Twitter Viral Contest


Last Saturday I launched a new contest to giveaway 2 flip mino’s and (possible) a MacBook AIR.  To enter all you had to do is

  1. follow me on twitter.
  2. Tweet : “Just entered to win a flip minoHD. Just follow @shoemoney and retweet.”.

If I got over 20k followers before February I would throw in a Macbook AIR.

Here is a screenshot from twittercounter showing when we started the contest.

@shoemoney was one of the most retweeted items on twitter for days!

Picked up about 2k followers the first 2 days then it tailed off.  This is probably partially because I went to las vegas for 4 days.

I also created a page with all the entries and odds to win.  (this page is getting a lot of traffic)

We will direct message the winners starting on Feb 1st (hence why you need to follow) and give you 24 hours to respond until we get 2 winners. Good luck!

Since then I have had many companies inquire how they can get in on this cutting edge twitter contest.

If you or your company would like to donate a prize please use our contact form for with your proposal.

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