ShoeMoney Affiliate Network

Are we starting our own affiliate network? Mostly just dabbling ;).

I got a email last week to check out has hasoffers to run your own affiliate company/network – saying they had all the features of direct track only it didn’t suck ass like direct track so I checked it out and it is pretty freaking awesome. I am very impressed. Its VERY easy to setup but also has some pretty advanced high end features (geotargeting, leadcaping, redirecting).

So while playing around with the free account I was like damn we have several offers now that we are paying out to affiliates…. $1000 per signup for the Elite Retreat…. ShoeMoney Tools and we have a lot of other things in the pipe so I thought I would test it out for real a bit.

If you are interested in promoting any of the shoemoney stuff you can sign up here.

I will do a more indepth post in hasoffers cause its seriously unreal. Go and signup for a free account right now so you have it because when I show you all the sweet features it has your going to wish you got it while it was free.