie to use and will really impress the most advanced affiliate marketer with their features.

Another super cool thing I like which I never actually thought about was being able to actually leverage my high payouts to my own affiliates.

Let me give you an example.

Lets say I push 2000 Ringtone leads a day through various companies. Because I am pushing pretty high volume I can leverage ATLEAST a 20-30% higher payout then the what a affiliate doing less than 100 leads a day.

So whats the benefit of using my ringtone program vs the street?

  • Users will see a lift in conversions because they will run through my high converting landing pages.
  • Hasoffers has geotargeting built in so I can make sure the affiliate is getting paid the most for international offers also instead of just losing out on traffic.
  • I can pay 10-15% more then what the affiliate was getting paid before PLUS they will notice a 10-20% increase in conversions because of my landing pages and geotargeting thus giving them up to a 45% increase overall in payout FOR THE SAME TRAFFIC

But guess what… I am not going to do that 😉 But YOU CAN!

There are so many features in hasoffers its just blowing me away. And the best part is its 100% free for under 1m clicks…. and FYI I have not come close to 100k clicks let alone 1m. I would love to have 1m clicks 😉

So go sign up and checkout hasoffers. You might not think its for you…. but I am guessing after quickly looking around you will love it.

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