Must Reads (IMO)

Darren Rowse emailed me a couple weeks ago and said he was doing a project called 31 days to a better blog. Its pretty slick basically every day in April you get a new post/chapter on how to make a better blog.

A.D.D Sidenote – If you are a blogger or thinking of starting a blog you should read Problogger every day. Its one of the few sites out there that

Anyway I was honored when Darren asked me to contribute to one of his posts (and many other bloggers) by asking us which of our posts we considered “must reads”. He then choose 1 of them and posted it. I thought I would share all 3 I submitted to him with you:

1) I Used To Be Fat – written May 14th 2006

This post was one of the most difficult for me to write but its by far the one that people email me about the most. The whole reason why blogs work is because you can be personable and connect with your readers. In this post I share the most life changing event in my life with my readers.

2) Why You Should Embrace Negative Press – written Feb 21st 2008

Every blogger who grows in popularity is going to get flamed. When they do many of them stop in their tracks and run for the hills. I have had about 6 years of dealing with this and In this post I not only talk about how to deal with negative press but how to embrace it.

3) Worst Ideas To Make Money – written Sept 4th 2006

I think a lot of bloggers miss the fact you need to show your readers you are the same dumbass they are… or sometime dumberer. Its hard to connect with people when you always talk about how awesome you are. In this post I talk about some of the dumbest ideas I had in 2006 ( I mean to update this with 10 new ones every year just never get around to it.).

Anyway these were the ones I thought of off the top of my head.