The Value Of The Affiliate Summit – And How I Will Hook You Up!

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UPDATE 12/18/2008 We have emailed out all codes to those who have commented.  Post is now locked.  Thanks!

People always ask me about conferences… “What conferences bring value?” or “What should someone expect from such and such conference?” I’m a pretty good resource since I think I have been to just about every conference in the industry.  As I have said before, Affiliate Summit is the people’s conference. Out of all conferences out there – it is by far the best bang for your buck.

The Networking Business Opportunities

I remember a couple years ago when the conference was in Miami. I took a friend of mine from Fort Lauderdale to the Affiliate Summit. He was a landing page designer and was doing $50k-75k a year in revenue busting his ass by  making pages for various people around the net. At the Affiliate Summit, I took him to a private Jamster party and introduced him to a few key contacts there.   When he got back from the Affiliate Summit, he showed some of those contacts a few of his landing pages around the mobile area. Soon after, he landed a $500,000 a year contract with Jamster to work with affiliates designing their creatives.

Here’s another example. In 2007, we were in Las Vegas at a bar when an employee of eBay came up to me and started talking about how we should build an advertising network around eBay. I got their contact information and talked to some other people within our company about what it would take to do that. Lo and behold, a couple of months later we launched Auction Ads (which became  so successful that we sold the company only four months later!).

The Contacts

I can’t tell you how important it is to have an insider in a big company like Google or Microsoft. There have been many times when I’ve experienced small quirks or had questions that needed more than the default response. I needed to talk to an insider at these companies.  To me, for many years, that was the true value of conferences like the Affiliate Summit. I now have an enormous Rolodex of business cards that I’ve picked up from various conferences over the last 5 or 6 years and I can’t tell you how valuable those have been. By attending the Affiliate Summit, I have also developed a lot of great relationships with people in big companies and these people and companies have gone on to support and sponsor some of my business endeavors.

The Experienced Attendees

The first couple of years I attended conferences, I went to every session trying to take in as much information as possible. The sessions are amazing if you’ve never heard any of the speakers speak before. And now from time to time, I will still attend a session when there’s a new speaker I have never heard before. That’s one of the things I really enjoy about Affiliate Summit. They give a lot of new people the opportunity to speak instead of letting the same speakers give the same talk over and over and over.

For the past two or three years, I’m pretty much always found at the Expo Hall. I shoot a lot of video interviewing people, interviewing companies and just meeting people. Once the day’s sessions are over (or if you happen to skip a few :P), networking with experienced attendees is the next thing you must do. I think experienced conference goers can probably relate to what I’m saying.  So many business relationships are formed in the Expo Hall or at various social events, it’s a valuable experience.

Attending the Affiliate Summit could really make a massive difference in someone’s business life. I have talked to the conference’s co-founder, Missy Ward, and have worked out a special deal for my readers. I’ll be giving away 20 Gold Passes to the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, this January 2009.

If you win one of these passes, you’ll be able to attend all of the Affiliate Summit sessions, hang out in the Expo Hall and go to all of the awesome social events.

So you really want one of these Gold Passes to the Affiliate Summit? Then comment below! This is your chance to attend a great industry networking event and I hope you take advantage of it. :)

224 thoughts on “The Value Of The Affiliate Summit – And How I Will Hook You Up!

  1. Troy

    Hey Shoe,
    You single handedly got me back online trying to make money over 3 years ago. Since then I’ve been powering though “The Dip” but it’s a big one. I’d really appreciate being able to meet remarkable people in this industry…might rub off on me !!!
    Thanks for the opportunity and the amazing book suggestions (they’ve changed the way I think)

    1. Israel

      Man, I went to it last time it was in Vegas and it was a great experience. I really want to go again and take FatManUnleashed to the next level. This time around it would be so different and I think this is something I need.

      Thanks! Plus, the event is during my bday! This would be a hot ass present!!

