How To Make More Money As A Stripper – Strip And Grow Rich

A good friend showed me this site the other day.  Its called strip and grow rich.   Basically the site teaches strippers on how to make more money.  I did not sign up to be a paying member but I was pretty fascinated with the demo videos.  Its amazing how a lot of the psychology translates to internet marketing.
Its all about up sells and getting your audience to do what you want them to do.

UPDATE: They took down the demo video and asked me to not link to it…. Someone has no clue about internet marketing.

UPDATE2: its been requested I not link to the site… umm ok I wont.


I am a student of marketing first and for most.  I am very non judgmental.

Whether its the marketing tactics used in religion, porn, whatever.  If I see them I will point them out and what we can learn from them.  Deal with it.

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