2000 Dollars in 24 hours

by Jeremy Schoemaker on December 20, 2008 · 93 comments

I was thrilled to just look and see the T-Shirt Auction For Charity at over 2,000 in less then 24 hours!

I don’t expect a lot of bids over the weekend and with Christmas not sure how much it will get next week but wow! Pretty cool for the first 24 hours!

If you use sphinn and want to give it a sphinn you can here.

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1 Reed

Thats redonkulous. Redonkulous that I am not going to be the winning bidder.

2 Taris Janitens

Trust me man – I feel your pain lol – too rich for my blood hehehe

3 Ben Pei

Yeah $2000 is too much for a logo on shirt..for me!

4 teraom

but it is cheaper than a banner at the event.

5 jtGraphic

I tried and failed. Epic fail.

6 meethere

working here..
current bid US $2,125.00 :eek:
cool man, i am sure it will go >10k

7 jtGraphic

That’d be cool. I wish I could afford it :-/

8 Blog Expert

me neither

9 SEO Tips South Africa

Jeremy is currently sitting on $2525-50, so it seems like there is more to come!

10 Ben Pei

I am pretty he could go further if he holds on alittle longer.

11 teraom

yes, there are a few people who might be interested.

12 Payday Loan Reviewer

Up to $2500. We’re still considering bidding. Perhaps we’ll use a sniper if those still work.

13 Taris Janitens

You don’t expect a lot of bids over that time eh?? I don’t forsee the momentum changing personally!!! It’s an amazing feat, and a testament to how much of a presence you really are in the world of online marketing!! :)

14 Dick

Reputation is of great importance in the business world. -)

15 Taris Janitens

I dunno what happened but I just posted a comment and it disappeared!!

The jist of what I was saying was that its truly amazing that your presence and expertise can command such a high price even only 24 hours in. It’s impressive to say the least! Good job!! :)

16 James Poole

Great going Shoe, really good idea this and i hope it raises plenty of cash, what charity is it for mate?

17 Tushar

It’s for Affiliate Marketer’s Give Back.

They’re donating it to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

18 Ben Pei

Very loving indeed..

19 teraom

ya, shoe has done that before too i guess. Pink in twitter..

20 Chester

yikes… i wish i can place a bid on that shirt.. but, maybe another time :(

21 Firecracker

Looks like you’re on your way to making $6k. Congrats.

22 Alex D

Seems like I’m the highest bidder right now. But who knows … we’ll wait and see.
Anyway, Jeremy, you had a great idea!

23 Ben Pei

Wow seems ilke you are quite well to do huh..but good investment for your name my friend.

24 Alex D

Actually, I have just been outbid, damn it!

25 teraom

how much was your bid?

26 Alex D

$2025 I think.

27 BusinessX

This is setting the stage for an amazing finish, as the last few minutes of an eBay auction are were the real money is. I guess we haven’t seen anything yet.

28 Taris Janitens

Definitely!! It used to be a lot busier near the end – I’m sure it will still be crazy with the amount of exposure this one is getting already!!

29 Play Games Win Prizes

Way to go, Shoe :) This is something all bloggers should do!


30 Ben Pei

Yup and I am only seeing john and shoe doing so well with this..

31 Typhoon

They will be having a fight soon like who can collect highest for charity etc. etc. :{}

32 teraom

john donates?
i have never seen that..

33 Laura-Whateverebay

Brilliant! Now, you should have that shirt signed by all the Big players and re-auction it!! LOL :)

34 Tushar

You are a genius!!!

Man, this would be the greatest double-whammy ever. You’d have 3 shirts that you got paid to wear, plus you could probably sell each shirt back at $150 or more.

35 SEO Tips South Africa

Internet marketeer memorabilia! Great idea of recycling, and adding huge value in the process!

36 Austin

That really is amazing. That is 83.3 bucks an hour.

37 jim

That’s incredible, hope it goes higher!

38 Blogging Tips

You’re the man .. currently at $2,125 and climbing

39 Melvin

its just gonna get higher and hgher and I cant wait to see how high will it go…

40 ethan

I hope it gets as high as $15,000.

41 Ben Pei

Just top up $12k and it will!

42 teraom

way higher..

43 Anthony Arias

Awesome thing to do for charity, I hope you reach your goals and more.