  2. Darrin Malone

    Okay, I am first in line here. I am young and my brain is a sponge. I am trying to learn all I can to support myself online. If I had a GOLD PASS I would seriously utilize it until it went on fire… Please help an aspiring affilite brother out!

  3. JJDW

    Of course I want one of the passes! I’m a long time web developed and graphic designer. I am also a few months into affiliate marketing. I do it all and contacts for affiliate marketing or people interested in my designs skills would be a huge potential money.

  4. thashow

    Cool! Never been to that one. Go to Pubcon every year. I’ve had a hard time finding B2B affiliates, are there good opps there, or just B2C?

    1. thashow

      You guys didn’t know it, but Shoe made 100k through affiliates from his “Best Places to Take a Dump” post… I may not ever swing it like that, but a guy’s got to dream, right?

  5. Saad Uddin

    Well, I’ve been a longtime reader here. I started some web projects not too long ago, and they’re slowly gaining traction. It would be good to attend and event like this.

  6. John Fitzgerald

    Oh I’d love one of these passes, couldn’t justify the flight/hotel + conference cost but with a free pass it’s a no brainer.

  7. GPD

    Long time PPC and Web consultant tired of working for others so getting into Affiliate marketing. I’d love one of the Gold passes.

  8. Sean Galusha

    Hey Shoe – Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I can attest to what you stated about how the networking at events like this can change your life, as I have met some amazing people by attending other events like this, specifically the SMX events, and my business would not be the same without those connections. I would love the opportunity to go to this event and create some new relationships that can help me grow my business, and I live in Las Vegas, so the travel aspect is all taken care of and you can be 100% sure that I will attend and not let the pass go to waste! ;) Thank you for the consideration, and I look forward to meeting you at ASW!

  9. Sid Savara

    That’s flat out amazing.

    When I was in San Francisco, I visited with one of my friends who works at Yelp. There were a couple features I felt were really key that were missing from their website, and I mentioned it to her in passing. I talked about how if they didn’t do it, I would eventually build my own competing website – and just do some data mining on Yelp’s data via their API. The purpose wouldn’t be anything malicious, just that I wanted some functionality they didn’t have, and I could do it via their API.

    A couple weeks later a friend came to my place, we go to talking and decided why not, lets hack together a quick demo of what I wanted. So we went to yelp to look for the API, discussed it, and I explained to my friend:

    “Look, I can’t find the best curry on the island. Let’s say I am in Honolulu, if I type curry, yelp doesn’t give me the results I want.”

    So right then, I type in curry, and Honolulu, HI – lo and behold, the features I wanted had been magically implemented.


  10. LotusJump

    Shoe, you’re the man and this would be a great opportunity for us to find some affiliates and partners for our software. John over at DuctTape just reviewed us and we’re trying to get this out there as quick as we can. (PS found this on Twitter, @robert_brady, and I’m lovin’ it)

  11. Micah S

    That’s awesome you got the hookup. I’ve been contemplating whether or not I should attend. You’ve sold me on the summit!

  12. Jimmy Ramos

    Great examples of how networking at Affiliate Summit can make a huge difference in ones business.

    There’s no doubt that Affiliate Summit brings a ton of value to those who attend and put themselves out there by networking with others.

    My first Affiliate Summit was last year in Boston and it was well worth it.

    Hope to see you there!

  13. Jennifer

    Well sure! I am a small business owner and would love the networking opportunities! For us and my clients! You don’t have to convince me of the value of attending!

  14. GiladG

    Have done the Las Vegas WMW experience but never Aff Summit. Would love to be able to stop by and say hello.

  15. Stuart M.

    It’s always cool when Shoemoney gives awa free stuff!!! The first confrence I ever went to I won the confrence ticket from a speaker. (not shoe)

  16. Andrew Smith

    This would only be my 2nd conference ever, I really need a ticket. I think I would learn a lot and it will help me get away from Adsense.

