Running My Own Affiliate Network – A Month Later

by Jeremy Schoemaker on June 4, 2009 · 66 comments

I have been running The ShoeMoney Affiliate Network almost a month now and its been quite a educational experience.

Between all of our products I used to use and spend about $500 a month for various hosted affiliate programs and was totally unsatisfied with their flexibility. Then one of my friends (who also happens to run one of the biggest affiliate networks) told me to check out hasoffers. He said they were actually looking to switch from their direct track tracking system to it.

That got my attention so I checked it out. It was perfect timing because I was also preparing to launch the shoemoneyx training course. So I created an affiliate program for the free course paying users .25 cents to 1.50 per free user that enrolled in the program.

Sure I hear you… your thinking “Why the hell would you pay people to sign up for a free course?”

Its a great question and I think when the dust settles around the program I will write all about it, why I did what, and what exact effect it had. I do have a method to my madness but its not as many have guessed. We will see if it works but that is for another post ;)

Anyway back to the network – I literally made my account and had my affiliate network not only running but programs running within 24 hours.

Fast forward to now its been pretty amazing. The affiliate program for shoemoneyx really helped it jump start and by the end of this month we should have over 100,000 people enrolled. That is much more successful then I ever dreamed the program could be.

And a lot of people have made good money with it:

(identifying info blocked out)

You see how there is all kinds of various pricing? The normal payout was .25 cents per user but then I did some promotions where it was like hey for the next 2 days I will triple your payout!.

Its awesome having that kind of flexibility.

Hasoffers offers is simple for the newbie to use and will really impress the most advanced affiliate marketer with their features.

Another super cool thing I like which I never actually thought about was being able to actually leverage my high payouts to my own affiliates.

Let me give you an example.

Lets say I push 2000 Ringtone leads a day through various companies. Because I am pushing pretty high volume I can leverage ATLEAST a 20-30% higher payout then the what a affiliate doing less than 100 leads a day.

So whats the benefit of using my ringtone program vs the street?

  • Users will see a lift in conversions because they will run through my high converting landing pages.
  • Hasoffers has geotargeting built in so I can make sure the affiliate is getting paid the most for international offers also instead of just losing out on traffic.
  • I can pay 10-15% more then what the affiliate was getting paid before PLUS they will notice a 10-20% increase in conversions because of my landing pages and geotargeting thus giving them up to a 45% increase overall in payout FOR THE SAME TRAFFIC

But guess what… I am not going to do that ;) But YOU CAN!

There are so many features in hasoffers its just blowing me away. And the best part is its 100% free for under 1m clicks…. and FYI I have not come close to 100k clicks let alone 1m. I would love to have 1m clicks ;)

So go sign up and checkout hasoffers. You might not think its for you…. but I am guessing after quickly looking around you will love it.

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Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 Soggy Dave

Looks interesting. I will give this a try on my next offer. Thanks as usual for the heads up on this.


2 Smiley is a very cool network to work with. I am doing great with their network and i am happy for their great program!

3 Ricky Peterson

First of all the number which you have showed is really impressive and i must say that affiliate players are making real good money these days using your network. As soon as your network will launch i will be the part of it immediately as all of my base work is done to become an upcoming affiliate marketer. Hasoffers is really professional affiliate network which has vide variety of options open at any given point of time. As far as 1m clicks are concerned i am sure soon you will achieve that target as well. I am one of very first lot who has started following so you got to give me Good luck for starting my own Affiliate Business.

4 bilin

oh! so nice offers, are you sure newbie can make nearly ten thousand in one month?

5 Ricky Peterson

Well if newbie can plan & put things in action he can surely make it. These days main drawback which new guys are facing is Time Management & planning. All keep wondering that they can become Shoe, John Chow, Zac Johnson in 3 weeks

But as far as reality is concerned it is all together different buddy. I started my career as Freelance designer before 4 years and after working with 100% dedication & Planning, I have reached the stage where i am making quite good income with 45 websites of mine.

Crazy Money is present on the Internet the only Talent one should have is to pick up these money with Planning.

