Naked Women Acai Berry Jello Wrestling At Adtech

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At AdTech San Francisco this year the Nickycakes party was off the charts…. and I totally missed it =(. When we drove by there was like 100 people standing outside and when we asked whats up people said it was already to full and they were not letting any more people in.

Back when Nickycakes was planning this party he told me they were going to have Naked Acai Berry Jello wrestling I thought he was joking… Well here he just sent me the unedited video:


104 thoughts on “Naked Women Acai Berry Jello Wrestling At Adtech

  1. Tour Golf Blog

    Mark my words…this post will have more comments than the April Fools Day “I’m Moving to Portland” post. Gotta love those affiliate groupies who will get naked for just about any reason.

  2. ways to make money online

    Shoemeister will be divoreced soon.. Give it some time but IT WILL HAPPEN

      1. Geiger

        I think what he meant to say is that Geiger is going to steal your wife! Other than the obvious reasons, I’m completely certain she’s your good luck charm. πŸ˜‰

    1. ways to make money online

      hahah, I will have to comment in the years to come when your blog title is “Wife gone, business not so swell” hahhaahah

      All good humor…lol

  3. blackysky

    That was a nice battle danmm that was a nice behind the scene… the kind of video that make us enjoy life… we got one life so enjoy every second of it

      1. dk

        Ha Ha, I thought this was the EDITED version! I am glad I didn’t let you drag me in there, it would have soiled my crystal clean image! :)

  4. Jay

    the comment box says “what do you think?” …so here it goes…

    On any other trashy website this vid is very entertaining. However on shoemoney website i have to say I feel a bit let down.

    I know you are human like the rest of us shoe, but c’mon when it comes to political things like human rights and moral issues (naked women fighting). i kinda wished you would be a little bit better.

    I aint no preacher and God only knows what I do behind closed doors but not all your readers find this entertaining.

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    1. Little Sister Shoemoney

      I will show her tonight and report back to you, I’m sure she will say….”oh geeeeeeeez! thats funny!””

  6. weirdrandom

    Well that was fun to watch at the beginning when it was an innocent gello match but when the second chick came in it just became… awkward to watch because she wasn’t having a fun match but a cat fight.

  7. Lace

    The comments here are hilarious. If you didn’t like the video or did not want to watch it, why are you even here posting comments?

    Does it really bother you THAT much, you just HAD to come in here and say what you thought because you found it necessary?

    Tell me how many of you would not be standing around, wiping the drool off you chin while watching these young ladies wrestle in jello? YOU ALL WOULD!

    1. jay

      I come here to be enlightened by Shoemoneys knowledge of internet marketing. There is a link that says “What say you?” so I think I have the right to say what I want.

      Nickycakes posted his version on youtube (also embedded it on his site) as an edited version. Shoes version is not edited (which you obviously have gotten aroused by).

      Not all of us are perverts like you (Lace), but looking at ALL the responses to this particular post makes me wonder.

      Once again I am not perfect and have had my share of run-ins with adult sites but why let it saturate into every industry/business? I will not stop reading shoe because I continue to benefit from his postings. Unless you dont want me here then cool.

          1. David

            So if someone doesn’t like to watch naked women or porn that makes them gay by your logic? Very strange logic. Believe it or not there are people in this world with morals and ethics that do not wish to see this garbage. The interet has enough filth floating around without bringing it into sites such as this so I am in agreeahce with Jay. I too disagree with this garbage and am married with a child on the way, does this make me gay also?

  8. smemon

    Naked; adjective, having the body completely unclothed; undressed. Compare bare

    I feel cheated :-) where are the naked women πŸ˜‰

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    These comments are hilarious. What the fuck are people bitching about human rights for? It’s not like we imported underage russian sex slaves for this… they are regular ass girls that wanted to have a fun time.

    Also, where is my link shoemoney!

  12. Realness

    Wow….ok…am all about the morals and everything but…boobies don’t fly up until 2mins into the video…so i don’t know if you were planning on seeing the holy grail of affiliate marketing in this video but before the 2 mins mark you should have had a good idea where this video was headed. Soooo…for those of you complaining its just like those nights when your wife/girlfriend caught you up late at night watching those shows….all you had to do was flick the channel or for this matter click that back button….ohh yeah and what did you think this was for “WARNING THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC NUDITY AND LANGUAGE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED”…GET REAL!!!

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  15. acaibΓ€r

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