  17. Nick

    I have been thinking about going but unsure of taking the plunge. I have been dabbling in affiliate marketing and have been profitable overall but yet to really try to crank it up.

    Count me in for the contest.

  18. Kiley

    It’s crazy how so many affiliates become reclusive and socially awkward and miss out by not going to these events.

  19. Idealizer

    Just started my own affiliate driven website 2 weeks ago!

    Getting a free gold pass would more than anything else, justify taking a week vacation and come to Vegas.

    Getting a chance to invite you to a beer, while in Vegas, would justify me paying for my flight from Switzerland to Vegas!

    If the gods of good spirits make it happen, then CU in Vegas hopefully.

    Thanks and have a lovely X-mas.

  20. OIdtimecharlie

    I one of those reclusive and socially awkward affiliates who would love a chance to break out of my shell and get some good contacts.

  21. vijay

    There is always tremendous knowledge and networking opportunities in confrences, It surely would help me and 19 others who could win the gold pass.

    Good luck to all commentors.

  22. Taris Janitens

    Sounds GOOD!! I’m hoping to win one of these passes, and knowledge is power, and in a tough economic time, the more knowledge you have the better chance you have at coming out alive at the end of it all!!

  23. browie

    20 passes? That is ridiculous. I would love to go. I’d probably go a little early and leave a little early for my “real job”. I’m hoping to plan better for ’09 and ’10 and go to AS.

  24. Tom

    It has been a rough year here and I was hoping to attend Affiliate Summit but we could not swing it. It would be great to have the opportunity to attend.

  25. Rachel

    Oddly enough, I work in SEO and the pay sucks. My mom is a nurse and runs a few affiliate sites on the side – her income rocks. My mom goes to the affiliate summit every year (went to Boston this year and is now going to Las Vegas). She’s been pushing me to go, but I keep putting it off for SEO stuff. I’m ready to admit that the money – and fun – is not to be had in SEO. I’d love to go…

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  27. Will AKA Doctorbeautiful

    I have Never had more fun at a convention! As a beginner to the affiliate world I was able to get such a great overview of so many companies and so many aspects of the business. By far worth it’s weight in Gold!

  28. Christian

    Sweet, a contest for ASW passes! I totally missed out on ASE due to a wedding, but I’d like to go ASW and make up for it! Thanks!

  29. Gus Moore

    Hi Jeremy,

    My family and I just started a tour company in Miami, Florida. I want to learn more about creating an affiliate program for our tours.

    I promise to make the most out of the opportunity.

    Not to mention, hook you up next time you visit South Florida. :)


  30. Steph

    Congratulations on being able to give away 20 passes! That’s very impressive.

    And you’re absolutely right about conferences, the biggest benefits are from connecting with the people there.

  31. Paul

    Well this is my entry. Thank you and Missy for the chance to meet some of these people you speak so highly of. Best of luck to everyone!

  32. shawn

    I quit my job in Aug. to do AM full time. This would definitely help take my business to the next level.

  33. damian montero

    Shoe money: he’s the reason’s why I should win these tickets!
    Have been following you since before you where filthy rich
    I’m the one that made that fan site for your affiliate reality show (the one that had the videos before thor put them up online)
    I look like you (good looking bald guy)
    Drive a cool car just like you
    And I LOVE affiliate marketing.

    And I found you from this twitter service that shows me all the cool posts in the market

  34. Stefanie

    Boston was my first Summit, and it was a great time. I met a lot of nice people (and a couple of really, really weird ones) and I can’t wait to go back.

    I booked a room at the Rio, but I still need to get around to the flight and conference ticket at some point. A free pass would definitely make things more fun.

  35. Brian

    Shoe, I would love to go to Affiliate Summit. I have a feeling that it could help me take my business to a whole new level. I am very much a novice in affiliate marketing, but think I could learn a lot, and more importantly hang out w/some cool folks.

