Disa Johnson Fails At Reputation Management And SEO

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The SEO, formally known as Detlev Johnson, who now chooses to live life as a woman (Disa Johnson) is scorn and very upset with me… still. And is now rallying all the ShoeMoney haters on Twitter (which are not hard to find the in the SEO industry).

He/She is demanding that I remove this post which ranks for Disa Johnson in Google.

So what’s the real beef here? Well, according to its “tweets”, it’s because my post ranks for Disa Johnson’s name and after many failed attempts she can’t seem to rank for my name or for ShoeMoney. Now Disa vows that.. well to put it in her words:

“I have way more energy to defend my good name than you have to sully it.”

Now keep in mind I completely changed the original post to everything he/she wanted done, have apologized in this post, on several radio shows, and even in last night’s Webinar.

I also pleaded with Disa to just give me a call so we could work this all out. But it’s clear… she only cares about being a “expert” on SEO and Reputation Management. Which… it looks like she is a total failure at (so far).

Disa did thank me for editing the original post:

But then she started going nuts and calling me names and what not when she saw that my post was starting to rank in Google…

Then she started this massive campaign on Twitter (among other mediums) to try to get me to delete my apology post.

Disa says she has enlisted link master, Eric Ward, to start building her links to her new site and improve her reputation. I am still stunned that Disa doesn’t truly understand how rankings work! Oh well, bringing in the Link Moses can’t hurt, right?

Now I know what lots of you are thinking… I am “falling” for her PR stunt. Fine – I will fall for it. I feel bad about the whole thing. Obviously switching your gender can be an easy thing and I am trying to move on. I hope Disa Johnson can move on also.

I will not be removing my apology post. If Disa and Heather want to take more legal action, that is their choice.

What Disa Johnson does not understand is that true reputation management doesn’t have crap to do with search engine results. I have built my reputation from meeting and working with people over the past years and as much as she tries, she can’t mess with my solid relationships just by trying to game Google (which I am sure she will continue to try).

I have never held back and tried to take the higher road on anything else that I can think of. I am sure we will see a wave of attacks on Twitter from Disa as I refuse to take down my apology post…. whatever…. I am moving on. I got shit to do.

P.S. Just before this post went to the front page on sphinn, the moderators deleted it… go figure.

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124 thoughts on “Disa Johnson Fails At Reputation Management And SEO

  1. Preston Taylor

    Enhhh..You know, Shoe, sometimes people just cant leave shit alone. You can tell some people sorry a million times but it will never be enough because they desire one million and one apologies. I think you have done all that you could do in this case. Your attitude is the right one – Time To Move On.

    Sounds like she is a bitter person that is trying to do damage control by attacking you….whatever.

    Brushin Haters Off Since 1996,
    Preston Taylor

    PS – Thanks for answering my questions last night on the webinar. That was awesome. Feel sorry for the folks who passed that webinar up – they missed out.

  2. Niche Store Builder

    I was watching this go down in Twitter this morning… rather entertaining actually!! Seems to me the baiting may have worked better than my last post about you exposing yourself in public! LOL

  3. Skitzzo

    What’s so funny about his/her tweets is the fact that they constantly talk about how you’re this new upstart trying to milk this for exposure.

    Well I’ve got news for Disa, someone is milking it, but it sure isn’t Shoemoney. If you have to constantly tell people that you’re an expert and should be revered in a field, then you’re probably not and you probably shouldn’t be.

    1. Spica Cast

      This is exactly correct. At first, Shoemoney referred to Disa as a reputable search engine marketer. I’ve lost respect for what little respect I had for Disa to begin with.

  4. Rick

    I think that you have done anything that you could have.. just leave it be, and perhaps like mentioned above find out with twitter when it turns into more than just a campaign…

  5. Emma Lehr

    Shoe, this is a waste of energy and appears to may of us as pointless harassment. It has nothing to do with marketing or SEO, it’s hurtful and saddening. Please have some respect for Disa and stop. This isn’t what people should be subscribing to your feed or visiting your site to see.

