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Seth Godin On Last Weeks ShoeMoney Show

by Jeremy Schoemaker on April 7, 2009 · 80 comments

If you missed it live last Thursday my guest on the ShoeMoney show was Seth Godin. Seth was a great interview and had some very interesting viewpoints.

We talked about a lot of things going on in the world of marketing. Even touched on the recent FTC activity with affiliate marketers.

or just click play to listen live:


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1 Affiliate Failure

Nice interview Jeremy, thanks!

2 Aman@BullsBattleBears

going through this and must note that its really informative thus far! good one worth downloading.

3 Lee

I was hoping you would post this as I missed the show live. Good Stuff

4 Robin Majumdar

Not to comment hijack, but while this Seth scoop is (typically) Tier 1 content here, the real breaking news is the Google Adwords story – I realize that since litigation is involved, you may not really be at ease to write about it (unless I missed an article?)

That said, I’m sure we would love to read that pending story from your POV. :)

5 Marketophile

Seth is simply amazing…. great interview.

6 Sire

I have to honestly say that before today I’ve never thought of Seth Godin. I wander if he ever went back to that teacher to show him/her that he actually did make something of himself.

7 Fat Loss

Makes me want to work on some lenses for some decent backlinks to my affiliate sites.

8 Bibokz

Seth is genius… I’m a blog reader of him 4 years ago.

9 Atniz

Seth is one of my first idol that inspires me to blog. I can say he is a IM genius.

10 Ryan McLean

I definately agree that he is an IM genious. Though he was not one to inspire me. I found out about him long after starting my own blog.

Go Seth!

11 David Turnbull

Great interview. Always enjoyable to here Seth talk.

12 runescape powerleveling

I have read your article, I think very popular with

13 Jacky sltan

Good and thanks for sharing…

14 Jacky sltan

Besides that, any ideal to get closer about Seth …him ?

15 Best CSS Gallery

Awesome interview, Seth is an inspiration for many of us

16 marc lohan

great and awesome interview.i like it.thanks to sharing it.

17 MyInternetBusiness

Great interview jeremy, Seth know’s what he’s talking about when it comes to IM.

18 Jonclaude

Seth know what is talking about…

19 Marketophile

I need to go find my copy of “Tribes” again… I think that it’s time for a re-read. Such a good book.

20 Kevin (

Awesome interview. I need to buy a few of his books.

21 Dino

Sweet was looking forward to this! :)

22 Roger Collins

I just ordered two Seth books on Amazon – always wanted to get them but just needed one more reminder and here it was.

Loved interview until the Ayn Rand cheap shot. You mentioned the iframes problem as an example of why we need government, yet it was private enterprise (your company fixed it in 24 hours and search engines re-adjusted within 6 months) that addressed that problem dramatically more efficiently than any government proposed solution ever for anything. Watch your logic.

23 Jeremy Schoemaker

I think your pretty mixed up… the squidoo iframes problem has nothing to do with the government…

24 Roger Collins

Hate to leave you thinking I’m mixed up. Let me try again.

This quote by Seth in your interview was an unfair insult to Ayn Rand and her fans: “In Ayn Rand’s world there are no anonymous people.” Implying, and paraphrasing, “that’s why we need government in the real world.”

We Rand fans would say that anonymous people of course exist, but businesses generally deal with anonymous people much better than the government. And Seth’s story about anonymous bad actors using iframes on squidoo was a perfect example. Squido and Google fixed the problem much faster than government ever could.

This is why I expect more improvement to come from companies (ISPs, search engines, web publishers, etc.) – even in the area of fighting scammers and spammers – than I ever expect to come from government.

25 Jeremy Schoemaker

Ahh I see what you are saying now. I did not understand that you were interpreting Seth saying he wishes there was no anonymous people to meaning we need government intervention.

I have to tell you I dont have near the attention that seth has but thinking about a world where nobody could be anonymous and people would have to own up to what they say everywhere they say it sounds nice to me at first… but thats just so I can track down weasel keyboard warriors.

You have a interesting view point.

26 Health Website Content For Sale

I am so mad that I missed this!!! This seemed interesting

27 Make Money Online

Downloading it. Seth Godin is one marketing guru who knows what he is talking.

28 contentpig

Seth is Awesome, He is much more than an internet marketer people. Pick up any of his books and you can see that. He is The Marketer. Thanks for the interview Shoe!

29 Jack

Great work Shoe. I understand this may be way too much trouble, but is it possible to transcribe your shows? I only ask because I read a lot faster than I listen, and if there are others like me out there, this could be a huge timesaver.

If it’s too much of a hassle, no worries :)

30 Dr Andrew Power

I started listening more to Seth when I caught his tribes information. Great stuff!

31 globalist

What’s the deal with all the keyword stuffed usernames on this blog?

That being said, what is your guys opinion about the economy and recession? Maybe the banks do need to be bailed out.


Ayn Rand died lonely and bitter, and all of her thousand-mile-staring acolytes have a similar destiny. For cogent arguments against her “religion masquerading as philosophy”, try


33 Rick Vaughn

Good Stuff!

I have read some of Seth’s books and certainly have to respect his opinions. Makes a good point about government intervention but there is a fine line I wish not crossed.

34 Ari Lestariono

I heard Set also majoring Philosophy>I guess that’s why he got so intuitive and aspire many of us.Thanks

35 watzabatza

Seth is nice. he’s awesome. Keep it up, man.!

36 Mr. School Fundraising Ideas

I agree that the internet needs to be regulated more and more since we are going to it more and more for our everyday information as well as products. The purple cow thing was different but it sounded like that idea sounds like it would work.

37 Rick Kats

thanks for posting this, I missed the live show.

38 ZK@Internet Marketing Blog

I think this interview will get the place on hall of fame. Certainly great and its really nice to hear that Seth was crystal clear in his view.

Really remarkable.

39 Andy Cook

I wrote Seth and email about Unleashing the Ideavirus about six months ago, and he responded to me with a few hours too. He’s great

Awesome interview Jeremy! It was really sincere and you asked really real questions.

40 Blog Tips For Beginners

Great interview. Thanks for putting this together, I really enjoyed listening. Seth is such a great thinker.

41 Smart Boy Designs

Great interview. Really enjoyed it.

42 goan

Wow!! Haven’t yet seen it downloading from the download link.


43 Imran | IT Buzz

Thanks a lot for sharing awesome interview.

44 zim zim

Thanks for share this

45 nehaluck11

Awesome! Seth and Shoe you both are awesome.Both of you know what are you doing.I really enjoyed it a lot. Thanks! Thanks !Thanks.

46 phentermine

Awesome interview, Seth is an inspiration for many of us

47 mbt chaussures

Je suis d’accord que l’Internet doit être réglementée plus en plus puisque nous allons de plus en plus pour notre information quotidienne ainsi que des produits. La chose la vache mauve était différent, mais ça sonnait comme cette idée ressemble à cela fonctionnerait.

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