The Value Of The Affiliate Summit – And How I Will Hook You Up!

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People always ask me about conferences… “What conferences bring value?” or “What should someone expect from such and such conference?” I’m a pretty good resource since I think I have been to just about every conference in the industry.  As I have said before, Affiliate Summit is the people’s conference. Out of all conferences out there – it is by far the best bang for your buck.

The Networking Business Opportunities

I remember a couple years ago when the conference was in Miami. I took a friend of mine from Fort Lauderdale to the Affiliate Summit. He was a landing page designer and was doing $50k-75k a year in revenue busting his ass by  making pages for various people around the net. At the Affiliate Summit, I took him to a private Jamster party and introduced him to a few key contacts there.   When he got back from the Affiliate Summit, he showed some of those contacts a few of his landing pages around the mobile area. Soon after, he landed a $500,000 a year contract with Jamster to work with affiliates designing their creatives.

Here’s another example. In 2007, we were in Las Vegas at a bar when an employee of eBay came up to me and started talking about how we should build an advertising network around eBay. I got their contact information and talked to some other people within our company about what it would take to do that. Lo and behold, a couple of months later we launched Auction Ads (which became  so successful that we sold the company only four months later!).

The Contacts

I can’t tell you how important it is to have an insider in a big company like Google or Microsoft. There have been many times when I’ve experienced small quirks or had questions that needed more than the default response. I needed to talk to an insider at these companies.  To me, for many years, that was the true value of conferences like the Affiliate Summit. I now have an enormous Rolodex of business cards that I’ve picked up from various conferences over the last 5 or 6 years and I can’t tell you how valuable those have been. By attending the Affiliate Summit, I have also developed a lot of great relationships with people in big companies and these people and companies have gone on to support and sponsor some of my business endeavors.

The Experienced Attendees

The first couple of years I attended conferences, I went to every session trying to take in as much information as possible. The sessions are amazing if you’ve never heard any of the speakers speak before. And now from time to time, I will still attend a session when there’s a new speaker I have never heard before. That’s one of the things I really enjoy about Affiliate Summit. They give a lot of new people the opportunity to speak instead of letting the same speakers give the same talk over and over and over.

For the past two or three years, I’m pretty much always found at the Expo Hall. I shoot a lot of video interviewing people, interviewing companies and just meeting people. Once the day’s sessions are over (or if you happen to skip a few :P), networking with experienced attendees is the next thing you must do. I think experienced conference goers can probably relate to what I’m saying.  So many business relationships are formed in the Expo Hall or at various social events, it’s a valuable experience.

Attending the Affiliate Summit could really make a massive difference in someone’s business life. I have talked to the conference’s co-founder, Missy Ward, and have worked out a special deal for my readers. I’ll be giving away 20 Gold Passes to the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, this January 2009.

If you win one of these passes, you’ll be able to attend all of the Affiliate Summit sessions, hang out in the Expo Hall and go to all of the awesome social events.

So you really want one of these Gold Passes to the Affiliate Summit? Then comment below! This is your chance to attend a great industry networking event and I hope you take advantage of it. 🙂

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