Progress and Completion

Every day I get this question in my email:

Hey man help a brother out. I just lost my job. I have no technical ability or resources and I need to make $5,000.00 in 1 week and only have $100.00 to spend. What do I need to do?

My answer is always the same:

“Sorry I am not qualified to answer that. I focus on building quality services that take years to build and stand the test of time. I have zero experience about getting 50x return on my money in a week hours with zero technical ability or any resources what so ever..”

Then I always get something back like:


It used to bug me a bit but I have become numb to it.

Now – do I play around with affiliate stuff and sometimes make 50-100x my money in 24 hours? SURE but those times are EXTREMELY rare and its happen maybe 5x in a 6 year period to me. And that is only because it was something I stumbled upon while building our next thing.

Progress is a very underrated thing.

Why is it people are so unwilling to make small progress every day on something. Its really the key to success. It applies to all areas.

Right now we are working on like seriously 20 projects of which 3 are massive new ventures for us.

We just try to make progress on every one every day.

This is a HUGE challenge. And it requires something that does not come naturally to me – Management.

But the rewards of making progress every day are HUGE.

People think of affiliate marketing as some fly by night thing. And sure people are making some money flying by night but the biggest affiliate earners have build there systems over YEARS.

Completion is very overrated.

Completion or reaching the end many times means death. When you complete your life… your dead.

People win the lottery and feel that is all they need to complete their life and looks what happens to 87% of them. They go bankrupt. They stop making progress on LIFE.

The same is true in internet projects. If you are working to just complete the project and move onto something else then it has no chance to succeed.

I know its not the American way but start thinking long term and make progress every day. Trust me.