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On today’s ShoeMoney show my guest was Aaron Wall.

On the show we first discussed Aarons most recent blog post about getting inside the Google Searcher, which was is a total must read for anyone.

Then we got into my recent Free 12 week course, how it got over 13,000 signups in 4 days, and the conversion value of twitter. During this segment I reveal that right now I feel twitter is the best advertising medium out there and its only a matter of time until people ruin twitter with paid tweets.

Aaron and I both talk about how we have changed some of our core advertising focused and have learned a lot since starting our own products.

After the break Aaron talks about his SEO Training program, what it is and how he has marketed it. I love to have smart people on who are selling their own products. And not really pitch the products so much as talk about our marketing efforts and what we have found that works and doesnt work. Aaron was very open about how he is marketing his product and I had lots of questions for him.

Later on in the program I asked Aaron how he felt about some of the “scam” marketing efforts some of these guys are doing out there.

Aaron talks about not only that but we quickly digress into lots of other various experiences in having our own affiliates and products.

The show is packed with some really interesting content and I hope to have Aaron on soon to take some q&a from you!

Everyone knows I love to razzz the black magic snake oil SEO industry but honestly out of the very small handful of guys that give a lot of value Aaron is at the top.

I HIGHLY recommend you check out his SEO training program.

Thanks Aaron for coming on the show. I hope to have him back on in a couple weeks!

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57 thoughts on “Aaron Wall – SEO Book On The ShoeMoney Show

  1. Needmoney.com

    I have sort of a sneaking suspicion that Google is going to destroy twitter within the next year and that twitter is going to make it easy for them.

  2. Rick Vaughn

    Shoe, you know twitter is doomed they have grown to quickly. I second your opinion there.

    Aaron is the man! There are plenty of BS SEO experts out there. Aaron’s SEO book is a must read for any serious blogger.

  3. Juhani Tontti

    Good talk,

    Yes, really, own products is the way to go. It is the best way to build your brand and to offer something unique. I think whoever can do it, you just have to proceed step by step. But if you are as famous as Jeremy, it is so much easier.

    I agree about Twitter, it will have some difficulties with the huge amount of information.

  4. Shopping is fun

    I think it won’t matter if Microsoft has anything to say about it. Bing.com launches June 5th and for some searches like “digital cameras” it will throw pure affiliate content at visitors instead of links to our sites.

    In other words if Microsoft has it’s way affiliates will get a bypass… and not survive.

    Seems we’ve been trying to build value in affiliate sites for nothing according to Bing.

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  6. Luke

    I agree 100% that Twitter is THE BEST advertising medium out there. Sounds like an interesting show. I’ll be adding it to my iPhone tomorrow so I can listen when I have time.

    Aaron has been in the SEO game for a long time and I agree that he’s one of the few SEOs that I would give my time to. Nice work getting him on the show :)

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  8. Ricky Peterson

    Ohhh ..just finished listening to Aaron interview with you and i must say it was quite Impressive shoe, lots of things to learn for me today. Once again thanks for such a great information Interview with SEO guru. I have enrolled my self for SEO Training program & i am on my way to learn many new things in this online Game, Let’s see where i can reach in this Battle.

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  10. Harry

    I have even heard bing.com advertizing on Google? The ads get you to a blank page though. Are they so careless?

  11. The Bad Blogger

    I never thought of SEO before, since I don’t know anything much about it, but is it really that important to implant SEO, I always believe in content more then SEO….

  12. CPA Affiliates

    I always love listening to aaron wall he isn’t one of the blow smoke SEO’s out there he talks about what works and what doesn’t NOW. not what did work 6 months or 6 years ago.

  13. Mike

    I read and buy everything that Aaron Wall puts out…he is a legend and I make my money back with one good idea 10 fold!!

  14. Zemalf

    Shoe, you’re a natural talker. I like your podcasts a lot, makes time swoosh by and learn a lot while at it :) Nice, sweet info on this one too.

  15. Dean Saliba

    I normally just listen to the podcast online but I might actually start downloading it and taking it on the trip to and from work. Should help make the journey more fun.

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  17. Adarsh

    Aron wall is one of the best I have encountered in my marketing career. With his advice on SEO and your advice on making money well it is just one massive combination of stealth and money resulting in more conversions, better Search Engine placements and most of all increased reputation.

    I would advice everyone to subscribe to shoemoney marketing course and also join Aron walls training program. Why i feel you should do this is because without seo well making money is almost impossible unless you are tom cruise or Oprah Winfrey launching a blog or a site.

    Thanks for the download links. Keeping rocking shoe.

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  19. SEO training

    Aaron wall is fantastic. He’s one of the reasons I got involved with SEO from the start. This guy is a wealth of knowledge and gives really practical advice.

    Thanks so much for the audio. I would definitely encourage everyone to listen to Aaron as well as subscribe to Shoemoney! This is an awesome site – thanks for all the invaluable tips and information!!!

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  21. gadget

    Aaron is one of the leading SEO guys, everything he says is based on his own personal experience. Very useful info to know if you are looking to build your site naturally.

  22. Shawn Hill

    Shawn Hill from Longview, Texas thinks Aaron Wall is among the top SEO gurus alive and breathing today. His work and contribution to the SEO industry speaks for itself.

  23. ps3 slim

    OMG. Thanks for the tip about signing up for Aaron’s free newsletter. I cannot believe how much free stuff he gives away. I haven’t read it all yet (there’s too much for one session) but what I have read is simply brilliant.

  24. blu ray player

    Aaron Wall is a SEO master. When you sign-up you get all sorts of free stuff, including $300 worth of seo tools, seo guide, understanding of how Google works, about 180 pages of interviews with seo experts, 8 welcome emails that give a different training session for each day of the first week you join, etc. Simply brilliant. Oh, and it’s all sound advice. Thanks Shoe for the best tip I’ve seen in a long long time.

  25. nehaluck11

    Aaron is a real king of SEO. I am excited to know more about his training program.I am sure it is going to be very knowledgeable for newbies like me. Thanks Shoemaker for article.

  26. rangola

    I bought the book recently to use as a training manual for new staff. It provides a good, comprehensive understanding of all aspects of SEO as well as wider web issues. I now make all new staff read the book before starting. It brings them up to speed quickly and saves me loads of time in training. Cheers Aaron.

  27. Tom

    Good post. I regularly check out SEOBook and bought the downloadable book years ago. Still reading it as a refresher today. Aaron also has some good videos on Youtube which are well worth checking out.

  28. Leonel @ San Diego SEO Serivces

    There’s a lot of info out there on this subject. I do agree that branding yourself through a product of your own is the best avenue to approach. It’s all about exposure and the Twitter strategy is definitely a good place to have that exposure given the massive amount of users within the Twitter community.

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