AdTech Performance Marketing Conference Packed

I am here at AdTech San Francisco, I have not seen a conference this packed since… ever. Its pretty cool to see the performance marketing industry thriving even in this economic downturn.

The amount of parties and events going on is CRAZY. It reminds me of my early days in the SEO/Search conference industry when there was like 5 parties a night and they were all open to everyone who wanted to attend. Remember those days?

There are a couple SEO/Search conference goers here and its their first adtech conference. We were talking about how its unreal the amount of money companies are spending on brand awareness at performance marketing events.

Its kind of interesting to see even search companies dropping huge coin on parties and stuff here and doing nothing at SEO conferences anymore. Why? You would think it would make more sense for them to do advertises to SEO’s

Are SEO’s just not worth as much as performance based marketers to them?