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Joost de Valk, one of Europe’s top SEO’s, gave a talk recently about WordPress SEO at a conference in London:

Nice job Joost!

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  2. Aman@BullsBattleBears

    insane video with tonnes of juice! thanks, just got through the first 25mins and getting the plugins as he speaks…again, this is amazing info thus far! anyone that reads this comment, dont skim the video!

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  5. Rhea Drysdale

    Great to hear Joost discuss his and other’s fantastic plugins. Virtually everything he makes becomes standard for each client’s site I optimize… on that note, I owe him some donations given how much he freely gives back to the community. :)

  6. Rick

    Great video. Very comprehensive… and some great plugin suggestions for new bloggers like myself.

    I like what he says about pagerank and leaking. I think people give this topic way too much thought. Just provide quality content and use do-follow on links to other quality blogs with good content.

  7. Danelle Ice (Homemaker Barbi)

    This was my first exposure to Joost, and I love his library of plugins; it is very comprehensive.

    A couple of points really stuck with me, especially about everything you put on your blog being for your readers. I think many people forget about that when posting and filling up the sidebars with widgets (like he mentioned).

    I also loved the point about WP’s structure changing after 2.5.1 with the “older” and “newer” links, and the impact that change had on search ranking for certain keywords. Good info.

    Jeremy, thanks for putting up this great video. Joost – thanks for the awesome info. I’ll be tweeting about your site.

    Danelle Ice / Homemaker Barbi

  8. John

    Great vid. BUT if content is KING why am I getting close ups of a the guys face and MISSING 1/2 the content…duh….


  9. PopularWealth

    Sorry Joost, I have to bust your chops a little bit. I agree with most every technique you talk about, of course I have my own preferences including hardcoding some things instead of using plugins… BUT

    You didn’t cover the basics of proper link structure and if you don’t have your “juice flow” plan down cold everythin else you do will have a marginal effect.

    An example of a money making blog for example might be 5 heavy hitting money making pages and then a daily post to keep people coming back, ideally in this scenario your index page has 6 links. One to each heavy hitting page and one to an archive which holds “everything else”.

    On the other hand if you want EVERYTHING ranking highly you need a much flatter link structure that passes juice deeper + interlinked articles etc.

    A+ presentation but I was bothered by the lack of talk about proper link structure which is the FIRST thing someone needs to plan before doing anything else.

  10. passive income builder

    Alright, gone through the video and gathered a list of plugins and some promotion tips he talked about:

    must have SEO plugins:
    headspace2 ( – instead of linking text “read more..” it changes the link text to something relevant to post.

    redirection (

    yet another related post (

    SEO Friendly Images ( – automagically inserts alt tags for images

    rss-footer (Joost de Valk)

    meta robot (add no follow/no index to archive pages, privacy, tos, login/register pages)

    – get in the conversation of your reader
    – you only have one chance at first impression
    – do guest posts
    – add after “X comments ” “What Do you think?” or something to ask reader to make a comment

  11. Wine

    Great video – had one point confirmed that I did not action but now will and also learnt one or two new things – thanks for the info – knowledge is power!

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