Making Money With Facebook Advertising – ShoeMoney Show

by Jeremy Schoemaker on January 30, 2009 · 112 comments

On yesterday’s ShoeMoney Show we talked about making money with Facebook.  Tim Kendall, Director of Monetization, was my guest during the show.  Tim is in charge of monetizing the entire Facebook advertising system.

I started off the show by talking about the current state of affiliate marketing and some of my recent experiences.  I also addressed some of the comments made on last Monday’s post about my recent Facebook campaigns.

After the first break Tim came on the program, talked a little bit about his background and explained some general things about the Facebook advertising platform. Then we dove into users’ questions!

Right off the bat, I blindsided Tim with some questions about the Beacon Project (mostly because I thought it was a ingenious way to make money).  Although I did give Tim a list of questions before the show started, this question was not on the list.  He was great, and I was glad he still answered my questions.  I think you are somewhat seeing Beacon in a small amount through advertisements you can target by social actions. I have a feeling we have not seen the last of the Beacon Project.

During the show Tim answers many questions… I tackle a few also. We cover everything from how to get started with Facebook advertising to how to conduct split testing on your ads. Tim also addressed all the questions about their ad approval proccess (of which there were many).

Throughout the great interview, I thought one of the key points Tim made was that Facebook is still in the “start-up phase”.  The ad platform is only about 1 year old and people are already trying to compare it to Google Adwords which is about 9 years old.

I want to thank Tim for his time, great answers, and for coming on the show with very short notice.  I thought he awesome.

You can listen to the show here on WebmasterRadio.

or right here:


Be sure to tune in to the ShoeMoney Show on WebmasterRadio next week.  Same time, same place!  (2pm PST, 3pm MST, 4pm CST 5pm EST)

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1 Luke Eales

A great show – my first listen of Webmaster Radio, and I’ll definitely come back for more. I wonder how big the influx of new ads was after the show?

2 Taris Janitens

That is certainly a good question!! I’m also surprised that people think the factbook ad platform is as big as google’s. Maybe it’s just because facebook itself is so big, they assume everything facebook puts out is just automatically number one

3 Make Money Online Tips

Facebook is still junior. It still depends on Google for survival. Maybe its Alexa 5, but remember Google is Alexa 2,3,9,13

4 Jeremy Schoemaker

and that makes no sense…

How does it depend on Google for survival its a closed system

5 Goran Website

It’s purely depenant on the membership/users, and definitely not Google. Infact, facebook is one of the sites that could survive without Google at all.

6 Cool gifts review

Hey Shoe,

I’ve been following this blog lately. It says: John Chow is Dying

What say you?

7 Goran Website

Damn, now that’s quite an article. Don’t have any comments about it though.

8 Jane

Very inspirational

9 Classifieds

Looks like it was a great show, its good to see that Tim was answering your questions about the project.

10 Buy Binaural Beats

I like how you said the approval time was about 8 hours, what did he say?

About 3 hours?

I think your estimate was much more accurate.

11 dailycad

Very awesome info..

12 Ali Hussain

Downloading it now

13 Presell Page Man

Great show – thanks all that info we got from Tim & you – pretty inspiring! Loved the part about the approval process!

14 jeff

i never made a dime with facebook my best affiliate were turned away because of bad grammeeer how ever life is still good

15 Kenney Works From Home

I got a chance to listen to a lot of the show and I was glad to see your input on on the questions too, and not just his answer. It helped me to get a better grasp of Facebook’s ad platform.

16 Toronto personal injury

But at the same time they would never want to alienate the MILLIONS of people with a current facebook.

17 jtGraphic

I’ve been experimenting with Facebook ads since ASW. I’m picking through Landing page ideas and layouts etc. right now. I’ll probably do a blog post when I’ve got more info.

18 Patricia Kaehler

I saw this page posted on by @DomainSmith … Very pleased to have been notified of this recording…

Do you have a newsletter that you send out notices of shows and after-recordings (topics) etc…

~Patricia Kaehler


19 ClarkeW

Great information in this interview. I just starting using facebook ads a few weeks back and found some very useful information here that should help a lot.

20 Goran Website

Yeah, it’s quite an interesting interview. Both these guys just share a lot of important information.

21 Paul U

I’m also thinking of facebook.

btw, I’m having my first contest.

22 Dan London

There are some major quirks with FB ads, and once you run a few campaigns, you can figure them out and get traffic cheaper.

One big issue though… they bill daily. So expect to see a charge come through daily.

23 Rick

great show. Thanks! You answered a lot of questions I had about facebook ads. I agree completely that the best results are on a local level and I’ll be using facebook for that purpose, but I look forward to seeing what facebook develops in the coming months/years.

24 Rick

Please keep us posted on any upcoming developments on this topic! Thanks again.

25 Justin from Inside Facebook

Good interview! For those who are interested in learning more, I’ve also delved deep into Facebook marketing strategy and tactics at Inside Facebook.

26 Scott Prock

Hey Shoe … When you set up deals with local businesses do you always stick to the high dollar markets, or is there enough money with smaller markets?

I work for a property management company and we have a lot of commercial accounts that could benefit from local PPC advertising.

Great stuff … Scott

27 Jeremy Schoemaker

we just stick with whatever makes money ;). I dont think dental or car leads would be as high as other things

28 make money online philippines

Downloaded it and it’s really good. I thing facebook ads will be big in the future.

29 ZK@Internet Marketing Blog

I saw many ads on facebook which was well targetted and according to location.

I must say that if you are selling something in your local area than use facebook for your advertisment and target as per the location not as per the keywords. I am sure you will see that effect.