  36. NYC

    I hope that guy who is designing Jamster’s landing pages isn’t designing their default ones because they SUCK big time LOL

  37. Stuart

    I would love to go to an expo. I’ve been in the web development arena for a good 6+ years and never went to one of these. Those examples are really cool to hear, very successful occasions.

  38. Bill McGlone

    Hey shoe, I’d love one of the passes. I am a long time reader and web developer who is just starting to see some progress in my work. I spent a few years banging out affiliate sites trying to intercept search engine traffic on their way to purchases but with the help of your blog realised the power in creating for users. I now rarely think about SEO (although of course I adhere to the basics) and plan my stes for users.

    I have learnt a lot with my time developing online and the chance to meet so many great and influential people would be amazing. I am in the UK and have always fancied visiting Vegas. With these tickets I will be able to kill two birds with one stone. Travelling to Vegas wont be an issue in case you’re worried about me not turning up! My girlfriend would love it also.

    Good luck to everyone who has entered!

    Would it help if I sucked up??

  39. Brian Hawkins

    I’m never lucky to win anything, but I guess with 20 gold passes, the odds are looking good.

    But If you pick me:

    – I’ll wear all your 150 free t-shirts you have all at once
    – I’ll wear the Shoemoney shirt, headband and even the Shoemoney branded jock strap or underwear.
    – I’ll wear your fighter gear shirt with full boxing gloves
    – I’ll wear a mobile phone custom with free ring tones mentioned across it.

    I’ll do whatever, just get me to vegas, baby!

  40. Charlie

    Hey Shoemoney. Been following your blog for some time now. Thanks for all the great info.
    Although I didn’t get a chance to meet you, I saw you speak at Blogworld. Great stuff there too.
    I did get a chance to chat with Jim Kukral for a while opening night and after telling him about the different projects I’m working on, he said I MUST go to affiliate summit. He gave me one of his $100 Off coupons, but if you can hook it up for free, that would be awesome.
    Anyway, thanks again for all the great stuff you do.
    BTW, I live in Vegas, so attending won’t be an issue.

  41. Georgie

    I’d love to go Jeremy. Tickets are dear though. Give me one and I’ll book a flight now from London!

  42. Bryn Youngblut

    Wow that is really awesome they gave you 20 passes. I already got one free from my network so I won’t be requesting one, but Jeremy is right you guys definitely need to go to this if you take affiliate marketing seriously.

  43. Ashley


    I hope you throw me one of your passes! But even if you don’t I’ll still see you there!

    I just read ‘The Dip’ (I used your affiliate link to buy it, by the way). Great book. Thanks for suggesting it. I’ve read it twice this week and will probably read it again this weekend.

    I just started doing some local affilaite marketing for a small company and have been generating leads and selling them to them at a great price – so your local affiliate newsletter has really helped me too. So far I haven’t run into the dip, though, it’s been pretty much all gravey on this project. I’ve got to try and ramp it up and push across other markets.



  44. JasperP

    I have never attended any of these big marketing conferences and since you’re dishing out a few passes, I think I’d like to check it out if I get one!

    Count me in!

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  47. Joe Tech

    ASW was great last year and provided tons of valuable information any affiliate would want. And you’re right about the connections, too. I made some great connections at ASW last year. Count me in.

  48. Cliff

    I’ve been looking into attending an Affiliate Summit after it was recommended to me by a few hosting companies that I use. After going to Ad:Tech in Chicago and being completely dissatisfied, I’m pretty sure that Affiliate Summit will be my next show.

    I’d love to attend on a gold pass and get the most out of the event if possible. Another Nebraskan trying to make it in the affiliate marketing game!

  49. Matt Bird

    Hey Jeremy: I just started out this week. I have read so much and am really eager to learn more and more as time goes on. Being able attend Affiliate Summit would allow me to further my knowledge and start me off on the right path. Thanks for your consideration.


