You Are Not Your Customer

How serious do you take a lot of these “marketing guru’s” advice? If they tell you to do something do you blindly do it? That could be a fatal mistake. A lot of “marketing guru’s” have made money by telling people what to do (especially on the internet) and zero experience actually doing it. I was talking with Brian Clark about his the other day about how people sit in their ivory towers and judge others when they have never been there themselves… anyway off track…

While I have quite a track record for building successful businesses, the last thing I want someone to do is read something that I wrote worked for me or take what I said in a email to them and blindly implement it in their site.

You know who knows exactly what your website needs? Its not me, Its not any online marketing guru… Its your customers.

Hell, odds are your un-savvy computer parents know exactly what your website needs. They are much your customer then you, or any “marketing guru”.

So how do you tap into this information. Invite them over and have them use your site. Watch where they are clicking. Ask them to tell you if they get stuck on the site.

The flow should be smooth and if its not then you need to look into that.

BUT again testing is key. What I do is take the guru’s advice with the layman and do some a/b split testing with Google Website Optimizer.

You may find your customers advice is worth 10x then a guru’s. But that’s just my experience.