T-Shirt Auction Raises Ten Thousand For Charity

Our auction for me to wear your company’s shirt at Affiliate Summit West 09 ended on Monday. The winning bid was $5,200.00. The winning bidder, Train Signal, emailed me and said they had allocated $10,000.00 for this and would like to donate the full amount.

So at Affiliate Summit west I will present a check to the Affiliate Marketers Give Back, who’s chosen charity is Fighting Breast Cancer, on behalf of Train Signal for the amount of 10,000.00!!!!

You rock Train Signal! If you use twitter give them a shoutout @trainsignal

Train Signal

I am glad we pulled this off and were able to raise a decent amount for charity. The auction could not have happened at a worse time. Almost every major affiliate/SEO/marketing company told me they would love to participate but everyone who could make a decision for that much money was on vacation for Christmas. Also the fact that the auction ended at 8am on a Monday morning… blah.

There was every reason for me not to do this auction and also every excuse for you guys not to participate. Between the holiday season… this (alleged) recession… you all had every excuse in the world not to but you choose to help us raise money for charity and for that I thank you!