How To Outsource Your Traffic Generation

This is a guest post by Justin Brooke.  Justin writes some great articles over at SiteFling and I asked him if he wouldn’t mind doing a guest post on oursourcing.

I think you’ll agree that there is always more work, but not always more time. I mean you can always think of another task to do but you can’t always just get another hour.

That’s why it’s so important to systematize your work, outsource it, and repeat with as many of your tasks as you can. When you do this you get more time out of your days and your business starts to scale.

For example, let’s say you have 12 traffic generation methods that you have to manage. If those traffic tactics take you 2-3 hours each day to update, manage, or tweak then that’s 2-3 hours everyday that you’ll never get back.

However, if you can record a video of yourself doing these tasks you can almost always teach someone else to do them. If you have someone else doing these tasks for you, now you’ve just gained 2-3 hours per day that you can dedicate to more traffic methods or other income producing tasks.

Repeat that process just 3-4 times and you could be getting whole days worth of more time to add new growth strategies to your business. What could you do with an extra day worth of time per week?

This is how I’ve grown my business past the point of my competitors being able to keep up. I’m just simply able to out work them because I have more man hours to play with.

Here’s my process, so you can duplicate it…

1.) Go to, that’s the Craigslist section for the largest city in the Philippines. You’re going to post an add for a virtual assistant or technical assistant or whatever title you want to call it.

2.) Tell them you are looking for someone with strong Internet skills, able to use excel spreadsheets, and read/write in good English. Tell them you will provide training and give them a description of the tasks they will be performing. Then offer them 20,000php ($400 USD) per month.


Virtual Assistant Needed For Internet Company

I’m looking to hire and train someone to do the majority of our
Internet based advertising tasks. The job will pay 20,000php
per month and reading/writing in English is required.

You should have good knowledge of excel spreadsheets and be
able to do basic tasks like email, web browsing, and Internet research.

Your daily tasks will be:
– Researching new keywords
– Repetitive form submission
– Analyzing performance statistics
– Logging statistics into spreadsheets
– Creating performance reports
– Tracking growth of performance
– Must be able to work 8 hours per day (night or day is your choice)
– Must be logged into Skype for all 8 hours

Again we will provide video training on all these task, but you should
be comfortable with the type of work before you apply. If you are
interested please email us at with your resume and
a paragraph explaining why you are better then the rest of the applicants.

We will not hire anyone who is not willing to tell us why they are not
better then the rest of the applicants. We’re looking for superstar
employees only, please don’t apply if that’s not you.

3.) Once they reply to your ad you setup an interview them over Skype and ask them the basic interview questions. Things like what happened to make you not be working at your last job? Tell me about a problem you had to solve at your last job and what you did to solve it? If you were stuck on a task and didn’t know how to finish it would you email me for help or just do it wrong?

4.) If they pass your interview by answering your questions the way you like now you should ask them to do a small test project to see how they perform. If they are not willing to do this I DO NOT HIRE THEM. The test could be something simple like go to Google, find the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, when you get there type in any topic about [your niche here] and create a spreadsheet with the ten keywords that have the “most searches per month.”

5.) If they pass the test to your likings then you hire them and give them training videos. The way I create my training videos are with (free) or Camtasia (paid). I basically, just record myself doing the task and talking out loud about what/why I am doing. Make sure you tell them to take detailed notes about the videos when they watch them. This is so you know they watched them and what they learned.

6.) After you have given them the training it’s time for a practice run. This would be on a sample campaign, something you don’t want to go live right away. The reason for the practice run is to see how well they perform and if there is anything you need to help them figure out that they or you might have missed in the training.

7.) Finally after the practice run has gone well… You give them a live campaign to run.

Tips For The Long Term

Managing The Daily Tasks
Having to manage your assistants everyday takes time away from you and that defeats the point of having them working for you. this is why we use project management software like Basecamp or

With we can give create multiple users and assign projects to them with task lists. Our assistants know that everyday they are to login to Skype and then login to DeskAway. Without even having to ask us anything they just get started on their task lists assigned in Sometimes 3-4 days will go by without me ever having to talk to my assitants but the work is getting done.

There is even room in DeskAway for them to uload any files associated with each project. Thats where they upload any reports or spreadsheets dealing with that project so we can see what has been done each day.

Finally there is a place for them to log how many hours they worked for each task so we can assess how well they are performing. We often offer bonuses if they complete tasks faster then the day before or they get get a certain number more tasks done in a whole week.

Paying Your New Assitants
With you can have a paycheck delivered right to a Filipino assitants door! You can even fil your Xoom account with Paypal and make it really easy. It’s your choice whether you pay monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. Some of our assitants prefer bi-weekly and some prefer weekly.

Official Paperwork
I am not a lawyer and you should seek legal advice to find out the right way to things. However, we make each new employee sign an aggreement that they are being paid as a sub-contractor providing a service to us. Then we just give them a 1099 for tax purposes.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about getting started with outsourcing. We have our assitants doing everything from writing articles, building landing pages, building backlinks, sending emails to potential partners, and even helping us contact popular bloggers for a spot as a guest post! 😉

If you have any questions about this stuff or want more traffic tips then head on over to my blog at we write daily about topics that make your websites kick ass. Or you can hit me up on Twitter, I’m pretty active and answer just about every @ that comes my way. I’d love to get to know some of you.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and I’ll stick around to answer any questions that come up in the comments section below.

Go Bigger,
Justin Brooke

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