  50. Aidan

    I would love the opportunity and will have to buy a ticket (if not so generously endorsed, of course). We have an established business and a solid process with a good foundation of rock solid customers. We’re just not profitable, though. Not because our model is bad, but because our rates are too low (need to get more customers). Looking to expand our reach to a broader market. Long time reader of your blog. Thanks in advance for the opportunity!

  51. Greg W

    Nice won Shoe!

    Never been to ASW before but an planning on going this year…I expect it to be very fruitful. Can’t wait!

    and a free pass would kick ass :)

  52. jtGraphic

    I’m in! I haven’t gone to this conference before, and this might be a great way to legitimize it to my wife. I’ve been dabbling in the affiliate thing for about two years now and although it’s not my bread and butter, I see the potential.

    1. Joe Tech

      You’re right. The conference doesn’t make you money. It provides an opportunity for learning new things and making lots of new contacts. I’ve made contacts online and then there’s meeting people in person, which just makes more of an impact. The value of ASW is in the learning, contacts, and the over all experience. From someone who’s been there, it’s definitely worth going.

  53. Scott V

    Hey Shoe,

    I would love for you to hook me up with a gold pass to this. I am a relative noob to affiliate marketing but have a PHD from the school of Hard Knocks.
    I am known for throwing lots of things against the wall with hopes of getting something to stick, with no fears of failing.

    I have been reading you for a few months now and gleaming little tidbits from you here and there that have been a big help.

    I have yet to take the plunge into the affiliate pool but I am on the board now and ready to dive in.

    Would love to meet you in Sin City and have you hook me up.
    I promise to pass the good karma you give me with the hook up onto someone else down the road.

    Thanks, No flies on me man

    Scott V

  54. lasvegascom

    I would love to go and I wouldn’t even need a flight or hotel since i live in town. And I could hook you up with a tour (my affiliate program) or maybe even a show if my friends will help me out (they usually do).

  55. Matthew

    The odds are on my side with this one… I thought last year that the conference hall was kind of wack , so maybe with a gold pass i will look at the show in a new light. Either way I am there.

  56. JP

    having contacts is a good thing, I live on a small island and I get a lot of advertising from companies over here through word of mouth, the wife knowing everyone and of course have very fair prices helps!

  57. Arthur Freydin

    Hey Shoe,
    I’d love to attend. It would be my first affiliate summit, but I’ve heard great things!

  58. Fshroff

    Hey Shoe,

    Definitely a good post. I’ve been to affiliate summit once (although I’m more of a smx and SES kinda guy), and I got a lot more from the networking events/sessions then the actual sessions. Also, ideas that flow when you meet some of these people are are truly worth the $2-3K you will spend on this conference, as they may just get you to that next level.

    Regardless, I finally have taken the plunge into being an entrepreneur a few months ago and I own my own company now. That said, every penny counts…and a free pass would be sweet! Hook me up :)

  59. Ryan Burglehaus

    Shoe, you convinced me earlier this year that conferences are worthwhile. I started making a list about 6 months ago of the ones I thought I should attend in 2009. Affiliate Summit was at the top. I was just trying to figure out how to get the money together to go. Then BAM!!! An awesome Shoemoney contest! I’m in! Thanks for putting this great opportunity together for us readers.

  60. Chris

    While everyone will most likely go on about how beneficial such an opportunity would be, I’ll just cut to the chase. Been in the online business for a little over a year and would love to attend such an event but its out of the budget so this would be my only opportunity unless some of my up and coming ventures decide to become more profitable.

  61. GeradT

    Hi Shoe,

    I would love to win one of these passes. I actually just attended my first conference this year – IZEAFest – as it was local for me (in Orlando). It was even better as you were the keynote. This would be a great way to start next year and as you mentioned it would allow me to grow my network and learn some more info in the sessions. Thanks for conducting the contest and I look forward to the results. Thanks!

