John Chow (and Googles Dilemma)

About 3 years ago John Chow (from my recollection) was growing at a rapid pace.  He was selling text links,  doing paid posts, and he had this whole thing going where if you liked to him with the words “make money online” then he would link back to you.  He did this for what seemed like months and he quickly moved up to #1 for “make money online”  which of course made google look stupid (receprical links dont work right?) so they nuked his ranking for that.
A Short time later Google took a very hard nosed stance on paid text links and posts and John was pretty much completely nuked from Google.

Many people wrote about the John Chow vs Google thing.  Almost all of them siding on the side of Google saying how John Chow was done.

Here is the interesting thing.  John has only grown in popularity…. and grown HARDCORE.

This is one of my big beefs with SEO.  A great brand does not need Google.
Now to be fair to Google I completely understand why they did took John out of Google.  He clearly violating the policy they put in place.

Sure,  It probably wasnt fair that he was completely nuked out where others got simple warnings.

Barry Schwartz, of got his pageranked nuked for selling text link ads but stated publicly that his seo traffic had only increased.   He still continues to sell links. Weird huh?

Ok back to Chow.

So what now does Google do?  They helped create John Chows brand and now when people search for it they cant find his site.  Scraper sites outrank John for his own content.  At what point does this hurt Google and make them look incompetent?

I recently talked to John about seeing if I could play a role between him and Google and try to get him back in.     John could care.  His profits continue to go through the roof… all without needing Google.

Its a interesting case study.

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