6 R Kumar

Two things that newbies must keep in mind when they start off to make money are –
1) The internet is full of hype. So be cautious. You might well be dreaming of making ten thousand dollars in one month and doing things that are absolutely irrelevant on the basis of the hype that you see, and the result is a highly upset and frustrated mind at the end of the month.
2) Huge money is there on the internet. But you need to know where it is available and how to get it in the earliest and shortest possible way. For that you need to be focused, plan you schedules, take somebody successful for a mentor and work hard.

7 Rachel

Good marketing on their part making the service free up to 1 million clicks. Free is an offer you can’t pass up :)

8 Keith Cash

Some amazing numbers that have sign up, I sign up to help you drive more to your program. What next a quarter million good for a goal.


9 LayupDrill

I am going to sign up, this falls in line with a new project I have planned.

10 Igor

Nice, hopefully everything works out great.

11 ways to make money online

Bout time you did something with that pop under…

Way more professional…

12 Play Games Win Prizes

More money to the affiliate members means more money for you :D


13 Rick Kats

Shoe this is awesome I am really happy that your program ran successfully after.
hasoffers is awesome after you talked about it before I have signed up with them, and eventually am planning on launching my own affiliate program as well.

14 Not John Chow

Like always Shoemoney is one step ahead of John Chow!

15 Monty - Make Money Online

He’s 10 steps ahead now. Cheers!

16 Mogul

Will investigate this. Thanks shoe.

17 Incentive Network

Hasoffers is a great affiliate network software program for people looking to start up their own business. Considering most are thousands of dollars to start and then hosting is a killer too. Hasoffers is a good way to go.

18 Trasylol Lawsuit

$500 a month on hosting is a lot of money and now it sounds like you are getting free hosting plus some affiliate software. Very nice. I have been looking for a good tracking software so I could launch a few things.

19 myddnetwork

Great option to run an affiliate network! By the way, when I visit the hasoffers blog, it is asking for a Twitter user and password… I don’t know why… there is no explanation… maybe it is an error.

20 fas

Thats alot of commission there Shoe your paying. I am sure you need to monetize shoemoneyx well.

21 cars and bikes

im highly disappointed about affiliate prorams. no profit since 6 month

22 plunge

“I can pay 10-15% more then what the affiliate was getting paid before PLUS they will notice a 10-20% increase in conversions because of my landing pages and geotargeting thus giving them up to a 45% increase overall in payout FOR THE SAME TRAFFIC”


math fail.

23 R Kumar

I checked out Look pretty interesting with their pricing and interface. With so many affiliate networks and companies cropping up every other day, it becomes extremely valuable when people like you write such posts showing some real numbers to substantiate the performance of good networks.

24 Best CSS Gallery

I’m definitely signing up

25 Lenissik

Шрифт трудновато читается у вас на блоге

26 Top 10 Rap Songs

Can’t believe its free (up to a million clicks). Definitely going to check this out. Thanks Shoe.

27 Dino

I surely have to pay more attention to this, will check out :)

Thanks for the post shoe!

28 Monty | Make Money Online

100k people rolled in? This sounds incredibly awesome, Shoe! Congrats and thanks for running the free course. I’m following it since week 1 ;)

29 purposeinc

Just when I think I have you all figured out… LOL Good job! I am thrilled to see what happens!

30 Andre Chinnow

HasOffers is easy to use and reminds me of the simplicity of the google interface. I would only wish that they will do their
Business in the german market too.

Thank you for sharing your daily experiences with your readers.


31 Jay @ work from home

Hasoffers is a nice network. I love the options. I recommend them too!

32 Whitney


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33 Marcus Neto

Call me slow but I just got that the is a take on p90x. I got a chuckle on that. I was sitting on the fence regarding purchasing p90x till you wrote your blog entry on how good their marketing was and that everyone should purchase it. Glad I did. I’ve lost a good bit of weight in just the last month of doing the program loosely…

And on another note I did sign up for shoemoneyx program and am loving it so far. Thanks again for all of the information you provide…

34 Dean Saliba

Are good for new affiliate martketers or experienced ones?

35 Clifford

Hey Shoe nice recommendation. I signup hasoffers and indeed it’s awesome. I’m also into your 12 week training course and I’m now looking forward for my week 3.

36 Lip Surgery

Right now it is not my cup of tea.

37 Ben Pei

Does it take a huge cost to start up your own affiliate network?

