2000 Dollars in 24 hours

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I was thrilled to just look and see the T-Shirt Auction For Charity at over 2,000 in less then 24 hours!

I don’t expect a lot of bids over the weekend and with Christmas not sure how much it will get next week but wow! Pretty cool for the first 24 hours!

If you use sphinn and want to give it a sphinn you can here.

93 thoughts on “2000 Dollars in 24 hours

    1. Payday Loan Reviewer

      Up to $2500. We’re still considering bidding. Perhaps we’ll use a sniper if those still work.

  1. Taris Janitens

    You don’t expect a lot of bids over that time eh?? I don’t forsee the momentum changing personally!!! It’s an amazing feat, and a testament to how much of a presence you really are in the world of online marketing!! :)

  2. Taris Janitens

    I dunno what happened but I just posted a comment and it disappeared!!

    The jist of what I was saying was that its truly amazing that your presence and expertise can command such a high price even only 24 hours in. It’s impressive to say the least! Good job!! :)

  3. BusinessX

    This is setting the stage for an amazing finish, as the last few minutes of an eBay auction are were the real money is. I guess we haven’t seen anything yet.

    1. Tushar

      You are a genius!!!

      Man, this would be the greatest double-whammy ever. You’d have 3 shirts that you got paid to wear, plus you could probably sell each shirt back at $150 or more.

    1. Tushar

      A Zac Johnson shirt would be pretty cool, since you’re probably the only independent blog bidding for this.

      Everyone else is either a network or a corporation.

    1. Tushar

      He has a couple of good ones, I think he rotates them.

      Some I know:

      Shoemoney – Skills to Pay the Bills
      Shoemoney – Kind of a Big Deal

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  5. Blogging Tips

    You know this could backfire … what happens when somebody who just has too much money to know what to do with it wins the bid .. Jeremy gets the shirt in the mail .. tears into it and finds a tshirt that reads … I like wearing womens panties because it make me feel sassy .com

  6. ways to make money online

    Way to put on a good charity auction though. I’m surprised your getting the response you are with it. Good luck

    54 bids right now and you got quite a while before it ends. It will go up another thousand I bet.

  7. Mr. School Fundraising ideas

    Holy Cow… Can we do a shirt charity auction and donate the money to me 😀 with a bank account of that I would need to work for at least a year. Also within that year I would be able to setup my own blog and start making money like Shoe here. Ahlast there are more deserving people than me that need that money so cheers to them.

    Mr. School Fundraiseing Ideas

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