ShoeMoney Media Group Vs Keyen Farrell

I actually had no intentions of discussing the case on my blog but after getting 80+ press inquiries I asked our attorney to help us put together an official statement.

Being on the front page of Techcrunch, SearchEngine Land, John Chow, Washington Post and other major major outlets will do that…

Please feel free to contact me using the contact us link. Thank you all for your support in this matter. I really appreciate your words of encouragement.

Its never easy when things have to come to a court room to get results.

Omaha, NE – “Shoemoney” is the registered trademark of ShoeMoney Media Group. The Group was founded by Jeremy Schoemaker.

Recently, a competitor of ShoeMoney Media Group began posting infringing advertisements online through the Google Adwords program. The advertisements used the word “Shoemoney” in their text. These unauthorized “Shoemoney” advertisements deceptively led Google users to a web site that was completely unrelated to ShoeMoney Media Group. ShoeMoney Media Group has learned that Keyen Farrell, a Google Adwords account specialist, was affiliated with the offending web site,

To protect its Registered Trademark, ShoeMoney Media Group filed suit against Farrell on April 7, 2009. According to Mr. Schoemaker, “ShoeMoney Media Group has spent considerable time and money to build its brand and reputation in the market, and it will continue to vigorously protect its intellectual property rights and will aggressively pursue those persons who attempt to use its copyrights and trademarks for their own commercial gain.” The lawsuit is docketed in Nebraska’s Douglas County District Court as Doc. 1094 No. 482.

It is not yet known how Mr. Farrell bypassed Google policy preventing advertisers from displaying trademarked terms in the text of their ads, nor is it known whether this was an isolated act of infringement or part of a larger pattern of infringing conduct.

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