    – Em

  6. jen

    why doesn’t he/she change his/her name again…she/he already did it once this month, it’ll be a heck of a lot cheaper and less time consuming than knocking you out off page 1, if possible. it’ll take more than a “link moses” to get the job done, he/she needs a “link jesus”. good luck disa!

  7. ottidid

    Seems like he, she or whatever would have learned by now that, if you stir the pot, the smell only gets stronger.

  8. Rick

    I don’t think you should be responsible for your ranking in Google. That’s not within your control. You apologized and that should be enough.

    Its a shame that continuing this PR stunt is more valuable to her than just doing the right thing and moving on.

  9. Aman@BullsBattleBears

    Web 2.0 has not become Soap Opera 2.0 lol…If a person cannot understand what an apology is, nor can understand the editing of a post, then really there is not much you can do Shoe…I’m sure you can be using your energy elsewhere rather than wasting it with this issue.

  10. Dean Hunt

    She/he/it is clearly baiting you…

    BUT, you are such a master, that I suspect that you may be using it to your advantage to bait back.

    All in all, one giant ball of bait.

    Arrggghhh, my head hurts.

    Keep up the good work.


  11. Brian

    I mean seriously… Are you expecting logic, stability of mind and reason from someone that did a sex change…

  12. Bondox

    Can’t believe war can emerge in seo like this. what has reputation got to do with your ranking.

    Oh, the name in question? I guess Jeremy needs to neglect this side, it hurts your own reputation.

    You dont have to exchange words with he/she, since you’ve apologised for the little mistake you did, then neglect that side, you’ve your best and what’required of you. it’s now left for he/she to accept or not which does not concern you anymore.

    Let he/she continue shouting, only the empty container sounds louder, if he/she’s got stuffs, then he/she needs not to shout.

  13. Hip Hop Music

    Sean, that’s what I was thinking. Shoe, it looks like he/she is baiting you. What can you really do… you said your piece, he/she is desperate. He/she’s absolutely tarnishing whatever reputation that’s left.

  14. Greg Cryns

    I sat in a session at a SMX conference recently. Disa Johnson was a mod. I’d never seen or heard of Disa before but I could not shake the idea that she had transgendered.

    I really don’t care what a person does sexually. Why should I? I’ve got other issues.

    Somehow this whole episode makes me think it is continued to get more publicity. There is no such thing as bad publicity, right?

    Ya can’t fool a fooler! ;)

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  16. Adam

    He/she is complaining about her reputation??!! LoL. You would link he/she would have stopped caring about that around the moment he had his willy chopped off. I would say she just needs to grow a pair and deal with it, but hey that would be counterproductive wouldn’t it?? ;-)

  17. Go Local SEO

    Some people just have to be the victim of everything. These victims are usually confused about the reality of the situations they find themselves being victimized in.

    Nuff said.

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  19. Adam

    Someone should have told her you dont need to actually become a woman to act like a giant vagina.

  20. Patrick

    Haha, I find it funny that this post now ranks along with your legal post as the top results for ‘disa johnson’. Shoemoney is da bomb

  21. Joe Tech

    I noticed some comments above that poke fun at the gender change. As easy as that may be to poke at, the real issue is Disa’s handling of what she feels is inappropriate use of her name. From your apology post, I gathered that this whole mess could have been averted long ago with a friendly request to you rather than threats of legal action. Whether she’s just shouting to be heard or just didn’t think it through, it sad that someone you were previously OK with has created an ugly scene over all this. It’s worse that she’s recruiting people she knows to join in on her personal problems. If she were rallying people to fight cancer, that’s one thing, but this is her personal battle. I hope she finds a way to live with the idea that she can’t win ‘em all and moves on to damage control.

