I Am a Failure

I am always amazed at how scared people are to fail. I fail all the time…. or at least what other people would consider to be failures. I would rather call them experiences.

Learning from your failures and trying until you find success is an amazing experience.

People always ask me if I can show them how I learned to make money, program, market, build websites, etc. Here is the secret. I FAILED! And failed a lot.

Whenever I come up with an idea, I start working on it… not planning…not strategizing. Just doing!!

  • Look at this blog. I wrote it for years before anyone read it. Many people would call those years a failure.
  • With NextPimp, I built a site from the ground up with zero previous programming experience and it never made a dime until years later. Many people would call those years a failure.
  • As for the Elite Retreat conference, it took 3 years for me to sell out the event and really become profitable. Many people would call those years a failure.
  • With AuctionAds, we failed a lot before we got it right.
  • Many people look at Fighters.com and see a site that has not been updated for months and appears to be a failure.

Even look at my life in general. Until I was 30, most people would consider me a failure. I was massively overweight, had tons of credit card debt, and had zero work ethic.

I could go on and on with my “failures”.

I don’t consider these things “failures”. I call them educational experiences – every single one of them.

Some of you know what I am talking about… some of you will find out… and some of you will always be to scared to fail.

What are you doing? Are you “failing” or are you “succeeding” in a “safe” 9-5 job for the rest of your life?

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