Who wants to go to the ADSPACE contextual ad conference?

If you haven’t heard of ADSPACE yet, it is a conference within ad-tech San Francisco, just for Google AdSense publishers and pay per click advertisers who are buying ads on the content network.  The lineup of speakers is pretty awesome, including a ton of speakers from Google AdSense & AdWords, Microsoft, Facebook, etc, who are in charge of content monetization.

Jennifer Slegg from JenSense is on a bunch of panels and is doing an AdSense Publisher Forum where she will be firing questions at the Google AdSense team. People can submit their own questions too, and as far as I know, all questions are fair game. 

So if you are a publisher, it is a pretty good way to get some personal contact with all the AdSense people there.  Having a real contact at AdSense is pretty sweet if you can get it, and sounds like ADSPACE is a sure thing for getting one.

The conference is Wednesday, April 22nd in San Francisco and if you want to come in for ad-tech too, the whole conference runs from Tuesday April 21st through the 23rd.

You can register for ADSPACE here and use the discount code ADSPACEC for a 20% off discount.

I will be at ADSPACE as an attendee, and Jen has scored a free ADSPACE conference pass to giveaway to a Shoemoney reader.  Just comment why you think you deserve the ticket, and the conference pass could be yours.  You have to be able to attend the conference next week in San Francisco, this includes the ADSPACE conference pass and all that comes with it  – access to all ADSPACE panels, lunch, ADSPACE expo hall, and all the swag you can convince the expo hall companies to give you!

Looking forward to seeing some of you at ADSPACE and ad:tech next week.

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