Capitalism Runs In The Family

by Jeremy Schoemaker on May 12, 2009 · 72 comments

My wife has been posting some items on craigslist lately… and I think she is becoming addicted to it.

She put my 8Gb ipod touch for sale for $100 – 1/2 the price I paid for it and quickly got a dozen replies. Guess what she did?

1) She sold it for the price listed

2) She told people the $100 ones were all done but there was 1 left for $150

3) She emailed all of them back and told them the highest bid wins.

Which do you think she did?

Btw we have almost 400 dvd’s and tons of xbox360 games going on firesale on craigslist.  Its kind of scaring me how much she loves selling stuff on craigslist.

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1 Greg Ellison

My dad uses craiglist to get all the junk out of the house for free. My mom has bought things on there before. Don’t let her on ebay if she likes craigslist. LOL Greg Ellison

2 The Bad Blogger

I have heard a few marketers using craigslist, but I’m not really sure what was that? may be you could write a post about what this stuff is and how we can benefit from using it….

3 Ricky Peterson

Shoe i am sure she have emailed all of them with the status of Highest BID and I guess she must have invited new BIDS to see if she can sell your 8 GB for most.

Let me know if my Guess is right ….lol

4 Julio

Is there anyway for your wife to advertise while selling stuff at craigslist?

5 Jeremy Schoemaker

we should look into that

6 Mr. School Fundraising Ideas

Sell your shirts with your names on them.

7 My Life as I See It

Dunno what she did… but dude, next time you have an 8gb iPod touch for sale for 100 bucks… shoot me an email : )

And when buy and sell Tiger Woods 2010 for the Xbox 360, shoot me an email hahaha

8 jim

4) She held a second-price auction. :)

9 Novickarija

well craiglist tutorial then is your next topic, :)

10 Ekey

Interesting idea, if i ever get into selling that many items of the same nature, i’ll keep that in mind. The big guys already do this type of thing, but it seems pretty easy looking at it from a small fry’s perspective too, as long as you don’t sell too many at too low a price first.

11 Adam Baird

So you play 360 and you love UFC??? 2 very important questions:

1. Are you getting the new game that comes out next week?

2. Will you fight me online?

12 Jeremy Schoemaker

yes and yes

13 Paul

What is your gamer tag? I want in the tournament.

14 NetFlix Trial

I think B. She sold it for $150 to one of the guys.

15 Mr. School Fundraising Ideas

Wow watch out for the craig’s list killer.
So she is pulling the old bait and switch tactic on the iPod touch’s. What is your craig list name? so I can check out these video games.

16 sachin

Jeremy please hide…next is you….:-))

17 ZK@Web Marketing Blog

How to profit from Craigslist – should be your new post..awaiting to read it

18 Adi

If I were to bet I would say nr. 2

19 Free bonus chips

May be it is time to creat a shoemoneylist to get some additional cash on the commission charges?

20 London builders

I got lots of builders tools for sale and definitally would follow the tutorial.

21 brian ostrowiak

CL is def an interesting market place.. when ever i need to sell a car (that doesn’t qualify to be sold on my own site) I usually throw it up on there..

Always get the craziest responses…usually a mix of
1. Nigerian Scammers

2. people ask really dumb questions (“does it have wheels?”)

3. People who want you to take payments or donate it to them

4. People who want you to trade ( I actually kind of like these cause you never know what they might offer… I’ve been offered hot tub repair in trade for a vehicle before)

5.and of course there are the 100 people who want to come “look” at it of which half will show up and maybe one will buy if your lucky haha..

Yet for some reason if you sell random crap like a mattress you’ll have a knock on your door within 15 minutes. (true story)

I agree its fun and you sure meet some characters..

22 Aman@BullsBattleBears

I would have done the second option…well I have used that in the past to get right of a laptop and some cell phones and it worked well 80% of the time.

23 dog e-book

lol ur wife is very smart

24 Jeremy Lichtman

Next thing you know, you’re going to walk in the door and your house will be completely empty…


I have been trying HARD for years to keep my wife away from both CL and Ebay.

Next thing I know one day I come home and all my stuff is gone.

The next day I come home and the house is filled with all new stuff.

Oh and of course the new stuff costs more than the old stuff sold for. :)


26 jeff

lol, I’m keeping my wife away from your wife

27 Bulbboy

I’m guessing:
Mrs.Shoe was originally going to do: 1).
You suggested doing: 2).
You both compromised on 3).

Am I right?

28 Nick Throlson

I think its cause shes a woman guys are buying Ipod touches off her. all women know how to sell stuff just takes little practice lol.

29 fas

Fair game shoe, you need to get the touch!

30 Jay @ work from home

I once heard that once you are married your companion will pick up things you do. Either if it’s positive or negative it will be noticed. This must be it Shoe.

31 InternetHowBlog

You should be scared. Next thing you know, you might be on Craigslist

32 myddnetwork

Wow, dude, congratulations!! It is really good to have a wife who likes to sell things instead of a wife who likes to BUY things (just like the other wives in the world) :)

33 Mogul

Any option other than 1) is dishonest.

Awaiting the truth with bated breath,

34 LayupDrill

I was a big fan of craigslist a few years ago, but now I rather use ebay/paypal..

