Who wants to go to the ADSPACE contextual ad conference?

by Jeremy Schoemaker on April 13, 2009 · 33 comments

If you haven’t heard of ADSPACE yet, it is a conference within ad-tech San Francisco, just for Google AdSense publishers and pay per click advertisers who are buying ads on the content network.  The lineup of speakers is pretty awesome, including a ton of speakers from Google AdSense & AdWords, Microsoft, Facebook, etc, who are in charge of content monetization.

Jennifer Slegg from JenSense is on a bunch of panels and is doing an AdSense Publisher Forum where she will be firing questions at the Google AdSense team. People can submit their own questions too, and as far as I know, all questions are fair game. 

So if you are a publisher, it is a pretty good way to get some personal contact with all the AdSense people there.  Having a real contact at AdSense is pretty sweet if you can get it, and sounds like ADSPACE is a sure thing for getting one.

The conference is Wednesday, April 22nd in San Francisco and if you want to come in for ad-tech too, the whole conference runs from Tuesday April 21st through the 23rd.

You can register for ADSPACE here and use the discount code ADSPACEC for a 20% off discount.

I will be at ADSPACE as an attendee, and Jen has scored a free ADSPACE conference pass to giveaway to a Shoemoney reader.  Just comment why you think you deserve the ticket, and the conference pass could be yours.  You have to be able to attend the conference next week in San Francisco, this includes the ADSPACE conference pass and all that comes with it  – access to all ADSPACE panels, lunch, ADSPACE expo hall, and all the swag you can convince the expo hall companies to give you!

Looking forward to seeing some of you at ADSPACE and ad:tech next week.

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1 Joe

Adsense is okay, but it’s losing it’s effectiveness. There are better ways to monetize.

2 David

Jeremy, thanks for the post. I’m a co-founder of the show and I’m really excited to have a pro like yourself in attendance! Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself.



3 Ian Lee

Hey, see you at AdSpace Jeremy.

4 adamxcl

I’d love to get the pass and attend ADSPACE. Always thought about going AdTech but just haven’t had the chance to attend. Go to most other conferences instead. AdSpace is probably just the thing to put it over the top. I’ve made enough changes lately on my sites that I would like to able to hear from others and ask a higher level question or two.

5 Roseli A. Bakar

I’m not commenting to win the pass as I won’t be able to go.

Anyway, would be great to see some real person from adsense !!

6 needmoney.com

I deserve it because I’ve given them six million dollars through Adwords over the last 5 years and never spoken to a single Google representative ONCE.

7 PMG Guy

Got booted from Google a year ago when some coworkers I had shown my site too thought it was “cool” to check out all the ads….

I don’t work there anymore, and yet Google won’t let me back in.

No use I guess!

8 IncomeSpace

I’m going to AdTech, I hope I see you there so I can pick your brain. Don’t worry I wont eat it.

// Ace
// Follow Me twitter.com/incomespace
// Get free traffic to your blog at http://www.incomespace.com

9 jacky sltan

thanks for the information…well done

10 jacky sltan

well done and will try for it…thanks

11 BeFriends

Would like to attend the conference to judge and know a little more about the deeper person inside.

How does it feel like making huge amounts of money, doing these conferences and above all What is Legal and What is Not, nobody knows what methods are applied.


12 Best CSS Gallery

Thanks for the info

13 Tyler DeWitt

This is going to be great! I’ll be there I’ll probably buy the ad space ticket since we’ve currently have generated around ~167k in affiliates sales with the content network / search (mostly content network) in the last 3 months of this year.

Hopefully they might point out something I don’t know :). Generally someone always brings something up that creates more ideas for me.

14 Nihar

Great news. Thanks for the info.

But, as i am not in US. I won’t be able to attend. Will interested to see some videos or ppt of this conference.

15 Ai

I have a fashion social networking site that launched about 6 months ago. We are using a combination of google adsense ads and cpm from valueclick. CPM is not doing as well as CPC. I’m not sure why and I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. I would love to win a chance to attend ADSPACE and learn from other industry experts.

Many thanks,
Ai (Ms)

16 Zak Show

Sounds like an interesting events, I hope that i can reach that conference..

17 Make Money Online

Hmmm, I can’t come anyways but will anyone please shoot a video?

18 James


I would love to get a ADSPACE pass. I live in San Francisco and already have my floor pass…but would love to see the forums and such.

I like the look of Shoemoney. I found it through JenSense’s referall about the free pass, and I’ll be back so…the promotion worked!

I am relying exclusively on Adsense for my new website as listed above and need all the help I can get!


19 Rick Kats

Thanks for the information, sounds like this is going to be an interesting event. Wish I could make it.

20 free Arabic music

awesome I’m looking forward to be there and get some direct contacts from google

21 Frank Giovinazzi

I have been considering attending ADSPACE but have been holding back due to the cost of airfare plus the conference.

The free ticket would get me there — and also allow me to see my brother’s newborn son for the first time.

Thanks for the consideration.

22 Anthony L. Giovinazzi

Dear Sir

Send the Free Ticket to Frank Giovinazzi. I am setting up the tent in the backyard for him right now.

Tony Giovinazzi

23 Mr. School Fundraising Ideas

It sounds like fun, I’ve never been to a big convention like that but unfortunately I won’t be able to go to this one either due to lack of time and money :(

24 Juliemarg

Pick me! Pick Me!

I have several reasons why I’m your best choice for the free pass. 1. I would leave a small carbon footprint – I’d take the train in from Sacramento. 2. I’m going to several conferences this year (SOBCON, BlogHer) and I’d talk incessantly about how cool and generous Mr. Shoemoney is. 3. I love Shoemoney tools.

25 sonia

Both ShoeMoney.com and JenSense rock! I’m not just kissing up, you provide great resources, are very generous with information, and inspire others to be their best!!! If I won, I’d be super greatly and know the info would help me further my goals!

26 sonia

*comment edited for previous typo

Both ShoeMoney.com and JenSense rock! I’m not just kissing up, you provide great resources, are very generous with information, and inspire others to be their best!!! If I won, I’d be super greatful and know the info would help me further my goals!

27 Karamveer (Jim Karter)

I am going for adtech and adspace. Actually, I am already in USA (from India) to attend these two.


28 ZK@Web Marketing Blog

Yeah I read in your blog and you have mentioned about this as well.

Would like to know your experience at there, when you will share your thoughts with your readers.

29 Smart Boy Designs

These look like excellent events. Appreciate the extra information.

30 ZK@Web Marketing Blog

Hey Jeremy we are looking forward for your experience at there.

We hope that you will share juice of such seminar with us.

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