Disa Johnson Takes Legal Action

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So I got a puzzling cease and desist letter from someone claiming to represent Disa Johnson. Disa is demanding removal of images and paragraphs from this post.

First of all apologies to Heather Lloyd Martin for spelling her name wrong.

2nd of all it in the letter it says that Heather and Detlev were never married. I actually confirmed with 3 different SEO sources that they were married before posting and they all said they were. So apologies for saying they were married (if they were not).

Thirdly I just want to generally apologize to Detlev and Heather if I hurt them in any way. That was not my intent. After reading Danny Sullivan’s funny post about Detlev 301’ing himself to a female and then holding a public Q&A about it at SMX West I assumed he was proud and out in the open.

I am always puzzled when someone I think I know hides behind their lawyer to send me a message. Like seriously Detlev – dude you cant just call me or shoot me a email?

Anyway…. I am complying and taking off the pictures.

I know this probably is coming off as a shock to most people that I am not coming out guns blazing at a legal threat but I really like both Heather and Detlev and wish them the best in their adventures.

96 thoughts on “Disa Johnson Takes Legal Action

    1. Atniz

      Lawyers are just waiting for the opportunity to make some money. I think Shoe need to show them that they can make money from blogging too.

  1. Doug from Nullvariable Web Consulting

    you should always try to reach someone through a short personal email before resorting to a lawyer. You’ll usually save a lot of money as most people will respect you coming to them and address your issues. Coming first with a lawyer closes up all the options for dealing with things nicely.

    1. Atniz

      The problem is he did not email or contacted before using a lawyer. I think the problem is settled now as the post and images got removed.

  2. Stuart Thompson

    Well handled. Makes sense to me. The cease and desist seemed a little harsh on you not having the facts but did play it down as not a legal matter.

    Perhaps getting the last out of a good PR opportunity? “oh oh, the post is going cold, quick stir it up a little” :)

  3. StarMars

    A legal notice for the photos? I thought she was insulted or something. Ye, would have been better to contact Jeremy directly and not through an attorney. Anyway, all good now.

    ..still funny though… xD

  4. Christian

    I had no idea the “gender reassigned” were so touchy about their sexual status. I think you did the right thing as well. No need blow it into a huge deal. You’re right though…the guy/gal could have just called you and asked I guess.

  5. Tushar

    Well, if you don’t want people to know about your actions then keep a low profile. Otherwise, you’re never going to get everyone quiet, no matter how many cease and desist letters you send.

  6. loans

    Odd request, I agree. But after reading some of the other comments on the post, I wouldn’t blame her. I hope my comments didn’t offend.

  7. Ruben Ricart

    so very confused right now..lol – what did you do wrong? If you got out in public and folks take images of you and your somewhat of a public figure, doesn’t that grant who ever wishes to speak their right to freedom of speech as long as your not defaming them or hurting their business?..

    However I like the way you handled it Jeremy and hopefully this Lawyer move by folks you consider friends wont Tarnish the relationship that you guys built….best wishes to all involved.

  8. Kristi

    You are calling her Detlev in the post above… her name is Disa now.

    It would have been nice to get an email or call rather than an actual C&D letter though.

  9. ways to make money online

    Someone you thought you knew…hahah must not of known him too well if he couldn’t get a hold of you some how.

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  11. Dan

    Don’t you just love lawyers? Someone should of called you first, that seems a little extreme. Also, could of saved her a couple thousand for the cost of lawyers time writing the C&D letter.

  12. Aman@BullsBattleBears

    haha…wow..atleast you took the moral high road as others I know would probably just get into a lame flame war…its sad liars..err…lawyers need to be involved but I guess that is the sad reality of today’s world

      1. Patrick

        uhhh…. no. Just because you dress like a woman doesn’t make your a women. I personally find sex changes disgusting. It isn’t meant to be in this world.

  13. Jeremy

    I agree with Shoe – Detlev is hiding behind his lawyer, just silly. I think you covered the post with dignity and didn’t “out” anyone – just reported the facts.

    Sorry this happened – ughhh, I hate people who hide.


    1. Atniz

      Relax. At least the issue is settled for now here. Don’t know how many blogs have posted about her after reading her post here. Is she going to issue lawyer notice to everyone? I think the lawyer need to take some SEO services to find the blog posts.

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  20. MouthyGirl

    I was somewhat anxious to get home and reread this post and the letters because I can’t open attachments on my phone. I’m a legal assistant and honestly, though puzzling, sometimes people view this approach as the most professional way to handle a matter.

    I say this because sometimes people don’t know how to bring up a subject with a friend, or don’t quite know how to broach the subject at all so they defer to someone else. In this case, who better than a detached third party – a lawyer.

    My firm handles things like this a lot. Most recently a client had gone into business with two best friends but felt the business was coming off the tracks as the two friends started spending money on the business accounts that alarmed our client.

    We handled the paperwork with the state, etc for the withdrawal of this person in the business entity and from all accounts, the people have remained friends.

    Just for your consideration.

  21. Bonochromatic

    Sorry, Shoebox, I think you’re in the wrong here on this one. Are you not quite clear on the whole “Intellectual Property” thing? Or the whole, “fact-checking” thing? Or is it the whole, “not being a douchebag” part that’s so sticky?

    And remind us all why again she should have sent you an email when you didn’t pay her the same courtesy? Smells like a double-standard.

  22. condos

    wow i read the post and it looked like he was out?
    I hate having to deal with attourneys and all of the BS that goes along with them and law suits.

    I dont blame you in this situation I would just take down the content.

  23. Your Name

    Sue this bald headed man boob con man who is a legend in his pathetic own mindoff the internet once and for all!

  24. jesse grant

    I can not believe how stupid your readers are jeremy , they simply just comment facts you state back, ” why didn’t he just email etc” , use your brain people , this detlev guy is just looking for attention , this is why he probably had a sex change and this is why he hit shoe with a cease and desist order, the guy is smart enough to realize jeremy gave him a ton of attention and what way to get even more attention then to hit shoe with the order. This guy deserves no attention and your readers on this post are all link sluts :P , not too mention this post itself was link bait probably , but shoe is deserving of doing this kinda stuff. Detlev if you didn;t want this brought to everyones attention why show up at confrences why not just stay at home. I would sum it all up to Attention deficit disorder !

  25. contentpig

    i had no idea about this person and thier sex change, it was interesting reading it here at shoemoney and now I see that he/she is a dick so I’m not interested anymore

  26. Rick

    What’s done is done. There is always something to learn and I think you did the stand-up thing once you realized the error.

    The measure of a person or a business is not if mistakes happen – but what action you take when the mistake is discovered.

  27. Classifieds

    I also don’t get why she did not come to you straigt up and had to hide behind a lawyer. But im glad that you took the pictures down and its cool to see that you respect them so much.

  28. Tyrone

     Well everybody wants to make money and so the lawyers. Well if you have hurt them then you should definitely remove the images.

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  32. Twittrblog

    It’s amazing, bad news travels faster, so if they really think, now is a time for “disa” to act and capitalize on the “free exposure”

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