  62. Romil Patel


    Very true that having insiders for large companies is really essential to getting not only better service, but first hand information about what is going on.

    I’ve never been to Affiliate Summit, would be cool to go.

  63. Epiphany

    What an awesome opportunity! I’d love to go and the timing for me would be perfect. Shoot, I’m pretty far down this comment list I hope you’re drawing names instead of picking the winners by the order of their comments… then at least I might have a chance! ;-)

  64. Barry

    I would really love to have one of these passes as I feel I could learn alot form the affiliate summit. I need and want to learn all I can about affiliate marketing and I think this would be the right step to boost my earnings into the next level and then I would be able to quit my daily job at a retirement saviings company and maybe put some money of my own away and save for retirement!

  65. Russ

    Affliate Summit is the place. Like many here they want to go. I like the virtual world of conferences. Need that little extra to meet great like minds in the industry. Shoe made the big post. I am stepping up.

  66. Ross


    Long time reader first time commenter.

    I’d love a pass to the Affiliate Summit – being located in Sydney Australia makes it a hell of a lot more expensive to get to these conferences (especially with the Aussie $ tanking against the us in the last few months). I’ve just turned a corner with my affiliate efforts after spending almost a year working hard on campaigns and just starting to turn some small profits. I know that a free pass would help improve my margins and teach me some valuable information – not to mention the networking opportunities available.

  67. Jeremiah Cooper

    Hey Jeremy,

    I met you at Izeafest this year and that was the first conference type event that I went to. However I was only at the get together the night before because I had class during the actual events. I would definitely love to get a shot at one of those Gold Passes. I’m finally starting to take it to the next level in AM and I want to see what others have to say about it.

    I see a ton of people have already commented before me and I’m not sure how you are going to pick the 20 people that get to go. I’m not going to come on here and beg and say I’ll do this that or the other thing, I’m just going to throw my name in the hat and hope you help out a now intermediate AM grow to that super affiliate status and join the club.

    See you there.

    Jeremiah Cooper

  68. Derek

    Perfect timing, as I just wrote a post that I have pretty much learned what not to do with affiliate marketing – so attending affiliate summit would be a great help in learning the right things to do.

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  70. Scott

    Shoe, lying here recovering from a motorcycle tumble (broke my 58 yr old clavicle). Please, Please, Pretty Please………..let me go to Vegas!
    It sure would relieve some of this pain Ouch!

  71. Balkhis

    I would like to go and hang out with people at Affiliate Summit. I enjoyed going to Izea and hanging out with bloggers, but Affiliate summit is a whole another level.

  72. Work From Home

    U will give gold passes for only for Americans or u will give for other country people. I am from India. Will You give gold passes to me also. I am very much interested in getting gold passes. If you give it me means will i get visa easily for me to attend that affiliate summit.

  73. StudentPilot

    As someone extremely new (2 months) to affiliate marketing, I would really, r-e-a-l-l-y like one of those passes. ;)

    Looks like a invaluable, motivational place to accelerate things.

  74. Justin

    Wow! Golden Ticket passes that would be an amazing experience. Your Posted have really inspired me and cant wait to attend affiliate Summit make some great contacts Thanks Again Shoemoney!

  75. JuneM

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a pass to the summit I do think events like this are a outstanding way to put faces with names and to forge terrific relationships, whoo who, Good luck Everybody, maybe I will see you there.

  76. gawnd

    I’d love an excuse to go blow what money I do make from my affiliate sites in Vegas.

    If I hit up the Rhino while I’m there to pitch an affiliate deal, can I write off my dances?

  77. Brennan

    Can’t miss a chance to get something free that will help out in business. That is crazy that you friend is making $500k a year making landing pages. Does he optimize them regularly and everything to or more do the design and functionality?

