Why Technosailor Aaron Brazell Is a Weasel

I first met Technosailor aka Aaron Brazell at SXSW last year.  I was introduced to him by Ted Murphy.   He seemed kind of stand offish like he was better then everyone but I let it go because anyone can have a bad night.

Later Aaron pinged me about a new project that Darren Rowse,  Brian Clark and he were working on (or thats what he made it sound like) called Lijit and in so many words asked me to promote it…. so I did here.

Then a couple days later he thanked me and asked if I could get john Chow to run it… which I pinged him about and he started using it.

Then a couple days later he emails me this asking for a intro with Joel Comm cause “Darren and Brian” want to keep the good vibe going….

So I hooked him up with a intro….

Then at Blogworld I talked to Darren and Brian and they told me they were not involved a at all with lijit and Aaron was just name dropping… hmm ok…

At Blogworld lijit had a bigass booth and I hit Aaron up to sponsor the elite retreat … basically just got the cold shoulder (not interested at all).  Ahh well no worries we did pretty well with that.

But then out of the blue today he twitters that I spam him on facebook to join my fan page.

Wow wtf?   Have I been inviting people to my facebook fan page?  Yes…  with 2000 friends I do about 300 at a time until my fingers go numb and usually wait days before attempting to pickup where I left off.  Do I invite some people 2x… no doubt…. especially I see have not joined and I am like wtf… thats weird I know I did shit for him…

But Aaron could have emailed me if he had a problem with me… He certainly knew where to get my email when he needed something from me and I could help him.

I have met a lot of weasels like Aaron (technosailor) over the years.  They use peoples names and do whatever it takes to get what they want.  Then they piss on you first chance they get.

Aaron you are a weasel.

echo ‘technosailor’ > shitlist.txt