90% Failure At Facebook Ads

Most of last weekend when I wasn’t playing Mr. Mom I was creating landing pages and making facebook ads.

While we have had a ton of success with doing local Facebook ads… on a regular national affiliate offer level I have had no luck. So one of my goals for this weekend was to dive into it. Since last Friday I created a campaign and did 4-5 multivariate testing pages. Ad approval time was a little frustrating took about 12 hours on average. I made a lot of ads. I have gotten a good feel for what Facebook ad reviewers are looking for.

I failed to turn a profit and by Saturday afternoon I was down about $650.00. I had failed on almost everything I tried….. that is… ALMOST.

On Saturday night we had about 20 people over to watch the Affliction MMA event so I made some quick changes and then was not able to get back at it until early AM Sunday morning before my kids woke up. To my surprise I had not only earned back my losses but my campaign now was profitable… and not its off and running with a blast.

The awesome thing about Pay-Per-Click is you can fail a ton (the dip) but when you get it dialed in… ITS ON!

Now it wont last… people will copy it, steal my landing pages… blah blah but name of the game. But while its on… its hot!

Want to know what the secret was? TONS of testing and I mean tons. Services like clicktale, and website optimizer showed me what works and what doesn’t work… I quickly eliminated what wasn’t working and with Facebook reporting (initial reports anyway since there is a delay) I was able to get my demographic information dialed in to get me the lowest cost.

So I know people out there will write me and want a exact step by step account of what I am promoting… what landing page I am using… but guess what? If there is one thing I have learned its that doing that to you is the worst thing I could do. I have done it before on here many times with other thins (mostly google adwords) and what happens is the niche becomes completely saturated and my landing page is stolen..

I have even done step by step local affiliate marketing but … a bunch of jackasses started calling the local dentist leaving messages like “ShoeMoney Sucks” and filling out their contact form with all kinds of bogus info. So you can bet I will never be using a real life local example again =P. Ahhh lessons learned.

But what I will tell you is that (engage broken record) there is a HUGE market imbalance right now going on with Facebook and MySpace. The reason this imbalance exists is because ITS NOT EASY. Eventually it will be easy and there will be guides and complete walkthroughs and it will be pretty much impossible for any regular guy to make money.

But right now if you are willing to put in some work and bust it out its amazingly lucrative. This campaign I have dialed right now is earning about 800 a day I am hoping to tweak that to even more before people catch on and start copying it.

So ya…. last weekend I was in charge of 2 kids. A 6 month old and a 2.5 year old and they took up most of my day. Saturday morning I took my daughter to dance lessons and later on that night I hosted a party for 20 people that went on until about 11pm. On Sunday I took my daughter to swim lessons. I was up every morning at 6am (kids get up around 8-9) to bust it out and then when they napped from 1-3pm. But during this time I was able to turn a loss into a very profitable page and all just from continuing to test, test, test, test.

A guy contacted me this morning with a long sob story about how he lost his job and didnt know what he wanted to do but he wanted to start making money online. I asked him what he did last weekend. He said laid around and watched a Rocky marathon on cable. I have a feeling he does not have what it takes… maybe its just me.