  78. Brian LaFrance

    I agree that Affiliate Summit is a great event. There is such a large mix of people from different backgrounds and markets that it would be hard not to get a lot out of it. I’m going to be in Vegas while it’s there…still trying to work on getting a pass though :)

  79. Plush Toys

    When I was regularly attending conferences at my old job, the most useful part of going was by far the networking at the bar after all the daily sessions. It helped that I didn’t mind drinking, but you could learn a lot about the different people there, plus the different projects they were working on. It’s the unstructured time that is the best, I miss that the most about corporate america (but not much else).


    Shoe, count me in! this will be my FIRST BLOG CONFERENCE EVER. Just started blogging and getting into the niche of wedding photography and relationships. Why? Because I don’t think that a couple that is divorced will be a good referral to me. thanks for the contest!!!

  81. Silver

    I never been to any affiliate conferences before and I think you are correct that they are the best place to meet meet other people in the industry. I’ve been doing hypnosis and making a transition to affiliate marketing as it gives an opportunity to make a lot more money.

  82. gumbosan

    Make my day..

    Give me a gold pass, I’ll fly from Queensland to attend.

    It’ll be a first, but why not. The only problem is networking. I dont. :)

  83. Joe Klein

    WOWEE ZOWEE! Would love to attend! Didn’t think my schedule would allow for me to stay in Vegas after CES so I hadn’t planned on making it. But plans just changed and staying for the conference would be nothing short of AFFILIATASTIC! As founder of NEW MEDIA CREATIVE, I am sure there will be some great networking and learning opportunities to be had! So I’ll cross my fingers and wait my my email inbox…..

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  85. Michelle

    That would be so awesome if I could go to this. I love to network and this could be just the jumpstart I need to get myself on a better career path. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  86. Jason

    Hey Shoe!

    I’ve really been trying to implement some of the networking that you and others have mentioned. So far, it has been great. If you are still giving away some of those passes, please keep me in mind. I really want to push it to the next level. One of these passes would be a great help! Thanks again!

  87. Matt Smith


    I would love to win this pass, I just started my own seo and affialiate marketing firm and could learn a lot from affiliate summit! I am located in Utah so it would be an easy trip and the pass would not be wasted.

  88. marcus


    Please give me one of the gold passes. Go ahead and make my day!!! I haven’t been to Vegas since I was in the Army and stationed at Fort Huachuca.

    You da man! I appreciate all of the work you put into the site. Lots of good information for us aspiring affiliate marketers.

    i need to go to Affiliate Summit to learn to grow my business better and faster, and find a JV partner for a new concept that i want to develop. Thank you.

  89. Dayne

    Count me in man! Been on the brink of buying a gold pass and booking my plane ticket but I haven’t been quite sure if the money would be better used in testing new campaigns. If I do get a free pass it’ll obviously force me to go which is exactly what I’m looking for!

  90. CVOS man


    I believe in sharing knowledge and opportunity and have posted a lot of information on my blog. Helping others has been a huge part of our success, and we would share new information learned at this conference.

    We have been web designer/SEO since the glory days of Altavista, and have primarily built a service business. SEO is changing, and it is important to diversify to maintain competitive and offer a full range of online marketing services.

    If selected we will be better equipped continue to serve existing clients in the changing economy, increase company revenue through direct affiliate endeavors, and share the knowledge with this community.

  91. Adarsh

    I’m trying to be a young entrepreneur, and really would love the opportunity to go to affiliate summit and get some feedback on some ideas I have at this convention. Thanks!

  92. ironlogik


    also, interested in visiting Couture’s gym if you can still arrange that, regardless if you can hook me up with ASW ticket or not. flight and hotel are already booked. thanks.

  93. Wes (

    I’m trying to get a web designer friend of mine to attend. He could potential land 1000’s of dollars in contracts by meeting affiliate in the industry who need custom work. Good opportunity? Hell yeah. The business friends you meet and hang with are invaluable. ASE was well worth the time/money spent. By why not save a few grand by winning a pass if at all possible? We shall see.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

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