  22. Phil Ayres

    Seriously, Shoemoney if he/she really were an expert at reputation management and seo, I seriously doubt that he/she would be choosing this approach. it’s the absolute last course of action I would take if I were him/her.

    By the way, great webinar last night. Very informative. You rock, man.

  23. big jason

    this is hilarious. sort of like dean hunt’s first big buzz about a company threatening to sue him for ranking for their top key phrase or something like that. lol

  24. Niche Store Builder

    After reading the keyword sat on these comments… not only will he/she rank @ shoemoney, he/she is also going to rank for the phrase “he/she”

    Just count the times its in these comments! LOL

  25. Eric Ward

    Hi Jeremy – While Disa a long time friend, I am not working on any sort of link building or rep mgmt on her behalf or for any of her sites. I’d fail at such a thing because it isn’t my specific area of expertise. At all. She gave me a testimonial, I posted it on my site, with link, and that somehow bumped him up above your original post. I have no illusions that this will be permanent. You know far more about this type of thing than I do. I know how link works -in my very specific niche, which is for content heavy non-ecom sites in deep verts, so I’ll be staying on the sidelines on this one.

    Eric, the link builder formerly known as LinkMoses :)

  26. Luke

    I love how Jeremy can’t decide whether to call Disa a him or a her. He goes back in forth throughout the entire post…lol.

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  28. Stephen

    I say that airdisa shouldn’t be putting up pictures of herself anywhere online with a face like that. She looks like she came straight from the grave.

  29. david roth

    shoe – i met you before at a conference – you seemed like a good dude, were nothing but nice to me.

    it’s one thing to embarrass this man/lady personally, but another to attack his/her ability to perform his/her skill is not cool. every person who wishes to hire him/her for seo and sees this post will question his/her abilities. you are hurting disa’s seo consulting business with these posts and that’s not cool. one thing to make fun of someone, another to strip their ability to make a living. do the right thing and change the title at least.

    1. L2 Lumpy

      Hey Bud, all this chick (huh?) had to do was personally call or e-mail him and I don’t know about Shoe, but that’s about all it would have taken for me. Once she got the lawyers involved and started up on Twitter – now she has a good old-fashioned throw down on her hands.

      Hope she can still fight and hasn’t started taking estrogen shots yet. She’s gonna’ need some testosterone for this one.

      I know it’s not proper to ever strike a woman (see Chris Brown), but in this case, a bitch slap might do her (him, huh?) some good.


    2. Adam

      Well it is obvious that her/his abilities are limited if he/she can’t beat a blog post for her own name.

      It just blows my mind how Disa thought nothing like this would happen when he publicly wacked it off. Lol

      He sent herself to the chopping block (quite literally) not anybody else.

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  31. alan

    My bet is that this is just some elaborate pre planned scheme between Jeremy and her to cook up some press and traffic for the both of them. As he has said before, there is no such thing as bad press. Otherwise I can’t imagine the two of you acting like such immature idiots.

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  33. xs650 chopper

    This is all really kind of funny.. it reminds me of a funny beef in one of the niches I’m in for one of my friends got deleted from a message board… suing someone is usually the worst way to repair your reputation.. I wonder if this thing will go any further with legal action.. kind of funny though.

  34. mj

    “Disa Johnson on Google. I started a Disa Johnson Google profile March 11, well, to rank with Google for search on my name. Should work great in Google.”
    From Airdisa.com

  35. Such Luck

    One small editing suggestion:
    “Obviously switching your gender can be a easy thing and I am trying to move on.”

    I think you mean “your gender can’t be….”

    I could be wrong though.

  36. Dating

    I don’t understand why this topic of conversation even started.

    People are people and everyone should just be a nice as you can.

    What good does it do to go around throwing mud, the only outcome is you all come out looking dirty!

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  38. Kenney Works From Home

    Dude I just went a looked at Eric Ward’s site, he’s good, but aren’t his prices a little high to hire just so make you “LOOK BAD” when it really won’t matter anyway.