30 Blog Value

Thank you so much for the link to webmaster radio. Iternet marketing can be rather lonely especially when there are no fellow marketers living near you. I can envisage spending man hours listening to webmaster radio as I work on my online campaigns
Thank you

31 mohawkdonkey

if you’re advertising on facebook or myspace you’d better be marketing to teens. Maybe you could sale condoms or birth control

32 Goran Website

Facebook advertising started off real lazy, but has now turned into a great alternative to Google adsense for most marketers. I guess the Facebook advertising strategy was changed hence such a successful turnout.

33 Art Vandelay

basically you can just put google ads or some affiliate marketing onto your facebook page?

34 Rick

Do you think it’s more effective for your ad link to land on an external page or your facebook company page? Or does it really depend on the strategy and product?

35 Ben Pei

I mean how can normal people and citizens like us make money from facebook directly?

36 Money Academy

i don’t think that you will earn that much money directly from facebook but you can use it in marketing and marketing bring the money you planning for .

37 Lorne Fade

Great show, and I like how you fired some real tough questions at him. Made for quite the entertaining show.

38 clickktdotcom

Thanks for great radio.I thing facebook ads will be big in the future.

39 Internet Marketing Joy

I agree FB’s ads are still new compared to Google’s but given the right time, it can be a good form of income later on, too..^^

40 PerfectMoney

on last post discussing about facebook,is 90% failure at Facebook ads,well.I dont know how you manage your critique shoe,but I think that is smart,because at the this post you “great Him “and in another place you “fail him”well.I think more I believe at that 90% fail that Facebook fail is today that means that is also Fail for the next time to come.that just simple observations from this Ordinary people

41 Michael Eisenberg

So much to learn, wish there were more hour in the day.

42 Money Academy

i want to listen to this show because i believe that facebook can bring a hug of income and ads , but any info about the time in GMT ? or any tool to convert from PST, MST, CST , EST to GMT ?

43 gk

where is this? i wanna take a listen :)

44 Jacky sltan

Facebook also can get the free cuopon right ?

45 Jacky sltan

Facebook is a nice place to meet friends and make money also ? Maybe i can find out thru Radio ?

46 eBlogTip

Maybe this will be the stepping stone for other network not only facebook.

47 Toronto personal injury

It’s not ludicrous to think that facebook would create a service that would entail members to certain features by paying a monthly or even yearly fee. But at the same time they would never want to alienate the MILLIONS of people with a current facebook.

48 Shawn Drewry

I wanna know how to leverage free traffic from Facebook. Can you help me with that? :-)

49 kampanye damai pemilu

i spend a lot of time in facebook
but i still don’t make money from it
shoemoney gives me a good show
i’ll try it

50 xbox 360 deals

Looked at facebook ads after getting google slapped yet again, but the market just doesn’t seem as big, so iam looking at opening a facebook group and doing a bit of testing to see if i can get traffic that way instead for free

51 Facebook Apps Developers

Facebook really help to earn money, when i was in high school i made pocket money by developing facebook apps

52 facebook application development

facebook has more traffic on their website than google … google adwords advertisement at risk of click fraud … but i have been using facebook for advertisement it is more relevant low risk of click fraud

53 Facebook application development

I feel at that time facebook not only provides the facilities of making friends but also provides the opportunity to promote business.

54 Facebook Applications

No doubt you can get more and potential traffic from facebook and its really useful to market you product and service online.

55 Facebook Application

Yes its really great to make apps for facebook and earn online revenue with it.

56 Portland window cleaning

Awesome show. I think Facebook advertising will just continue to get better and better as time goes on.

57 Crude Oil Trader

I think the “go slow” principal is working for Facebook. Especially young people will not take to the ads if they begin to dominate the page.

Great interview!

58 Facebook applications

I think in near future everybody knows about facebook.

59 Logo design services

Now facebook turns as a business hub.

60 austin

the podcast isnt working???? help me

61 Cursors

Yup the pod cast is dead. Anyone can fixed?

62 shuvo

I think facebook will not take too much time to replace the adwords because facebook get tons of visitors everyday which adwords could not get. There are many people who dont know what google adwords is ???

63 Joseph

You are so right I dropped the adword junk, because it was too complicated.
I joined Facebook and it was much simple lay out.
Google, I mean all the technical jargon.I said ” To Hell” with it your right about facebook thanks

64 Logo Designs

hahahahha awesome!!!! :D

65 Stationery Designs

lolx…..great !!!!

66 Website Designs

now facebook is a business medium!!!!

67 Kristina

Facebook is a great tool, I personally love it because it is such a powerful marketing tool

68 mark

i also like facebook too much !! its a great plat form to expres your self!

69 Bhagabati prasad pal

facebook is a big network of can make money with facebook if he knows every mechanism of facebook.thanku

70 sasikrishna

i also will try facebook ad campaign today after reading this article. thank you for guidance.

71 John Maldini

good news for faceboocer

72 Sech D

Audio file link is not working. Link to is not working either.

73 Chakali

I think advertising on facebook is a good idea. You have to try it a few times to get an idea what is value for money and what to target.

74 Facebook Developers

Face book ads are very costly. i suggest to face book to provide ads in cheaper.users earn money easily.

75 Macanudo Cigars

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77 Derek

Yes, Facebook is a great tool. we can earn online by making Facebook application.

Thanks for sharing this inspirational information.

78 radiospot

Please, can you PM me and tell me few additional thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog…

79 Earn Money With Facebook

I think the best way is to sign up for an affiliate and put some geo targeted ads on Fb

80 Footbath

Awesome website, I’m bookmarking your website :)

81 Footbath

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82 Anees

Also have a look here… Make Money on Facebook Easiest Way Ever

83 Mr Gutters

Great post, will come back for more again

84 Leann Seehusen

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