Seven Deadly Sins For People Trying to Make Money Online

Last week on the History channel every day they have covered one of the seven deadly sins. Lots of people think they came from the bible but they didn’t.  Basically some smart dude sat down and made 8 (originally) things that hurts human kind and over time those became known as the 7 deadly sins.  So that started me thinking about where and why people go wrong with their sites and business plans.  So I came up with my own list.  Here it is;


Do you get excited about thinking about doing something? STOP. Go do it. Its not going to magically happen. As soon as you get a great idea in your head  and BEFORE you start picturing all the awesome shit your going to buy with all the money your going to make, go to your computer and start putting it to action. AND I don’t mean to make a list of stuff TO DO. I mean start making progress.

A couple nights ago I got an idea to make the shoemoney marketplace (which I have yet to officially announce). I got out of bed and started writing code. I SUCK at coding. I am a marketer but I just can’t stand to have a idea about something and just sit on it. Is it perfect? No actually it looks like crap but I did it. If people start to use it more I will do more with it.

Envy – I know SO MANY people who are SO INCREDIBLY TALENTED but they just hate on others. The main difference between Envy and Jealousy is that with Envy you wish to take away what the person you are envious of has.

In the last few months more then ever you see TONS of SEO’s outing others techniques and affiliate marketing “hater” sites up making fun of those who have achieved stuff.

Envy gets you no where.  It doesn’t help you.  If it doesn’t help you, why do it?

I get so pissed off looking at forums or on IRC and hear people do NOTHING but constantly rip on other people and plot to take them down. If only these people had the same energy to help themselves =( .


Do you go on forums or blog about how awesome you are? Well then you better suck it up when people make fun of you.

Listen up Chachi, its the law of averages, the more people who follow you the more haters you are going to get. Prepare to embrace negative press.  Most people can’t hack it.

Being so fat when I was a kid really makes me invulnerable to this stuff.  Its like I had training being made fun of most of my early life.


Did you just trip over a rock and fall into a profitable niche? Are you satisfied? If so don’t quit your day job. You better realize that tomorrow that shit is going to be gone!

5 years ago I tripped over a rock and killed it for years in the ringtone industry but without leveraging my position to start this blog, AuctionAds, the Elite Retreat conference and many other companies I would have to had to go back to work for corporate America and hate my life.


Did you just get major paid and you want to take a picture with you and a check? Did you just discover a profitable niche and you want to walk the world through it step by step and help everyone in . YOUR A MORON! Guess how I know?!?! Shut up and get paid. Feel free to help people and guide them but your a complete idiot if you walk people through it. Your profitable niche just went to shit.

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will steal out of your bucket” – Jeremy Schoemaker, SES San Jose, Contextual Advertising Panel.

I have this curse where I want to help everyone and I don’t just mean help…. like when I started hooking people up by doing their adwords accounts for them and making them 7-8x on their money.  Just ask Aaron Wall.

Why? Because I wanted to showoff. I think when I first started banking I wanted to show the world how smart I was to make up for all the years I was pretty worthless.

Fortunately now I am in a position now where I have a ton of responsibilities and it keeps me in check.

Anyway don’t be a showoff. Learn some humility. Trust me. Yes I am a hypocrite.

Inconsistency (AKA lazziness):

I have friends… close friends who wanted to learn how to make money online. They bust it out for a day or so… maybe every other day… then they take a day off, a weekend off, holidays off. WTF?

Hey Jerky – your biggest competition is busting ass because he sleeps on a mud bed in Nigeria. He is not only copying your exact stuff now but he is mass producing it.

You have to bust it out all day every day.


I don’t want to hear it.

I was 420lbs, 50k in debt, on my way to nowhere and somehow I pulled it off. What makes me so much better then you? Nothing!

I used to be an excuse master until I met my wife. Here was a woman who not only put herself through college/med school but put herself through HIGH SCHOOL because she wanted the best possible education and her parents could not afford it.   Do you need to meet a badass wife who shows you how to bust it out?  I did…

You can make excuses all day why you are not successful.   Just look at my comments.  Everytime I post on how to do something people always come up with reasons why they can’t do it. wah wah wah.

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