Making Money With Facebook Advertising – ShoeMoney Show

On yesterday’s ShoeMoney Show we talked about making money with Facebook.  Tim Kendall, Director of Monetization, was my guest during the show.  Tim is in charge of monetizing the entire Facebook advertising system.

I started off the show by talking about the current state of affiliate marketing and some of my recent experiences.  I also addressed some of the comments made on last Monday’s post about my recent Facebook campaigns.

After the first break Tim came on the program, talked a little bit about his background and explained some general things about the Facebook advertising platform. Then we dove into users’ questions!

Right off the bat, I blindsided Tim with some questions about the Beacon Project (mostly because I thought it was a ingenious way to make money).  Although I did give Tim a list of questions before the show started, this question was not on the list.  He was great, and I was glad he still answered my questions.  I think you are somewhat seeing Beacon in a small amount through advertisements you can target by social actions. I have a feeling we have not seen the last of the Beacon Project.

During the show Tim answers many questions… I tackle a few also. We cover everything from how to get started with Facebook advertising to how to conduct split testing on your ads. Tim also addressed all the questions about their ad approval proccess (of which there were many).

Throughout the great interview, I thought one of the key points Tim made was that Facebook is still in the “start-up phase”.  The ad platform is only about 1 year old and people are already trying to compare it to Google Adwords which is about 9 years old.

I want to thank Tim for his time, great answers, and for coming on the show with very short notice.  I thought he awesome.

You can listen to the show here on WebmasterRadio.

or right here:


Be sure to tune in to the ShoeMoney Show on WebmasterRadio next week.  Same time, same place!  (2pm PST, 3pm MST, 4pm CST 5pm EST)

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