5000.00 In Prizes For Tonights Webinar

When I was talking with Jason about doing the free Blog Monetization webinar he asked if I cared if he got some sponsors to give away stuff during the session.

Here is the full list of sponsors as of right now (and he said this was a incomplete list):

  • 2 x 1 year subscriptions to ShoeMoney Tools ($2400 value)
  • 10 ShoeMoney Shirts
  • 5 copies of SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro from Jay Stockwell $497 Each
    • The SpeedPPC Campaign Builder
    • In-House Quality Score Best Practices Guide
    • 15 Professional Landing Page Templates
    • Powerful Affiliate Datafeed Landing Page Generator
    • 380+ Keyword Expansion Lists
    • Forum and Support with No Monthly Charge
  • 1 6 Months of Access to Blog Success from Jack Humphrey $582
  • 1 Copy of Web Traffic Orgasm from Dean Hunt $97
  • Everyone receives over 2 hours of video and audio on buzz marketing from Dean Hunt on how he received over 240,000 unique visitors in ten days, a blueprint on how to write buzz worthy headlines, content and how to actually come up with the ideas in the first place.

You wont want to miss it! Sign up now!