38 Ricky Peterson

Well as far as start up cost is concerned i am sure you need handsome investment capacity in order to buy tracking system and do affiliate tie up with market leaders. Starting up affiliate company for Shoe is not a big thing since he has HUGE investment capacity and if not then he just has to post his plan on the blog and around 1000 Venture Capitalist will come down running to invest in his idea. Being like Show is every once dream across the Internet which can be achieved with Professional planning and Killing efforts to make those plans work.

39 Harrison Schmidt

List building, list building, list building! Good idea on the free course ShoeMoney. Impressive affiliate payout numbers. The first lesson hooked me, can’t wait for the second.

40 Patrice

Based on your experience, is a good affiliate network software program for newbies so I will check it out. Thanks for sharing.

41 Ecommerce Help - Tyrone Shum

Affiliate marketing is a nice one, but i would consider calling marketing through social media networks, which i found very effective. Try reading this blog

42 Dexter

Hello Shoe,

Any problem with your affiliate network site ?

43 diabetic gestational

get many visitors and creating sales is the main business online, there are many ways to the respective advantages and disadvantages. “target market and the capital campaign is very influential. PPC, free ebook, social media is how to bring visitors, and the focus must be consistent

44 Mike Gervis

great blog..first time here. I found out about u on I will be a regular visitor and signed up for you 12 week course.

45 YingHang

It is heartening to learn that The ShoeMoney Affiliate Network just crossed 100 000. Congrats. It is a mean achievement. It is also a worthy post with the details about the strategy you implemented to win members to your free course. Well there is a method to your madness. I think I will wait for your post to crack the strategy for us.

46 moremony services

Moremony services is a leading company for Affiliate marketing ,Seo services,Website development and Internet marketing. Moremony services online marketing experience of more than 7 years has eventually equipped our teams with a very important ability of managing change and updating our marketing tools to match the consumer behavior. Moremony Services is one of the top internet marketers globally and are #1 online marketing company in India. We are an Indian internet marketing company that promises you economic advantages.

47 JesusFreak

Hello Shoe,

I just joined hasoffers @ and i don’t know how to go about it.

48 JesusFreak

Hello Shoe,

I just joined hasoffers @ and i don’t know how to go about it.

I would be glad if you can put me through on how to use it. In whatever way you can help, i will be glad to know.

I am also undergoing your 12weeks course.


49 Gary Parenti

Thanks for the Affiliate Program Jeremy.

50 online money making tip

ya i will try for this offers thanks shoemoney i will really work for it

51 Liane YoungBlogger

I’ve encounterred a lot of marketeers too paying affiliates to promote their free courses. Can’t really get the real idea, though I remember the online saying that every name on the list is worth at least a dollar.

So there. Abotu HasOffers, I’m excited to try it now that you mentioned. :D Thanks Jeremey

52 ThrolsoCPA

just made my own network just added some offer working on custom css template some additional features to the network

Great post shoemoney

53 Web Development India

This will be a good netwok and i will tell my friends to join this.

54 Michael Marshall

Don’t know. Most of these don’t see to be working out and you always have to pay $29.99 / Month to make $5.00 / Month. I just want to get a nice small group together, work with each other and help each other out. Not just getting someone to sign up under you and Never hear from them again.

55 asaa

just made my own network

56 Rich

We use hasoffers to power the backend of – this is a very robust system that we highly recommend!

57 Atlix

I signed up and seen your on the offerexchange! thats great because no only your affiliates promote it but other networks on hasoffers can add your offer to reach outside of your internal network.

58 Thush

Great post and gave me a better understanding on this subject.

One question – I’m looking to start an Affiliate Network where there is no Network in this country.

I’m looking to use a Private Label program from one of the established Networks and pay them an override commission of 25%. (e.g. – If the Commission is 5%, pay the Affiliate 4%, keep my commission for running the Network 1% and will charge 25% extra on 5% from Merchant and pay this for the Network)

Can Hasoffer provide me a solution of running an Affiliate Network similar to CJ, TD, OMG etc?


59 media marketing

If you believe that your idea is a great way of online advertising.
Just a quick walk out on the site. With any Online Advertising choice that myself or anyone makes, there are some” too aggressive” SEO companies that will get your website noticed drive potential customers to their websites.

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