Want To Make Money From A Blog? Dont Try.

One of the most frequent questions I get is, “How do you make money online from a blog?” My initial answer usually surprises them. I usually say, “Don’t try.” My blog existed for 2 years before I ever made any money what so ever. The blog was a hobby… something I liked doing but was never what I considered work. I wrote the blog before anyone read it and it made no money and will do it in the future someday when nobody reads it again.

Seth Godin gave me some incredible advice one time when I was struggling on what to do with my book and what would be more profitable.

Seth told me, “Publishing a book is like having a brochure, with credibility, in the world, that doesn’t cost you money. It only works if the book is generous and helpful and doesn’t make a sales pitch. The more generous it is, the more you will make from your other stuff.”

Such an amazing, great quote!

The more I think about this, the more I think this idea also applies to the blog. After almost 5 years of blogging I can tell you this has certainly been the case for me. Just look at my own conference (the Elite Retreat), my own advertising network (AuctionAds which was sold to MediaWhiz in the summer of 2007), my new tools system (ShoeMoney Tools) and the upcoming book… all of these projects have been spring boarded from this blog which started as a hobby.

Pretty much everything I have ever done that was successful started out as a passion project I was doing for free.

So honestly, even though this blog will make more than $500k in revenue this year, the real value is in launching our other products (which you barely have to mention).

So how do you make money from a blog? You don’t!

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