Anthony Arias

44 Rekzai

I wonder if its really worth more than $2000

45 Tushar

Who knows?

We’ll only find out after this first auction.

46 Pedro

Heres hoping for 10k.

47 Zac Johnson

Just bumped ya over $2,500 :)

48 Tushar

A Zac Johnson shirt would be pretty cool, since you’re probably the only independent blog bidding for this.

Everyone else is either a network or a corporation.

49 Ben Pei

Lets vote for zac!

50 Typhoon

Yeah lets vote for zac for his kindness.

51 LaMystique

I have to say I think what you are doing is an awesome thing for charity. A nice way to give back :)

52 Arfan

Pretty good stuff, i wonder how much it will go upto hmm

53 Arfan

dang just checked it out right now quickly and its US $2,525.50

54 hddoctor


55 Tushar

Great auction Shoe!

It’s great to see people in our niche give back.

56 BE Folks

Great going!!!

57 Internet Marketing Industry

Thats amazing! especially knowing that its going for Charitiy!…

58 jtGraphic

How much did Clark Covington pay for that pic?

59 Melvin

I sphunn it. Its really amazing to see things like this go so fast..

60 Discount Digital Camcorders

That is really great, good for the charity!

61 Typhoon

Nice Way for the doing some charity..

62 Dick

Super! This is a great accomplishment!

63 Alex

Wao, great charity!!!

64 Todd Mintz

Methinks you could make even more money for charity if your Friday t-shirt posts were done in exchange for donations.

65 myrtle beach condos

that sounds like a great idea? or just sell the tshirt?

66 dailycad

Wow.. 2000 Dollars in 24 hours..

67 andrew

already at $2.5k. Way to go Shoe…

68 Stevie

Nice going shoe,

Best of luck.

69 Paul A Moore

way to go Schoe. It’s great to see a noble online cause.
Good luck!

70 Blog Income Report

Well done, good to see so much money will go to a good cause.

71 Matt Helphrey

Very cool… 2000 in 24 hours is great! Keep it comin’

72 jtGraphic

I just noticed Shoe’s header “Shoemoney – It’s like fishing with dyanamite!”

Nice one.

73 Tushar

He has a couple of good ones, I think he rotates them.

Some I know:

Shoemoney – Skills to Pay the Bills
Shoemoney – Kind of a Big Deal

74 Tushar

You’re right, it does seem to me slowing down over the weekend.

At $2500 right now. Has been there for the last 5 hours, I think.

75 myrtle beach condos

wow, I’m wondering exactl how high it will go. Everything I bid on on ebay gets bidded up in the last few minutes!

do you think it will hit $5000?

76 Seguros

simply amazing, 2,554 yet…. wtf, you rocks!

77 SEO

Interesting the system.

78 Free Xbox 360

very nice, well done…
tips? hehe

79 Blogging Tips

You know this could backfire … what happens when somebody who just has too much money to know what to do with it wins the bid .. Jeremy gets the shirt in the mail .. tears into it and finds a tshirt that reads … I like wearing womens panties because it make me feel sassy .com

80 Learn English Online

That’s a lot of money.

81 ways to make money online

Way to put on a good charity auction though. I’m surprised your getting the response you are with it. Good luck

54 bids right now and you got quite a while before it ends. It will go up another thousand I bet.

82 Montreal Webmaster

is the money tax deductible ?

Good luck with this … hope for more bids

hope other marketers will do the same ;)

83 thewutzupphilippines

wow. i guess there are few who are interested with this

84 TYCP Entertainment Magazine

Nice going. It’s always great to see people giving back during this time of the year.

85 Chris Abernethy

Awesome to see how
well this auction did!

86 Dick

Hope you feel overall satisfaction from what you have done.

87 Mr. School Fundraising ideas

Holy Cow… Can we do a shirt charity auction and donate the money to me :D with a bank account of that I would need to work for at least a year. Also within that year I would be able to setup my own blog and start making money like Shoe here. Ahlast there are more deserving people than me that need that money so cheers to them.

Mr. School Fundraiseing Ideas

88 Taris Janitens

I totally forgot this was for charity lol

89 Typhoon


90 Tushar

It’s for Affiliate Marketer’s Give Back.

They’re donating it to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

91 Blogging Tips

I wouldn’t say it is too much .. If I had an immediate need for advertising I would bid on his auction.

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