35 Master Craig

I think she sold it for $100 as listed in the ad I think this because, as a woman, that is what I would have done. I think we generally do what we say we are going to do and re-think it after the fact and say da*n-it, I should have sold it for $150!!

Suspense is killing me, what did she do?

PS, I am looking for a digital camera if she has anything like that, tell her to give me a shout out. :)

36 Shanker Bakshi

But it seems craigslist will remain in business for years to come.

37 The Poker Jerk

I’m pretty sure #2 and #3 are against the Craigslist TOS, so I hope she did #1!

38 Adam Baird

Sure, but she could just relist it for a higher price…

39 The Poker Jerk

Yeah but that possibility wasn’t listed was it?

She either went against the TOS, or didn’t. Show is hinting that she did, because that is what true capitalists do! Right?

40 Hustle Strategy

This is great. I would guess #1, or arbitrage would be the way to go and it wouldn’t be posted…

Great ideas though. I know a few people that are #2 and #3′ers.

41 Steve

I think she sold it for $100!

42 almir

some people don’t realize the importance of how valuable something is until they’ve bought it themselves with their own money.

43 abdul azeem

She sold it for 100 dollars to the first person.


You should autograph these items and put them up on eBay. I bet a lot of us would buy some of your stuff just cuz it says “Shoemoney” on it…

maybe shoemoney mystery boxes of crap on ebay? :)

45 Best CSS Gallery

I think she sold it for the higher price.

46 almir

no she sold it for the lesser price before you after you informed her

47 MouthyGirl

Well, Craigslist is easier to deal with than Ebay and goes much much faster. I sold a car on Craigslist in one hour for only $300 less than I was asking.

48 jnash04tn

did she get flagged

49 DJ Equipment

awesome. I think its C. yeah, its C!

50 Financial Help

I completely agree, anyone name dropping to get something they want is a jerk. I’ve learned you really need to watch who you deal with online.

51 Nick Stamoulis

This just goes to show you that with a little creativity there is money to be made everywhere.

52 Shanker Bakshi

ask her to read couple of MMO blogs before making next deal.

53 seogis

I never tried Craiglist to move inventory – if I can’t ship it, its too much effort.

If anyone needs a great lead on source of returned electronics/goods, pm me.

54 Michael Zhao

Well, I think Craigslist is not as safe as Ebay, but it’s free…I guess that how it goes when things are service free…however, I use Craigslist over Ebay…Haa!

55 almir

its a dangerous place for selling things because half the people you come across on it are criminals

56 Dr. ShoeMoney

Here is what I did and why I did it:

I got 6 replies within about 3 minutes of the ad going up. I immediately took the ad down since I realized I had under-priced it-my plan was to relist for 150$. But then I decided to just sell it. The first guy said he wanted it but didn’t have money until next week and also that he wanted to “look” at it. He told me all this after I agreeed to sell it to him, for 100$. Great. I told the second response that I had a buyer already so if he wanted it he could start bidding. (Probably against CL TOS but I am a newbie and didn’t know that. If you can sell massaages aka sex on Craig’s list, why not bait and switch on a ITouch?) He declined. I then responded to a third and said I still had it. He gave me his cell phone the next morning. Meanwhile, Dude who wanted me to hold it said he would buy it for 125$ IF I held it (I did not prompt him to increase the price, he did this on his own) So I called the guy I had a number for and said, “I am selling it for 125$ next week unless you will pay that price today.” He came right away and picked it up from ShoeMoney at the office since I was working. So I actually got NOTHING out of the deal since Jeremy pocketed the cash himself (he even denied the guy showed up) I know some people will think I handled it the wrong way. Whatever. I still got a better price. I haven’t sold much on-line before so I am learning. And FYI-I still haven’t seen the cash. But he did buy me P90X so we are even.

57 The Poker Jerk

Of course he pocketed the cash, isn’t he the one that bought it in the first place?

58 gatorphan

“I haven’t sold much on-line before so I am learning”

How is this possible? Don’t you learn everything about the internet by osmosis?

BTW, Let me know if you are selling a netbook – I have 126 big ones with your name on it (and I’ll make sure it goes directly to you.)

59 Play Games Win Prizes

I say she sold it for $100 :)


60 Rachael

As a fellow doctor and nascent fitness freak, I can’t spread enough love for p90x! It gave this 110lb weakling muscle definition for the first time in my 40 years of life. Hooray Tony Horton!!

61 Frank Lampard

I think she emailed all of them back and told them the highest bid wins

62 Mike

Your run into all kinds of situations dealing on craigslist. I used to buy, fix up and resell bicycles on craigslist. Many transactions went smoothly but you get lots of stupid questions, hard luck stories, scammers and no-shows. The most popular post on my blog is confessions of a craigslist bicycle trader where I tell of my craigslist adventures. See

63 Paul Dickinson

I’ve never given it a try, but I have a bunch of stuff that I need to sell so maybe today is the day!

64 John

xbox 360 games…..which ones??? I want!!!

65 Rick Kats

I’m gonna pick number 2.. :D capitalism all the way!

66 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

We would love to get your laptop with all the information should be at there … I think you should show us your laptop internal files format and all …

67 Dean Saliba

Or to put it another way “It’s kind of scaring me how much she loves selling MY stuff on craigslist”. :P

68 Donatas

Yeah, it may get scary once your wife starts selling out all your belongings – in the end you yourself may be thrown away

69 Steven Zuckerborg

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