Aaron Wall – SEO Book On The ShoeMoney Show

On today’s ShoeMoney show my guest was Aaron Wall.

On the show we first discussed Aarons most recent blog post about getting inside the Google Searcher, which was is a total must read for anyone.

Then we got into my recent Free 12 week course, how it got over 13,000 signups in 4 days, and the conversion value of twitter. During this segment I reveal that right now I feel twitter is the best advertising medium out there and its only a matter of time until people ruin twitter with paid tweets.

Aaron and I both talk about how we have changed some of our core advertising focused and have learned a lot since starting our own products.

After the break Aaron talks about his SEO Training program, what it is and how he has marketed it. I love to have smart people on who are selling their own products. And not really pitch the products so much as talk about our marketing efforts and what we have found that works and doesnt work. Aaron was very open about how he is marketing his product and I had lots of questions for him.

Later on in the program I asked Aaron how he felt about some of the “scam” marketing efforts some of these guys are doing out there.

Aaron talks about not only that but we quickly digress into lots of other various experiences in having our own affiliates and products.

The show is packed with some really interesting content and I hope to have Aaron on soon to take some q&a from you!

Everyone knows I love to razzz the black magic snake oil SEO industry but honestly out of the very small handful of guys that give a lot of value Aaron is at the top.

I HIGHLY recommend you check out his SEO training program.

Thanks Aaron for coming on the show. I hope to have him back on in a couple weeks!

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