The Visa Black Card

American Express had the first “black card” but its really lost its luster  (and a lot of perks) because they have massively lowered its requirements.  I remember back when the Centurion card was a rumor… A card that was only available to the super big spender and it had no annual fee.  Over the years ive seen many people with the amex black card.  Now basically you just need to come up with 5k a year and you can have one too.  But they have diluted the value quite a bit.

Used to be all you had to do was flash a black card at any club in vegas and you got right in.  Its not the case anymore.  Now you have to wait in line with the other 500 people flashing black cards.

But that opens up oppourtunity for someone to come in with the new “Elite” credit card.

Enter Visa with their  recently launched black card.

Perks include:

* Limited Membership
* 24-Hour Concierge Service
* Exclusive Rewards Program
* Luxury Gifts
* Patent Pending Carbon Card
* Annual Fee $495

I just got approved for one and I will let you know the “special gifts”.

Visa is going right after the Amex Centurion crowd to. The card is a heavy carbon fiber.

It appears Visa is the new black.