    That’s just stupid.

    1. Eric Ward

      I appreciate the compliment but there’s no way I would offer services just to push down a page in the serps, nor would I be able to deliver that result. It’s not what I do. When people ask me for that specific thing, I refer them to people who know far more about it than I.

  39. Anderson

    …and then, just a few months after getting a sex change, Disa got raped ^H^H^H^H^H pwned.

    Seriously. Reputation management is not about Google. Shoe nailed it.

  40. Soggy Dave

    There has to be a reality TV show or new porn niche hidden somewhere in these gems. I wonder if trannyseo.com is available. You think people would pay to watch trannys do bad SEO?

    Oh well, more bad heterosexual SEO for me before bed.

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  42. Mr. School Fundraising Ideas

    What real legal actions does she have? If she ever sends you papers you should tell us. She is pissed at the readers more than anything in my opinion because we always talk trash about her… choice.
    But way to go Shoe by taking the higher road and moving on.

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  44. Newport SEO

    This reminds me of a story a client of mine just told me. Someone owns his business name dot com. He called the owner and asked politely if he’d sell the name. The owner declined, so my client countered with an offer to buy an ad on his home page. Turns out the domain owner has had numerous people send him cease and desist letters and he was actually impressed with someone kindly asking to purchase the domain, then an ad instead of the hard line legal approach. . He ended up giving my client a free text link in return for not being a dick. Whats the moral of the story? Just because you don’t want your dick anymore, doesn’t mean you have to be one. Sometimes being cordial pays dividends. Wonder what would have happened if he would have called you and said hey bro, would you mind cleaning that post up a bit and throw some Disa Johnson anchor text in there linking to my site? That’s a better play on the SERPs if you ask me. Now he has two shoemoney posts an page one ranking for his name.

  45. eAdsenseProfits.com

    Hello shoemoney, wanted to mention that I think your blog is great because you are a successful web entrepreneur that brings tons of traffic to your site. My question is how come you don’t make more posts about how to make money online? I would love to hear your thoughts on how to make money with Adsense. How about it ? Can I get someone to second this comment? I write ebooks and mainly they are about Adsense, Traffic, SEO, and Blogging for money I would like to add your blog to a list of website to my readers but don’t feel there is much info maybe we could see change on your part since Obama isnt doing anything he says he was going to do.

  46. Ben

    He/she also talks about herself in the third person on her blog. Repeatedly. On many posts.

    Disa, if you read this, that might not be the best idea, on your blog AND in your head.

    Good luck.

  47. SEO Malta

    Webpages from trusted domains such as this one, usually rank easily on Google for practically anything. Not surprised you managed to rank well for ‘Disa Johnson’ and created all this buzz. Interesting article indeed.

  48. Mark Tinger

    There are lots of good online reputation companies about. The key is value for money. I found ClydeStan http://www.clydestan.com most helpful in their approach and costing structure. They specialize mainly in celebrity reputation but I am sure they take on other clients, too. It seems they have connections behind the scenes where actual links and posts are being deleted and not only pushed down in search engines. I have used them twice now and the results are just fine. No problems, would recommend anytime.

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  52. Anodo

    It’s much better to EARN a GOOD reputation than to fake and beg for notoriety. Both can get you PR but the bad one slams doors shut tightly in the end. Disa should learn this, imo. Then again I’m an optimist, my name is Italian for Anode which is a positively charged collector of current, and even I doubt she’ll know when to quit :)

  53. Anodo

    Weird Google results right now. When logged out Disa is #1, her twitter is #2 and this post is #3 (good luck getting work Disa!). If you log into Google though Disa is #1 for her name, her Google profile is #2 and this post isn’t ranked ?

    I hate Google sometimes.

  54. what is an ira

    I love reading an article that can make people think. Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment! how sad :( The SEO, formally known as Detlev Johnson, who now chooses to live life as a woman (Disa Johnson) is scorn and very upset.. :/


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