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I am here at AdTech San Francisco, I have not seen a conference this packed since… ever. Its pretty cool to see the performance marketing industry thriving even in this economic downturn.

The amount of parties and events going on is CRAZY. It reminds me of my early days in the SEO/Search conference industry when there was like 5 parties a night and they were all open to everyone who wanted to attend. Remember those days?

There are a couple SEO/Search conference goers here and its their first adtech conference. We were talking about how its unreal the amount of money companies are spending on brand awareness at performance marketing events.

Its kind of interesting to see even search companies dropping huge coin on parties and stuff here and doing nothing at SEO conferences anymore. Why? You would think it would make more sense for them to do advertises to SEO’s

Are SEO’s just not worth as much as performance based marketers to them?

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  1. Steven-Sanders

    I think many companies have been burned by people who call themselves SEO consultants and are starting to shy away from it.

    If they’re seeing better results through performance based marketing, then they’ll move that direction.

    Most companies tend to follow the trend rather than set it.

    1. Ryan McLean

      I like what you said about most companies following trends instead of setting them.

      It is extremely difficult to set a trend. But if you are ahead of the game, then you have a really good chance to make A LOT of money.

      I know I am not setting a trend, but getting into twitter now is like that. If you wait a year or two before you start using twitter you would wish you got in earlier. It is going to become a money making machine in the near future

  2. Rachel

    Jeremy, I love reading your posts about conferences. After reading these types of posts, I put the conference on my “must-attend” list for the next year. Hope to meet you at one soon. I agree with Steven, too. The company I just left hired a PR person to now run the SEO department; they are now defining SEO as twittering and creating social media profiles.

  3. Ricky Peterson

    These days more and more people wishes to get in to this Industry looking at the success rate I guess that is one of the main reason this kind of conferences are fully packed with the people coming to attend across the world.

    Search Engine companies are growing day by day looking at the Business which is coming there way day on day. Now a days so many SEO companies have come & offering various services. In order for them to be updated with the industry top going they are coming to attend this kind of conferences.

    1. Ryan McLean

      I like what Ricky said,

      let me just add that maybe they aren’t going to the SEO conferences anymore because they have already made most of the money they could from these conferences. The same people might go each year.

      New conference means new people and new prospects.

      Just a thought

      1. Ricky Peterson

        Thanks Ryan for being with my Thoughts.

        There are thousands of companies who still knows how exactly SEO needs to go with any website but there is MAJOR share of companies who make BIG BANNER website and attract clients from Google adwords but at the end client burn their hands as Steven mentioned in his comment. I hope this kind of companies will stop their unethical practices soon.

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    1. almir

      well what is happening is people are trying to find ways to make money online instead of having a traditional job because of the pressure and disappointments because their daily jobs can put a lot of pressure on them

  11. DK

    When there is cash crunch in the market it is normal for people to be looking out for performance based avenues. Genuine SEOs like what Steven said is difficult to find and would mean that you have to invest quite some money to find a genuine one after which you again have to spend some time on the growth curve to see results. But performance based marketing would show instant results and would not be a gamble at least if the vision is short term. I might be wrong here but I think this is the reason for the change in approach.

  12. Mike Peters

    Why bother advertising to people attending an SEO conference? I never understood that.

    Sure, if you’re selling something like the Shoemoney Internet Marketing tools, go for it.

    But otherwise, SEO-ers are not big spenders.

    You get far better returns when you advertise at a conference such as AdTech where you can really shine.

    1. almir

      i have to admit theres a lot of terrible seo companies out their one to name is a company called first web search don’t ever use their services their way to expensive and the work they do seems promising but their fail at the seo end

  13. myddnetwork

    The SEO world is more and more full of people with little or no knowledge. It is the problem when common people start to talk about a topic. It is very possible that soon we will start to hear a cabdriver talking about optimizing his personal site for rankings. You’ll see. (I don’t have nothing personal against the cabdrivers)

    1. almir

      i don’t see why not considering theres so much to do online as opposed to the outside world i which everyhting it takes to have fun is worth a hefty price which than hurts your pocket once you’ve had your fun

  14. bladi420

    Well I would like to enroll in that partie a SEO party have to rocks, preetty amaizing blog even thought I’m very far away I live in Panama City, Central America were the Panama Canal is and belife me this contry rocks the next SEO party should be here.

  15. fas

    Was this free? If it was, there would be everyone attending it.

    P.S Why doesn’t the new theme have the save personal information tab.

  16. dk - purposeinc

    This is one of the more confusing threads I have ever read at

    Ad tech fricken rocked.
    Shoe by the way had blue tonail polish on and the shoemoney logo painted on his big toe.
    Fact or Myth?

  17. Michael Zhao

    Nice…truly a dot come lifestyle…now all you have to worry about is what you’re having for dinner…Ha! And I’ll be rubbing elbows with you fellas pretty soon. See you at the TOP!

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