T-Shirt Auction Raises Ten Thousand For Charity

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Our auction for me to wear your company’s shirt at Affiliate Summit West 09 ended on Monday. The winning bid was $5,200.00. The winning bidder, Train Signal, emailed me and said they had allocated $10,000.00 for this and would like to donate the full amount.

So at Affiliate Summit west I will present a check to the Affiliate Marketers Give Back, who’s chosen charity is Fighting Breast Cancer, on behalf of Train Signal for the amount of 10,000.00!!!!

You rock Train Signal! If you use twitter give them a shoutout @trainsignal

Train Signal

I am glad we pulled this off and were able to raise a decent amount for charity. The auction could not have happened at a worse time. Almost every major affiliate/SEO/marketing company told me they would love to participate but everyone who could make a decision for that much money was on vacation for Christmas. Also the fact that the auction ended at 8am on a Monday morning… blah.

There was every reason for me not to do this auction and also every excuse for you guys not to participate. Between the holiday season… this (alleged) recession… you all had every excuse in the world not to but you choose to help us raise money for charity and for that I thank you!

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  1. Missy Ward

    Train Signal and ShoeMoney:

    On behalf of Affiliate Marketers Give Back, I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done. The National Breast Cancer Foundation will be thrilled to receive such a generous contribution.

    As a cause that is near and dear to my heart, I can’t be more pleased that you chose this effort to support.

    I am eternally grateful.


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      Hello Missy,
      I too believe that ShoeMoney has done a very good and generous job by providing support for this noble cause.
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    2. Internet Marketing Industry

      I agree! Many of us have been affected by this disease in one way or another my great grandmother died of breast cancer and hearing of this contribution is great!….

      Thanks Jeremy all who donated and without a doubt Train Signal!

      1. Ben Pei

        Its kinda heart warming to hear that the company is willing to fork out full sum even when they won the bid at a much lower price..

  2. Shawn Collins

    Great stuff Train Signal and Jeremy – excellent to see the support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and now I’ll check out Train Signal, when I hadn’t heard of them previously.

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  4. Wesley

    Holy shit, seems I was too conservative with my $4,000 estimate!

    Congrats to the winner, I hope you get your money’s worth! (Which I’m sure you will)

  5. Steven-Sanders

    Wow! That’s awesome! A lot of money.

    I’m not sure everyone is doing as bad in this supposed “recession” as we may think.

    I’ve been getting more phone calls in the past couple of weeks for website designs than I have ever gotten in the past 2 years.

    People have money and they’re spending it.

  6. Ben Pei

    Wow skipped to 10 thousand dollars so quickly? My last impression was still at $2,500. But I bet that was a good investment by that advertiser..

  7. ways to make money online

    That is sweet how they doubled the auction. One of the best things is to be generous around the holiday seasons and continuing to be that way. If I had the money, I’d be tossing it out to people who need it too.

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  9. Iman Jalali

    Thank you to everybody for the kind words. It’s a great cause and it’s important that companies/individuals give back.

    Iman Jalali
    Train Signal, Inc.

    1. BusinessX

      Thank you to Train Signal for being a leader. Also speaks well of Train Signal for giving the full $10,000 when you could have just done the $5,200.

  10. PriceperHeadExpert

    wow… I think events like these say a lot about the economy and the supposed recession.

    I also find it surprising that there was someone, anyone in any company that is around to authorize that kind of spending.

    Anyway, great to hear you got that kind of money for charity.

  11. Tushar

    Thanks Train Signal and Shoemoney for giving back.

    Also, very smart move on with-holding the $5000 so eBay doesn’t tax that as well.

  12. peter bordes

    How wonderful is that bonus amount, and how unexpected is Train Sigal as the winner. I have never heard of them. Now many people will so good job Train Signal. love to know what happens business lead wise for them in our industry segment.

    Congratulations Jeremy on an outstanding job!

    Will you have to make train signal sounds as you walk the show with the shirt on?

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  14. Penis Enlargement

    I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too…

  15. contentpig

    Mr. Shoe,
    Has Train Signal reported any type of significant traffic or lead generation, based on you wearing the shirt and more importantly from the post?

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