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by Jeremy Schoemaker on May 11, 2009 · 44 comments

Are we starting our own affiliate network? Mostly just dabbling ;).

I got a email last week to check out has hasoffers to run your own affiliate company/network – saying they had all the features of direct track only it didn’t suck ass like direct track so I checked it out and it is pretty freaking awesome. I am very impressed. Its VERY easy to setup but also has some pretty advanced high end features (geotargeting, leadcaping, redirecting).

So while playing around with the free account I was like damn we have several offers now that we are paying out to affiliates…. $1000 per signup for the Elite Retreat…. ShoeMoney Tools and we have a lot of other things in the pipe so I thought I would test it out for real a bit.

If you are interested in promoting any of the shoemoney stuff you can sign up here.

I will do a more indepth post in hasoffers cause its seriously unreal. Go and signup for a free account right now so you have it because when I show you all the sweet features it has your going to wish you got it while it was free.

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1 Dr. Deepak jain

I am reading from time to time. I’d be glad to hear if you like it or not. feel free to drop a comment.

2 Asswass

Hey Shoe I’m in Venezuela, how does an account manager get in contact with me?

3 Mr. School Fundraising Ideas

It looks really nice if you have tons of contacts like shoemoney but for us small fish it doesn’t look so good, in my opinion.

4 Jeremy Schoemaker

how the hell do you figure?

I mean dont get me wrong you can come up with excuses all day why you cant succeed.

This is PERFECT for anyone who has a product and wants to run their own affiliate program.

I am currently setting this up for a local business owner who wants people to market his local products. He doesnt even use the internet but he will crush it with his affiliate program.

5 Greg Ellison

When I get home today I will signup. This looks pretty cool. Greg Ellison

6 Aman@BullsBattleBears

this is a great find Shoe…the possibilities are endless with a site like this and you can really push your product like the bigger companies do…checking it out right now!

7 Roseli A. Bakar


Do you accept international publishers ?

8 Sensei

I registered on shoemoneyoffers and waiting for approval.

I’m also interested how an account manager will contact me.

9 joe

Pretty slick for free
Shoe hats off for rolling
out your affiliate network
you got the power

10 Michael Zhao

Money, power and fame…we all are looking for the same things…in life…

11 Ben

Looks pretty sweet to me, I will be taking a look around the website more, the pricing isn’t that clear but all in all looks good.


12 John

I joined :) I always like to be in these types of things before it travels on Twitter at ludacris speed.

Should be fun promoting the offers!

13 Rick Kats

Nice Shoemoney now has an affiliate network. You do need it with all the tools and things you have on the go. P.s I registered for hasoffers thanks :).

14 Nick Throlson

Nice gonna def check it out see if I can get some shoe leads. Shoemoney has gone really far in 2009 keep it up.

15 Jay @ work from home

That’s a great domain name for your affiliate network. Dabbling huh, could be the next best thing let’s see…..


I know you don’t care, but every time I see a your/you’re abortion a part of me dies.

17 Dan


I totally agree, I can’t help but correct people – even though I know they don’t care. Yet other mistakes don’t bother me nearly as much. Odd, isn’t it?


18 webdesign

I signed up. Still working on my product but I think using affiliates to promote it for you is a great way to get leverage.

19 TWilliam

I understand that Hasoffers is in beta, but their privacy policy is at this moment non-existant:

20 ZK@Web Marketing Blog

Affiliate marketing network is a logical extension, you have the perfect audience on thi sblog to leverage this opportunity

21 Ekey

Interesting idea, I would love to know how well it works out for you in practice. I am sure quite a few bloggers can use something like this to round-up and promote some of their products.

22 Adam Baird

Will definitely check this out…makes sense for someone in your position, but really I can’t understand people saying this doesn’t work for small timers…ya gotta start somewhere!

23 diabetesinfo

thank you for interesting offering…..I will sign up asap

24 Mr Superimtips

Cool, Will be nice to have my own affiliate network. Now I’m just seeing some extra $$$ signs

25 Dean Saliba

I would say good luck with this but you don’t neeed luck I’m sure the affiliate network will be a huge success.

26 Will

@ TWilliam

Privacy policy is here:

27 Ricky Peterson

Wow …this is awesome news Shoe. I would be the first one to become your publisher and offer you all of my websites for sure.

As always you Rock chief .!!


Affiliate marketing is great and owning an affiliate program is even better.

I’ve been watching you for a while and was jsut wondering when it would happen.

No joke, when done right a successful affiliate program can gross tens of thousands of dollars daily.

Good luck Shoe!


29 Michael Zhao

Doing big things…good on you! ‘Cause it’s Go Big…or Go Home..,

30 almir

i certainly agree with him I usually don’t agree with this guy but he’s certainly right its funny I find it

31 Frank Lampard

I think affiliate marketing will be a great idea to get a profit.
Thanks Shoe.

32 Peter Koning

Damn Shoe you beat me to it. I have my own idea for a n/w though and there’s room for all of us.

Don’t think you’re too small to do it.

But there are some critical things you need to have in place.

I interviewed Peter from – some good tips in there if you’re thinking of starting your own n/w.

33 marcel

Thanks for sharing this Shoe. You could have kept it to yourself… but you didn’t.

I really appreciate that.

34 almir

yeah that’s great your sharing about the things your thinking up that’s great

35 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

THanks for the prompt and quick shout.

I am going to try this one. Just clicked and here I am landed at their page.

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